Simon jokes: "All You Need Is Now is the best Duran Duran album since the White Album"

December 13 | On December 10 Simon and Nick appeared on the 8 p.m. show Authentic Sh*t hosted by Mark Ronson. The guys gave fans a special treat by unveiling the brand-new songs The Man Who Stole A Leopard and some other cool snippets from the upcoming album. The guys did a very informal and funny interview with Ronson at the station and they even answered fans questions sent via twitter. Over 700 people showed up on First Avenue to see the guys! Listen here the full show.



Below a quick list of interesting news from Simon and Nick live on eastvillage radio and/or via twitter while they were in New York.

  • About the tour | Nick says: "Defitnely next year! Probably I suppose starting sometimes early february, nothing solid yet I would imagine it will include Usa. They also hope to play some gigs with Mark Ronson and The Business intl.
  • "Mediterranea" will be on the physical release in February [Simon likes the guitars!]
  • On the physical album we'll get five more pieces of music!
  • Nina Hossain is the vocalist on "Blame the Machines".
  • For Blame The Machine Simon wrote the lyrics 4/5 times
  • Blame The Machines and Girl Panic are respectively Nick and Simon's favourites tracks on the album.
  • Simon says: "We paid a lot of attention to the the long run, we have something that will really last"
  • About “Leave a Light On" Simon says "it’s one of those songs that comes straight from the heart.”
  • Kelis telephoned in to the show, the guys told her how much they loved what she did on 'Leopard' [she revealed that vocals were recorded at her home in Los Angeles]. Nick told her "Can’t wait to do the video!" and they'll probably see her when they'll come to California sometime early next year.
  • Nick says the video for All You Need Is Now will be available from December 21st. Simon said also that Today Show will air a snippet [Paul from Magus Entertainment says: "Duran Duran have reclaimed their video crown with their new clip. Most bands wish they could look this cool"].
  • On the left Nick's feature on The Evening Standard [from december 10] . You can read the interview online here:



Press, radio, Tv Promotion

During they stay in NY the guys have been busy speaking with E! News, Yahoo! Music, M: Music & Musicians, Out Magazine, Artist, Premiere Radio & New York Magazine.

Simon tweets: New York's a go-go and everything tastes nice. Ready for another full on day Nick? This is what it's like having a record out remember! Gerard, Duran Duran's PR answer to Simon: "Dont worry you got an even busier time next week back in London town!!"

John says: "Spent the morning on UK Radio presenting "AYNIN" - now it's time to request it!"

The Lottery Show | The taping [the show will air later that same evening] will take place in Central London, outside the spectacular Natural History Museum, on Christmas Eve, between 8 pm and 10 pm. The band will perform three songs outdoors, and for the audience it is standing only.

Here is a selection of online reviews and articles about the 'All You Need Is Now' release:

On the left the great full page article from Scotman newspaper [from december 12]: "don't expect to find Nick Rhodes partying in the new year. If all goes to plan, he should be too busy rehearsing for another world tour - and he's looking forward to it. "If you asked me in 2000 if we'd be performing ten years later, I'd have said no. But on the strength of the new album I think we'll still be at it in another ten. I mean, the Stones have set the bar and they still look pretty good as a unit."

You can read the full interview online at the following link:

Scans of the South African Chew magazine which features a nice interview to Simon and Nick | scan one scan two





"Have you installed Leopard?"

The story behind the song | Nick says about 'The Man Who Stole The Leopard' [news posted on november 11] "it's very electronic, along the lines of The Chauffeur. It's a story of obsession by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor, and it's based on the film 'The Collector' which is part of the inspiration. The Collector is a 1965 film which starred Terrence Stamp and was about a butterfly collector who expands to collecting human specimens. In an interview in November 2010 Rhodes likened it to "The Gift" by The Velvet Underground, but not as gory. British news presenter Nina Hossain delivers a fake news story at the end of the recording, written by Rhodes.

Kelis | The track features vocals by Kelis, who trades calls and response vocals with Simon Le Bon. Kelis vocals were recorded at her home in Los Angeles.

About the title | Answering questions on Mark Ronson's East Village Radio show [10 December 2010], Nick said that when the band put working titles on songs, they prefer not use something that will stick, because they don’t want the name to influence the unwritten lyrics. However, "The Man Who Stole A Leopard" was the working title. They happened to be talking about the latest version of the Apple OS when someone asked, have you installed Leopard? Not hearing correctly, another person asked, "Somebody stole a leopard?" and they decided that was a great name for a song.

The film | The Collector | A man kidnaps a woman and holds her hostage just for the pleasure of having her there. Director: William Wyler | Freddie, a socially withdrawn bank clerk and butterfly collector, decides to expand to collecting human specimens. That's where art student Miranda Grey comes in. Miranda matches wits with Freddie the icy psychopath. Written by A.M. Putnam


The Man Who Stole A Leopard' Lyrics transcription by fans

Thanks very much to Angie for taking the time to do this transcription for, a very good attempt to write down the lyrics!

*Updated on December 17* | Thanks to Derek, Tom and Mark for taking the time to provide the missing words from the first transcription.


Duran Duran: The Man Who Stole A Leopard

British female newscaster

fake story written by Nick Rhodes

"Today a man was taken from his apartment at the New Jersey shore and arrested under suspicion of entrapment of a wild animal. Police report upon forced entry discovered a caged leopard in the building. A fully grown feline was said to be surprisingly domesticated by zoological experts who gave her a thorough examination was preparing her for relocation. A large crowd had gathered outside to watch the beautiful creature and the giant cage was lowered slowly onto the street by a crane. From here, the leopard was transferred into the back of a truck for the journey ahead. A startled onlooker said, it's extraordinary to think that any human being could live in such close quarters with such a dangerous animal. Police are saying that the captive was simply besotted with the creature and barely left her side. It's alleged that he hunted her in the wild and expertly forged document to facilitate her illegal export to the
United States of America. The incident has already created much controversy and is now likely to lead to a major international investigation into the life of the man who stole a leopard."

Do you know where we are?
I'm longing for the dark
Of our nocturnal life
It begins and ends with you
Don't spill my secret

You were once running wild
Hiding in the morning mist
the game demands

I make you mine
I thought that I could resist
But the leopard in you
Silently preyed on me

I made my way back home
(Did you follow her?)
I handled her with care
(I am in control)
So elegant and sleek

(Pray I'm not afraid)
I need her to be near
does she belong to you

Don't spill my secrets

You were once running wild
Hiding in the morning mist
(the) game demands

I make you mine
I thought that I could resist
But the leopard in you
Silently preyed on me

Deserted by my friends
(Don't they understand?)
She's so much more than them
(How can they compare?)
So now she's just for me
(No one else can tame)
I watch her while she sleeps
for sure she'd never know

Don't spill my secrets

(It's been quite a while)
Since we were lost outside
how do you miss the chance

Now that we've both been tamed
inside this gilded cage
Prisoners of our thoughts
this nightmare for ourselves

Don't spill my secrets
Don't spill my secrets

Don't spill my secrets
Don't spill my secrets

Don't spill, don't spill my secrets

(background female vocals in parenthesis)



'Too Bad You're So Beautiful'

Last but not least, this is not just another picture of duranasty's correspondent Alison with Simon but it's actually the only visual document of the very last day of recording at the studio. In fact this picture was taken on december 6 at 10,00 pm when Simon came out from the very last session for All You Need Is Now. That evening Simon had just laid down the final vocal on 'Too Bad You're So Beautiful', the final track of All You Need Is Now. The track will be included in the physical album release out in february.



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