November 8 | Ok, ok! We are all so excited about Being Followed which has finally leaked. Thanks to Mark Ronson and his radio show on the Internet and millions of Duranies are still jizzing all over themselves. The song, from what we have heard so far, sounds fantastic!

Rhythmically, sounds very much like the first Duran Duran album rather than Rio. Production sounds great, so the clear instrumentation, you can actually hear all the instruments: a classic Duran Duran old-style guitar riff, disco druming, energetic bass flicks, vibrant synths and a beautiful performance by Simon that uplifts the track at the maximum of loveliness.

Similitude? | Some fans says that Being Followed recalls Atomic by Blondie... yes, maybe it recalls something in some points, but something very different from Blondie: check out the guitar and the rhythm section of the first 50 seconds "A Forest" from "The Cure" [thanks to loyal visitor Donata for the heads up]. Don't you think that the beginning of the two songs have a few points in common? Of course the Duran track has a totally different mood, rhythmically more joyous, more electronic, a totally different song! Maybe just a little similitude between the beginning of the two tracks.

With a clever cut and paste Marcel Agterhuis has made an amateur longer version of Being Followed [posted on] without Mark Ronson talking all over it. This is not the real entire version but just a more listenable and 'clean' version of the bits aired by Rosnon. Get it here

Duran Duran on Capitol?

When Mark Ronson aired a bit of Being Followed he talked all over it to protect the track,. At some point he said "This is exclusive property of Capitol Records". You might think he was just saying whatever came into his head just to protect the song but the question is: Why one like Mark Ronson [Duran Duran's N°1 fan, so one of us!] would give such a wrong information through a internet radio with the entire fan-base listening to his program?! I would assume that he was saying the truth, rather than just imitating some old-style 80's deejay. But again, why he had to mention Capitol?

All our questions seems to lead to the same answer: Duran Duran might release All You Need Is Now on Tape Modern record label under license to Capitol/Emi; a bit like it was to Universal for The Devils. But again we still have to put a big question mark on this. I guess we are very close to the official announcement... so we can only wait...


[answer at the end of this post - picture originally posted on Nile's twitter]


Duran on the press | Get the latest articles about the guys published in the international press: The interesting article 'Key component' from the South African The Citizien says "The mega-selling band were one of the first to embrace and manipulate “new media”. Get the scan here. Full article [page one page two] on Nick and MNDR about music and sinth on Dazed and Confused [a very nice read!] and italian magazine's DiPiù which features half page about Simon, Yasmin and Amber Shopping in Rome early this month. Enjoy!

Some news tidbits from different sources that I got here and there:

  • According to Duran Duran's PR promotion will start through end if this month and december! So watch out for Duran Duran in the main media.
  • On saturday 30th October Roger Taylor deejayed at Subtone, Sharon has sent me this nice pic of Roger, Jake and Gisela she took during the deejay set. Check out also this gallery with pics of a older Roger&Jake deejay set at Subtone.
  • It seems that Deepvisual, responsible for Duran Duran's concert projection and visuals, has been working on Andrew Day's camera work on the Duran Duran USA tour 2000. Don't know if this stuff will ever be commecially available in some format or the guy is just providing clips for the Vh1 Classic’s Behind The Music: Remastered and/or other tv specials.
  • Click the pic to enlarge it

    More SYN? | From John Jones's blog on march 12, 2010 [Jones worked with Duran on Liberty, The Wedding Album and Thank You]: This is a screen shot photo from a nice chat I had with Nick and Simon from Tokyo the other day. They were together at Syn Studios creating music and looking forward to a drive in the country in an Audi R8 V10."

    I guess we have to expect something more from Nick Wood and Simon in the future... Get an exclusive good quality pic of Simon in Tokio last march!

  • On june 29 2010 Denis O'Regan on his site posted some news about upcpming events: "A large scale exhibition of my prints, a lecture and live performance by a yet to be announced band are in the planning stages. Venue is the Hospital Club in London. In early 2010 publication of a limited edition coffee table book. [i.e. the coffee table book he refers to might be the long awaited "Carless Memories - Duran Duran in the eighties" announced early this year - check out the news I posted on january 26; The Hospital Club is where the band recorded the SkyArt performance... I guess there's a strong possibility that the band he refers to might be Duran Duran]

    This is the description of the book that O'Regan gave early this year: ‘Careless Memories - Duran Duran in The Eighties’: this unique book documents Duran Duran in the Eighties, using pictures from Denis O’ Regan Archive. Duran Duran contribute interviews and their memories from the period. The Sing Blue Silver tour is covered in detail, featuring numerous unseen images, many of them black & white. The book is a strictly limited edition premium publication, delivered in a custom slipcase, signed by band members. Book buyers will receive an invitation to an exclusive Duran Duran performance, at wich they can meet the band. Buyers will also receive a custom USB stick featuring a recording of the show


The answer to the picture quiz is: Mark Ronson! Two generations of Duran Duran producers in the same picture taken in Nile Rodgers's garden in New York in the 80s.




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