November 19| Duran Duran have just started some promotion in Uk | The media machine is starting to move, The One Show, and there's gonna be more soon!

Simon and John were interviewed on The One show from BBC1 on the 17th, in the last segment of the programme Simon was asked if there will be a tour, the answer was "Yes absolutely! i think what we gonna be doing now... we got the single coming out decembert 14th, the album on the 21th and all the rest of our time is gonna be getting a live show together."

After the show John was in a talkative mood and stopped to chat to some long time fans, one of them was kind enough to send me an email with some very interesting information to share with you all.

My friend says: "I saw John last night at the One Show and spoke to us for ages"

John said:

Simon would be doing the 'Top Gear' show

Duran Duran would be doing the Lottery Christmas Eve

John was also asked about the upcoming tour and...

They hope to do a show in London when the physical single comes out February next year, a bit like the Broadway/Lyceum gigs!



Simon is currently working in the studio with Nick on some additional tracks, extra stuff for the album project... That's what Simon said yesterday via twitter.

The new album has been already mixed and mastered at Sterling Studios with exception of 'The Man Who Stole a Leopard' which is going to get a super-special female guest vocal in LA this week. Ted Jensen, the engineer, has also mastered Duran Duran's Big Thing and Liberty.

Duran Duran informs that they'll release a European-only Christmas EP on iTunes. This release, entitled 'From Mediterranea With Love', will follow the album.

Below is the artwork created by Clunie Reid and graphic design from the guys at POP magazine. On the left the Master Copy of the album!

On the duranduranboard a fan has posted this link to a sample of 'Leave A Light On' another song from the upcoming album. Check it out.



Nick Rhodes spotted out and about in London | Nick tweetts and says: "Spent a couple of hours at the London Evening Standard's '1000 Most Influential People 2010' event last night." The event was held on November 16 in London at 'Altitude 360', on the left a pic of Nick at the event. The news was also reported in this article from and Mr Rhodes is listed among the Most Invited: "Duran Duran star-turned-photographer's snaps are the alternative record of the London party scene — girls are always on film. Nick Rhodes, Musician and photographer"

On November 11, Nick was also spotted at Donatella Versace Dinner for Central Saint Martins at The Connaught. Here two photos taken that night: photo one and photo two

I also found this nice picture of Nick with two hostess taken at the Evening Standard Influentials party on the 16th of November [thanks to Cristina for the info].

Who wants some Simon Le Beard? Click here

 pays homage to Dino De Laurentiis, died on november 10, at age 91. Oscar-winning Italian film producer, a master movie showman who brought some 500 films to the big screen including "Barbarella", the movie that was so inspirational for the young John Taylor and Nick Rhodes when they were only two teen agers from Hollywood, Birmingham, looking for a band name back in 1978.

Duranhistory | Duran Duran took its name from the mad scientist in the film, Dr. Durand-Durand. Milo O'Shea, who played the part, repaid the compliment by appearing as an older version of the character in Arena, the band's 1985 concert film.

Some of the band's early appearances were at a nightclub called Barbarella's, in their home town of Birmingham. The band has frequently used sound clips from the film in their songs, most notably 1989's "Burning the Ground" and the remixes for 1990's "Violence of Summer [Love's Taking Over]". The band continued the homage to its roots with their 1997 US single, "Electric Barbarella" [released in the UK in 1998].

The Devils, Aka Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy, released a song titled "Barbarellas" on their 2002 album Dark Circles.

In june 2005, Nick, John and Roger, during their stay in Rome for their Astronaut show, had the pleasure to meet Mr De Laurentiis as they were invited at the same Roberto Cavalli private party [pic above].

Above Milo O'Shea and Simon le Bon. Picture from The Making of Arena' 1984.


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