November 10 | In the new issue of Rolling Stone there's a small tidbit about Duran Duran and their upcoming album, the big news in the little piece is that the 'All You Need Now' is due out exclusively on iTunes December 21st, the physical LP and special packages in February.

This morning the guys did the album shoot in London | I got the news this morning from international TV Presenter for SABC 3's Top Billing [South African Tv Show and magazine], Jo-Ann Strauss who flew to London to interview the guys in anticipation of their South African Tour. She went to the photo-set of Duran Duran's album shoot and took this behind the scenes picture ["And I thought I had a shoe fetish" she says]. Top Billing interview should be airing later this month on SABC 3. reports that Roger Dekker is the photographer who shot the band for the album packaging.

All You Need Is Now final mix notes | Yesterday Mark Ronson said via twitter: "on a plane, making final mix notes on the new DuranDuran album, using my Beats headphones. if this sh** comes out wrong, i'm blaming Dr Dre"

Moved | According to Duran Duran's twitter the Today Show Weekend segment has been moved to November 20th

Duran Duran Promise Tour, Videos for 'All You Need Is Now,' Preview New Song | Check out this fresh article about the band on, below some very interesting quotes.

Nick Rhodes tells Spinner, he's incredibly proud of the new material. "It's the best record we've made in over two decades," he says excitedly.

"One thing I can say is that we will be making videos for every track on the album, which is something we certainly haven't done since the very beginning," he reveals. "We feel that visual material and content now is actually becoming of value again."

Rhodes mainly credits that "rebirth" to technology and the Internet, but he also admits that current superstars like Lady Gaga and Kanye West have helped as well. "Gaga's videos are the first time I've been interested in video for quite a long time," he says. "They're really interesting, edgy, funny, irreverent and beautiful -- really well-made. I understand them. Kanye, I have a huge amount of time for because he makes extraordinary records. He's got a really great mind has made some fantastic videos with really good ideas."

"Because of our background being not just music, but art, fashion, design, technology, we are looking to do something more extraordinary with this album," he says. "I hope that they will be thought-provoking, modern, funky, funny and emotional."

"We're going to be touring next year for sure," he promises. "We haven't announced anything yet, but this record is built for touring, so we're definitely excited about that."


Fans meeting the band | Two very good friends of mine, Daniela and Liana, who both lives in London has met the Simon at the studio last week. Simon was there because the band is doing meetings, making plans and also doing some interviews. The girls sent me these nice pics of bearded Simon.



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