December 9 | Retroduranasty: it's just coincidence? | On December 8 1980 A&R man Dave Ambrose from EMI signs Duran Duran; the band retains creative control over music, videos, album covers, etc. Duran Duran earns an advance of 42,000 pounds for album, tour, and video production, and a retainer of 50 pounds each per week. The same day they record "Anyone Out There", "Planet Earth", "Friends of Mine", and "Late Bar" at EMI's studios in London, with recordings released on Duran Duran, their first album. The same day, in the evening, they play at Marquee Club, London. It's the first headlining show after the record deal.

On December 8 2010 Duran Duran is still alive and kicking and they release worldwide the first single, off the new album, as a free download on iTunes. They say it's an early present to their loyal fan-base. Below some fans express their thoughts about the new Duran Duran sound.


Dian Forbitas | Jakarta | A good soundtrack for anybody's life

I've heard the song several times now and it made me feel very happy and proud to be a fan of the band! it sounds very out there and its got this Duran sound/vibe...from the opening synth riffs to the killer chorus....great melody and cool lyrics too. It emanates a feeling that this is song from a band who are truly having a fabulous time playing music. It would sound great live and gonna be one of the Duran anthems on their live shows.

Last but not least, I have to say that the title is special too: "All You Need Iis Now", a very simple sentence yet very true to [almost] everyone of us. A good soundtrack for anybody's life.


Stephane LeClair | singer-songwriter-musician-producer | Canada |

Let me start this review by telling you that the first single from the new Duran Duran album is solid. All You Need Is Now features one of the band’s best choruses ever and Mark Ronson seem to have achieved something that many people have been waiting for since the mid eighties: Making Duran Duran sound like Duran Duran again.

I personally think that even if they are indeed returning to their roots, they are not repeating themselves with this track. Something obvious that I do hear though when listening to AYNIN, is that they’ve succeeded in reproducing that perfect balance of very strong melody versus edge and organic vs synthetic that made their signature sound so addictive in the first place, and changed the face of pop music during the 80’s.

The vocals on AYNIN, especially during the chorus, sound more “typical” Duran Duran than anything they’ve put out since 1984 [with a bonus cool distortion fx during the verses], and the drums might have a little something in common with A View To A Kill and The Flame [Arcadia], but that’s about it for the comparison with their early material.

To me, the track doesn’t sound retro at all, It sounds more like an iconic band owning their influential sound, loving it, and achieving the tour de force of coming up with one of their best pop songs after over thirty years of existence. AYNIN sounds like a band once again at the top of their game and loving every single minute of it.

Although the music industry has radically changed since then, I think that All you Need Is Now might achieve for the second time around what Ordinary World did for the band in 1992: seriously bring Duran back into the charts. The song is simply that good. Sometimes a great song is all it takes to reach millions of people, and this time they’re putting out a killer one. All You Need Is Now is epic [whatever position it will reach in Billboard].


Laura Formato Combs | It's perfection! Each time I play it, I hear more and more depth to the layers, just magical! DD never let me down. This song reminds me of my youth and brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy. It's awesome!


Tonya Anderson at | Usa | Well done, boys – you definitely have me 'swaying'

I love the chorus to All You Need is Now, I literally sighed like a love-sick teenager the first time I heard it. It's uplifting and has a traditional Duran sound. The vocals and harmonies are just beautiful, exactly what I expect (and love) about Duran Duran. It's very catchy, I can't get the tune out of my head now. I find myself humming it without consciously realizing it. The lyrics make me think 'nostalgia', which is fitting, because so many other fans tell me that Duran's music in general has this effect on them, it makes them feel nostalgic.


April Albrecht | St. Louis, MO USA | Love the synth work!

Finally downloaded AYNIN at 3:45am...and it's really awesome! Enjoy the balance of the verses and the chorus...different but blend perfectly. They made a great song that not only reflects their 80s feeling but adds the right touch of present day. Love the synth work! Looking forward to the album and of course, hearing it all live!


Slim Khezri | Artist | LA | AYNIN is an addictive one

A strong and powerful single, can't get enough of it, even my 9 year old son is going nuts over this. Fans are people and people have different tastes, each one will recieve the album in a different way. I can't speak for anybody but for myself, and I'am a die hard fan of nearly 28 years. Since then I absorbed anything Duran Duran, therefore I think I can speak with a certain degree of knowledge and experience on their music. I'm sure there will be enough fans out there who will criticize this and that. This song and the album are 100% Duran Duran-esque. All the right components are in place, every single ingredient, the total formula that makes and defines the band. I think it's the first time where they sound complete and solid without Andy Taylor [thanks to Dom]. It's a bulls eye. not only they found their way back home to the roots, but they use a lot of the old instruments and show [rightfully played and put today, sounding fresh and new, not dated] that they still can kick ass of The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery, Panic at the Disco etc! They sound confident, sure and as Simon once said in one of his many interviews "Ladies and Gentlemen We have Arrived... again!" Highlight on this track: Nicks insane electronic sound experimentations.


