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Simon sees a voice therapist on daily basis to exercise his voice to reach again the high notes.

  • Simon says " The voice is coming back in tiny increments. Will try a rehearsal next week."
  • John Taylor sounds optimist today and assures: "rescheduled UK dates almost in place. Patience please! This stuff takes time + we wanna make the best experience possible for us all."

London Report |'s friends Cinzia and Serena have just been in London and met the guys. Cinzia, who had a long chat with our frontman, reports that Simon is well in good spirits and his voice problems are improving thanks also to the specific programme that he has been following. She also reports that Simon is still seeing the voice therapist/vocal trainer on a daily basis and he does specific exercises to reach the high notes.

Last friday (june 10), Simon was quite happy as he noticed that he reached some more of his lost semitones, our correspondent reports.

We can only be happy and optimist for him that the hard work he has been doing over the past four weeks is beginning to show its fruits.

Nick, who got from the girls a beautiful bouquet of roses on his birthday, told them that even though the band is facing the problem step by step, they are positive about the july shows.

Even though Le Bon's recovery seems slow it's reassuring the fact that there are signs of improvement. Thanks to our friends for sharing some good news and these new cool Nick Rhodes pics.



source Duran Duran postponements push possible start of tour to July | Duran Duran postponed three more shows in Europe on Wednesday as singer Simon Le Bon continues to recuperate from vocal problems.

Perhaps the uncertainty surrounding Le Bon's condition was best summed up by his comment on Twitter:

"Over four weeks in to this, I am in completely unknown territory."

Le Bon recently underwent an MRI and has been advised to continue to rest his voice to avoid further damage and restore his full vocal range. Continue reading on Duran Duran postponements push possible start of tour to July. Coming shows in Helsinki, Finland, and Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, were the most recent dates of the "All You Need Is Now" tour to be scrubbed.

According the Duran's official website, the band now hopes to be back on stage in Dublin, Ireland, on July 14, which would give Le Bon a full month's rest.


John and Gela in Paris for three days

They were two of the 168 guest who attended the gala fundraising "the American Friends of the Louvre"

John Taylor and his wife attend the 'Liaisons Au Louvre II' Charity Gala Dinner at Musee du Louvre on June 14, 2011 in Paris


"Depression=Anger turned inward. Frustrated that I can't do anything to help my bandmate. Okay I admit it- I'm depressed. Missing the adrenaline. Now I know why it's known as DOWN time"

That's what John tweeted a couple of days before he left for France... So maybe to escape from depression John Taylor [and wife Gela] on Sunday june 12 morning headed to Paris for three days. They attended the gala fundraising for the Louvre "the American Friends of the Louvre". The extraordinary evening that raised more than $3.5 million for the vaunted museum and featured a full-blown rock show by Janet Jackson.

The couple at the Champs des Bataille

A number of those 168 guests, who payed up $10,000 for the trio of soirées, took the early afternoon motorcoach to reach the country a enjoy a tour of the Chateau du Champ De Bataille [above pic] walk in the chateau's expansive gardens and its historic interiors, have candlelight dinner and also test drive the spectacular vehicles Maybach, the luxury brand of Mercedes Benz. In that occasion Duran Duran's John Taylor wore a three-piece hipster black and white plaid suit with lavender shirt.

At the American embassy with Derek Blasberg fashion editor and New York Times best selling author


A tribute to Girls on Film and Simon's songwriting

2011/1981: from Girl Panic! to Girls On Film

July 13th will be the thirtieth anniversary of the Girls On Film single release, one of the band's signature songs and a classic encore at every Duran's show.

With lines like "Wider baby smiling you've just made a million", this song, with a sense of fun, cleverly sends a message of criticism of the fashion model exploitation.


Retroduranasty | In December 2010 Simon was asked to write a piece about the song for the english music magazine "M". At the same time Simon Le Bon's handwritten lyrics went under the hammer as part of the PRS for Music Art of the Song Charity auction in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Let's read in this exclusive article written by Simon what he has to say about the song 30 years later.



Last but not least...


Check out this funny pic of Nick and the deejay at the Baazar and Royal Accademy Dinner at Sketch held in honour of the exhibition GSK Contemporary Aware - Art Fashion Identity at the Royal Accademy


CJ, a loyal Duran Duran fan, has started an e-card for Simon to show him the support we have for him during his difficult recovery time.

The card will run until the end of the month [June 30th] at 11pm [Central Standard Time] and it's open to everyone. If you want to contribute to the card and pass it out amongst your friends, it would be much appreciated.

Here's the link to the card:



thanks to Cinizia and Serena for the report, Mandy for the John pics, CJ for starting the card and's archive


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