November 24 | analyse some post-Red Carpet Massacre interviews to find out who might be the female vocalist on Duran Duran's 'The Man Who Stole A Leopard'.

Maybe we don't have to look too far to find out the answers to the question as we might get it just reading some Duran Duran interviews done in the latest couple of years. So while waiting an official announcement about the super special female guest vocal on 'Leopard' done last week in Los Angeles, we have time to make hypothesis based on Duran Duran's own words.

I'm sure Duran Duran will probably SURPRISE us with a totally unexpected name, so no one of the names mentioned here... but there might be also a tiny chance that the special female vocal is someone anticipated in these interviews... so check it out!

About the song | 'The Man Who Stole The Leopard' is very electronic, along the lines of The Chauffeur. It's a story of obsession, and it's based on the film The Collector which is part of the inspiration. Nick wrote a fake news article for the end of the song and a British journalist actually reads it.



Hypothesis 1 | So here we go, candidate n°1, Gwen Stefani who was supposed to collaborate with the band on Lonely Business, an unreleased track from the 2003/04 Astronaut sessions. The collaboration never happened and we assume that the female vocalist on this demo [right click, save traget as] might be the touring backup singer or any other backing vocalist used during the recoding sessions. Not sure why it never happened.

Fact: No Doubt entered the studio in May 2010 to start recording on their sixth studio album. Gwen stated publicly that she wanted to complete the nine-song project by December 2010, the band is currently recording in Los Angeles so this might be a possibilty for Duran.

In the main picture Gwen and the guys at the Brits Awards february 2004, on the right with Simon backstage at the Roxy in New York in 2003.



“I’d love to do a duet with with Amy Winehouse. I don’t know if that’s up her street. Don’t know if she has even heard of the band. I haven’t met her but I’m a very, very big fan.” says Simon



Hypothesis 2 | On the Daily Record from july 3 2009, there was an article by Rick Fulton titled 'Simon aims for Amy duet' | Duran Duran legend Simon Le Bon wants to duet with Amy Winehouse, but won’t ask her pal Mark Ronson.

That would be a bit embarrassing,” he says. “I’m Simon f****** Le Bon from Duran Duran, I don’t need to be asking about any other artists do I?” he adds, deadpan, before giggling. He’s not being an Eighties diva. In honesty, Simon is a big fan of Amy and it would make perfect sense now award-winning that Brit producer Mark is recording Duran Duran’s 13th studio album and planning to make it their best since 1982’s Rio.

A Winehouse collaboration would be certainly a coup. Simon, said: “I’d love to do a duet. I don’t know if that’s up her street. Don’t know if she has even heard of the band. I haven’t met her but I’m a very, very big fan.”

Fact: Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson have had their ups and downs: on september 18, Amy Winehouse took to her Twitter to blast super producer Mark Ronson after he appeared on the ‘Later... With Jools Holland’ show and claimed he “created the tracks” for Amy’s Back To Black album from her early demo’s. After the show an angry Amy wrote, during a 5am rant: “Ronson you’re dead to me; one album I write an you take half the credit – make a career out of it? Don’t think so BRUV” – POW!"

Fact: There might be no love between these two anymore... sad!


Kylie Minogue: 'Why the hell not?'


Hypothesis 3 | And what about Kylie Minogue? On November 24, 2008 I posted this in the news section: Kylie Minogue teams up with Duran Duran [?] from and and News of the World. Pop princess Kylie Minogue wants to team up with '80s heart throbs Duran Duran for a new single.

Minogue has reportedly held secret talks with the British band's singer Simon Le Bon and keyboard player Nick Rhodes in South America. The trio lunched together recently at a restaurant in Chile, where both Minogue and Duran Duran were on tour, to discuss new ideas for her next album. A source said: "Kylie's been thinking about reinventing her sound and has always loved Duran Duran so thought: 'Why the hell not?'

From my quick online research I found that last week Kylie was busy in London doing her own stuff... but of course anything is possible and I'm not a detective... [in the pic Nick and Kylie this year]

kylie Minogue and Ana Matronic's lesbian kiss at Glastonsbury Festival. Ana did a spoken rap cameo on the song 'Safe'.


"We all think Rihanna is very special"says Nick Rhodes


Hypothesis 4 | On October 25, 2008 there was a long interview to Nick's on Nick said: "at a certain point popped up the idea to do something with Rihanna, we all think she's very special, but I don't know... When things comes in the right moment one knows what is good to do. We'll see, we are open to offers [...] We really hope to do some more work with Mark Ronson, don't know if will be a duet or something else".


Grace Jones, "She's one of the world's finest" says Nick

Florence, a double-winner at the Q Awards


Hypothesis 5, 6 and so on...| And... what about Florence Welch, from Florence And The Machine [ Duran Duran supporting act at Edinburgh Castle show in 2009]? Florence was also spotted at Q Awards last month with Nick Rhodes [who presented Ronson with the Innovation in Sound Award]. I would mention also The Black Panther [A panther to sing 'Leopard', nice!], the great Grace Jones, who entertained the crowd at a party attended this year by Ronson and Rhodes. After the show Nick said “She's one of the world's finest" [quote from]. Can we forget Debby Harry in this list of names? No.

So who's gonna be? Whats your guess? Let us know on facebook!



Thanks to Mr T who did this job for us, a 700mb encode of the 'Behind The Music Remastered' for all the Duran Duran fans worldwide who couldn't see or record the programme. It looks pretty great so download it here.

Below is the cover I made, click to enlarge and enjoy!



More News | On the right you can admire the cover for 'All You Need Is Now'! Yesterday the band said "We are viewing 15 different options for the front cover artwork. Lots to choose from, lots of opinions".

  • On november 19 Simon and John did some US Press phoners
  • Nick & Mark are working on a remix for 'a band we all know & love' [?]
  • In the weekend Simon posted this on twitter "Took dogs out for a walk today, watching England play rugby now. I used to play rugby at school when I was a nipper"
  • While the band are in rehearsals this week in London, preparing for their South African shows, they have confirmed that Nick Egan [director of “Ordinary World”, "Perfect Day" and “White Lines” videos] is going to be making the video for “All You Need Is Now.”
  • Today the band rehearsed 6 new songs! "I am really looking forward to playing them for you when we tour" says Simon.
  • More on the photo shoot: the band shot in 2 different locations, the Lemonade factory in Battersea and a disused pub called The Perch. Four floors of weird things, vespa bikes, doll house, all kinds of props. Definitely added to the mood! - says Roger [check out the sites of these two locations]




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