Tin | Usa | Top poster on the Duran message board | Duran Duran has found its own particular source of magic again

What can I say? MINE!! It's MINE!! New Duran Duran music in my hot little hands [well, on the iPod actually]. There is something about All You Need Is Now... just that special "something" that feels like magic. The buzz about this song, and the album coming behind it, that is growing. "Something" that has changed the dynamics in the Duran Duran world. The feel is different . . . there's no "it's the album after Andy left" stigma attached to it. I don't know whether it's the band's own enthusiasm that is catching or what; but "something" about this group of songs is making them feel energized again. It's making them smile in ways I haven't seen in a long time; and to be honest, it's making me smile as well. Since I first heard the chorus, I haven't been able to stop humming AYNIN. I find myself at work now singing along as the music plays in my head. In my opinion, Duran Duran has found its own particular source of magic again. I am looking forward to having the whole lot in my "record collection".


Donata Napoli | Visual Artist | Italy | An hymn to be oneself, ever

All You Need is Now starts with an energetic rhythm on which the sound of bass and the voice enter, adding strenght through a verse charged with positivity and enthusiasm. During the chorus the tempo widens, meanwhile the words become romantic. It should seem a message to their fanbase: “keep dancing, keep appreciate the music, keep enjoying the moment”. An hymn to be oneself, ever.

Check out Nick's shoes, I swear it's nor a photo-montage!


Russell Morris | UK | A very strong chorus, one of their best!

One of life's pleasures is when Duran release some new music. Over the years the first single release from a new album is always the most exciting time to be a fan. The new DD single starts with a sound more fitting with the Big Thing era music, quite experimental. However once the song gets into its stride the song gets overtaken by a very strong chorus, one of their best! I love DD but I feel with this single it is putting a marker in the ground to say "we are back" and a more mainstream single release will follow early in 2011. This is one for the fans and I am looking forward to playing it on "repeat" mode until the album comes out in a couple of weeks time.


Neil Carlill | Singer | I think AYNIN is a lovely christmas treat for their fans, a classic DD chorus with a modern twist in the verses, it's great to have them back...


Catherine webmistress of the | I'm enjoying the fruits of the Duran/Ronson collaboration

A few years ago I attended the Radio and Records Convention in Charlotte, NC and I remember John asking the audience who we would like to see collaborate with the band. At the time I wouldn't have thought of Mark Ronson, but I'm pleased to see that they got together, and I'm enjoying the fruits of their collaboration. AYNIN makes me think of Rio and 7&TRT - but better. I don't particularly care for the first few seconds of the song [I'm sure it'll grow on me], but I do really like the rest of it, and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. And to seeing them on tour in 2011.


John | Norway | I like the contrast between the parts

All You Need Is Now is a great pick for the lead single. The song have a killer chorus, instant, uplifting and with beautiful harmonies. At first i was a bit surprised by the verse and bridge, it sounded like a completely different song. But after getting used to it, I like the contrast between the parts. And i really like the part that starts at 2:38 it's very clever. Mark Ronson was right, one of the best Duran Duran songs ever.


Tim | Uk | could have done with a slightly more aggressive mix...

I guess there’s two issues with AYNIS [the single] – firstly is the disjoint going between the verse & the chorus that struck me as being slightly forced from the get-go & the second being that, whilst as an album track the length & mix works, it really needed tightening up [cutting by almost a minute between 3’08 & 4’13” with a short bridge added] and could have done with a slightly more aggressive mix – making the discord in the verse far harder hitting, heading more towards a Virus kind of vein…


Jewels | Multi-award winning Personal Chef from The Roving Stove

I am partial to DD, and have yet to hear a track I didn't like. All You Need Is Now is getting quite a bit of buzz... I hope the entire album is wildly successful for them!


Salvo | | I had 'eargasm'

What else can I say? I'm going to use a new urban-term to express my opinion on All You Need Is Now, the term is 'eargasm'. An eargasm is an orgasm of the ear, pleasure derived from listening to exceptionally good music! Thanks guys and... God bless Mark Ronson!


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