November 11 | As reported yesterday, Jo-Ann Strauss, TV Presenter for SABC 3's Top Billing [South African Tv Show and magazine], interviewed the guys on the photo-set of Duran Duran's album shoot and took these behind the scenes pictures.

Top Billing interview should be airing later this month on SABC 3

Watch this space.




Above the guys with photographer Roger Deckker during the photo shooting for 'All You Need Is Now'.

Check out some of his beautiful work here and here | Pic courtesy of [manipulation by Salvo]



Highlights in pills from the Katy Kafe posted yesterday on


  • A digital single will be released on December 14th.
  • The album will be released digitally on December 21th with special deluxe options [Nick says he wants the vinyl to be super special].
  • The digital version of All you Need Is Now has 9 tracks but Nick assures that a few tracks are over five minutes.
  • Nick assures that the physical release will have at least a couple more tracks.
  • They haven't decided the front cover, they have 3/4 contenders out of the 20 images made by British artist Clunie Reid for the album artwork and packaging. British fashion magazine Pop’s creative team will provide graphics and art direction for the project.
  • Nick took some pics and Clunie has fallen in love with them, she changed them and used for the artowrk.
  • Nick would like to play the album in its entirety if they get the opportunity "at some smaller show for those ready enough to come and listen to it".



Nick discusses some songs:

  • 'The Man Who Stole The Leopard' is very electronic, along the lines of The Chauffeur. It's a story of obsession, and it's based on the film The Collector which is part of the inspiration. Nick wrote a fake news article for the end of the song and a British journalist actually reads it.
  • 'Safe' has lyrics written by John and Nick, with Ana Matronic's spoken rap is one of Nick's personal favourites, It has a Garage feeling.
  • 'Before The Rain' is one of "Simon's most powerful lyrics in a while" this one is along the lines of The Chauffeur as well.
  • 'Blame the Machine' was a possible album title, the song is the second song on the album and is a current favourite of Nick. It's an up-tempo groovy one based on a news story.

  • 'Being Followed' is another personal favourite of Nick, it's a song about the paranoia of the google era. "Everywhere you go everyone has got a telephone with a camera on it... nothing much is private anymore..." says Nick.


Digital LP track listing

All You Need Is Now
Blame The Machines
Being Followed
Leave A Light On
Girl Panic
The Man Who Stole A Leopard
Runway Runaway
Before the Rain



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