Simon Le Grease

Simon Le Bon arrives at Rome airpot on may 12, 2011.

Pic by Giorgio Guarnieri

May 19, 2011 | Simon Le Bon has been diagnosed with laryngitis, first two shows of the Uk tour have been postponed

Press release | source Following tonight’s postponement of Duran Duran’s Newcastle show, the band have been forced to reschedule their Scottish date [originally scheduled to play tomorrow -May 19- at Glasgow’s SECC] on doctor’s advice given today to singer Simon Le Bon, who has been diagnosed with laryngitis.

The band are hugely disappointed to have had to postpone these two shows – which marked the start of their ‘All You Need Is Now World Tour’ – but hope that Simon will be fully recovered within the next couple of days, and able to continue with the rest of the UK arena dates as planned.

John Taylor assures his fans that the show will be rescheduled he also says:

"All I know is this: Simon is at home recuperating and wants to rock just as soon as he is 100% [...] All apologies to our fans who have been waiting, and so many who have travelled for tomorrow's show. We'll be back better + stronger

Yesterday @thisistherealJT said how excited he is about the upcoming Uk tour and he gave to his twitter followers some intersting news...

  • Rehearsal over. The stage is amazing. Beautiful! you guys are gonna love it.
  • New songs, new arrangements, we have a new onstage member: Dawne Adams on percussion
  • Tour program: killer! We think it may be our best yet
  • Opening act on the British tour Cocknbullkid"
  • 'Leave a Light on' is being played in the UK radios [it's the second radio-single to coincide with UK tour]

Ok, these are the latest but this post was originally intended to deliver you quick report about the recent Duran Duran trip to Rome for a Radio contest winners show and a couple of other events in Cannes and Zurich.

So, while everyone is excited about the upcoming Uk tour which promises to be as memorable as the reunion one, let's just relive what the band has been up to in the last two weeks.

  • NRJ Energy Fashion Night, Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland.
  • RDS Auditorium Multimediale, Rome, Italy
  • Cannes, France, show for the the launch of Belvedere’s RED at House of Hype.

NRJ Energy Fashion Night, in Zürich on 7 May 2011

Duran Duran's performance at the NRJ Energy Fashion Night, in Zürich on 7 May 2011.

Reporter Raffaella Ciroli says: "the Energy Fashion Night show was held at the Hallenstation. The music acts were the German group Frida Gold, the Swiss singer Caroline Chevin and Duran Duran.

It was indeed an amazing fashion show with lots of beautiful models [guest star: model Karolina Kurkova] , beautiful fashion and beautiful music! Duran was the last music act onstage.

The setlist was: AYNIN, Sunrise, Girl Panic and Notorious. The models joined the catwalk for 2 songs. They did a fantastic performance, which ended much too soon! Later, Simon and John joined the speaker for a quick interview onstage

Duran Duran continued their 2011 European Tour in Rome where they performed the RDS Auditorium Multimediale show on 12 May.

Ella & Simon in Zurich, May 8, 2011

check out below some cool pics taken at the Zurich event

Trying a new job guys? Car car dealers?!



Exclusive report

Rome, RDS showcase may 12, 2011

By's reporter Salvo | Nick, Roger and John arrived in Rome on may 11 evening, the day of earthquake prophet, Simon instead arrived the day after around one pm.

I'm just wondering, in light of recent events, if the unsual choice to travel alone the same the day of the show was just a way to recover from the beginning of a sore throat or something. It might be so as it was reported that Simon has left urgently the after show party covering his mouth with plently of paper handkerchiefs. You wouldn't have said he had a problem during the show as he sang perfectly and the show was actually a blast for the 50 lucky contest winners and other 150 guests.

The showcase, organized by RDS, one of the major italian radios, thanks also to the very operative italian department of Edel which is taking good care of the Duran Duran's italian promotion, has been a huge success. Events like this are great examples of quality promotion for high profile bands like Duran Duran. Glad the guys did this live show, certainly one of the best promo things the guys have done over the recent years for the italian market.

The band played the following songs

"All You Need Is Now"
"Blame the Machines"
"Safe (In the Heat of the Moment)"
"Save A Prayer"
"Ordinary World"
"Girl Panic!"
"A View To A Kill"
Encore: "Careless Memories"

High points of the show the new singles AYNIN and Girl Panic but the die-hard fans also enjoyed the ballads Save a Prayer and Ordinary World. Personal highlight Carelles Memories: it was a blast! But of course I would say the same for anything off the first album. The song was introuduced with a funny joke that Simon made at the expenses of the poor italian radio presenter as he said that they did this very cool song in the 80s called Careless Whispers...

Another personal highlight was being able to be so close to stage, so close that I could actually touch John's bass pedal, you actually feel being part of the show! That was a terrific feeling... I guess Roger has noticed how much I enjoyed the show from my non-stop clapping, dancing and singing that he just decided to give me one of his drumsticks at the end of the show.

The atmosphere in the very tiny Auditorium Multimediale was electric and Roger after the show said. "Was great to play up close and personal to our very very loyal Italian posse". That was something very nice of him to say. Also Simon during the show has stressed about the great and deep relationship the band has with Italy.

The guys during their 2 days stay in Rome have been nicely mobbed by some loyal fans which have shown to the guys their fresh enthusiasm. Watching some scenes I thought we were back in 1985 but the guys seemed pleasantly amused by those excited fans. I had a chance to say hello and chat briefly with John and Nick as I didn't want to steal time to those passionate fans.

iPad and Nick Rhodes: inseparable friends (pic by Anna Duran)

John told me that he did some some cool sightseeing, he said he went to Piazza Del Popolo for a walk and he got his borsalino, he actually said that the borsalino shopping was just an excuse to have a good walk. We also had a laugh when I mentioned that a traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain they are ensured a return to Rome... and he didn't do it! Argh!

  • NEWS | The only bit of useful information I got from the iPad addict and always lovely Nick Rhodes is that the band will be shooting the Girl Panic! video in june [supposedly with Jonas Akerlund, whom has also directed the Dior Addict commercial].

After Rome the band flew to Cannes/France to play at the House of Hype, VIP Room, Cannes Film Festival. The show was part of the event held for the European launch of Belvedere’s RED.

Enjoy this new set of pics that I took in Rome!

a picture is worth a thousand words

Rome Candids

smiling for cameras from all around the world...


Taking a pic of John while John is taking a pic of us.

He posted that pic on twitter with the caption "Enthusiasm in Rome #duranlife"

"A man and his instrument"


Simon le Mobbed


Like Royals in the crazy Rome traffic


The RDS Showcase

I was that close

Simon had to invite the audience to keep silence during the interview...

he couldn't speak as the crowd was screaming loudly



Yes, Careless Whispers, believe it!

Sax and Additional Percussion: Simon Willescroft

amazing look: John sounded and looked great!


Roger's drumming was a highlight in this show






my favourite pic of the lot!

A View To A Kill







Dom enjoyed every moment of the show


Some close-up of your pretty face...






thanks to Raffaella Ciroli, Anna Duran and Giorgio Guarnieri for sharing some pics.


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