"It's official: Simon is back and better than ever. This fucking band is on fire" John Taylor


The band gets a front cover on the Herald's A&E from september 23. click here to get a bigger scan. The Orange County Register's enthusiastic review of the Los Angeles show the show opens with this headline "Duran Duran in top form at Nokia show". Check out the gallery. Another set of cool pics is here.


October 3, 2011 | Hi everybody! It 's been a while since the last site update and I hope you haven't missed the site that much... I'm happy to be here with a new installment about this new fan-tastic chapter of the the Duran Duran history. Duran Duran's North American tour has kicked off in Everett, Washington, and they already played in Portland, Saratoga and just some days ago a they played successful shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The North American tour will end in Atlantic City, NJ on October 29. Highlight of the tour will be the Madison Square Gardens show on October 25.

The concert is a multimedia show, it blends songs from "All You Need is Now," some of their major hits and some surprises are expected along the way, gems from the early albums... great stuff that has played during the the recent Uk rehearsal shows [more on those gigs below].

Simon says that the setlist will evolve from city to city so we assume that they will gradually introduce some b-side or hidden album-gems. John add that at the moment the perfect formula for a quality show is an hour and a half but they actually hope to get to the two hours show along the way.

About the venues choice Nick Rhodes says: "The tour is a bit of a mixuture, there are smaller venues this time and then we end up at Madison Square Garden".

John Taylor says to Herald's Jackson Holtz that "This is probably the most integrated show we've done, with several screens showing film material synchronized to the music". "You're always trying to put the material out there in a way that is fresh. You're always trying to change the lights on it".

"The gig is like a retrospective."

"It’s a bigger production", says Rhodes to blog.vegas.com, "we’re taking out this time than with the last couple of shows. It’s actually really beautiful. I’m thrilled with the way it looks. [...] some of it’s quite dramatic this time – I have to say the lights and the screens and things are a little more dramatic than usual"

"There are certain things we all understand about being in a band and one of them is that the music, at that stage, the music has to be king of everything. So personal issues get put aside; egos get put aside; everything gets put aside, and the only thing that matters is making the best record." Simon le Bon


Simon Le Voice

Here comes the man in black...

Q: The other band members have quit at various points, but you and Simon have stuck with it. How have you kept each other sane?

A: We believe in the sounds we make together. There's something about our unit that no other band on this planet can do.


Simon's problem with his voice isn't a taboo in recent interviews...

  • John says: "We were all asking ourselves the question, 'What if?' None of us expected it to become as big a problem as it became. After undergoing therapy and treatment, Lebon's voice is back in full form"

"It's been quite a lesson in mortality,"

  • Simon talks about it to spinner.ca | You lost the top of your vocal range and had to cancel this summer's European tour -- how's your voice doing?

    It seems to be much better. No, it is much better. I can do everything that I need to do in the show. It was quite a shock when the breakdown happened and it wasn't anything that laryngologists or I have really experienced before -- it was something completely different.

    Did it happen to you onstage? Yes, it did actually -- at a show we were playing in Cannes. I've seen so many doctors and had a lot of voice therapy. I've also learned to sing with slightly better technique, better posture, so I think that may have had something to do with it.

    Had you ever worked with a vocal coach before? I did go to a vocal coach but I didn't find that that was really the right thing for me. It was a voice therapist that really helped me. I have gone to vocal coaches before and sometimes they've been helpful but I've got a very individual style of singing. Coaches tend to have an idea in their mind of the right way to do it, and I don't think that necessarily is the case.

  • Nick also comments about the problem during an interview with Aidin Vaziri from San Francisco Chronicle:

    When Simon lost his voice, was there a moment when you thought it was all over?

    No. We knew he had strained his vocal cords, and like an athlete straining a muscle or tendon, you just have to wait until it repairs. That was very difficult for a while.

Do you feel as if you lost the momentum behind this album?

It was obviously a little bit of a drag, especially when we had to cancel the tour. But we're building it back up. The album is our strongest one in many, many years.


Radio Promotion


A very talkative Simon LeBon spoke to 97.3 Kiro fm's Jason Antebi about the new tour and how the band and his performance has evolved over the years with. You can dowload it here [right click, save target as]. On September 26 Simon spoke also to 95.5 Klos's Mark and Brian, download the full podcast here [right click, save target as].
He also spoke to 99.9 Ktdy's Steve Wiley about the band’s longevity, the evolution of their music, his hopes for the future, the new album and his love for classical music. You can download the interview here [right click, save target as]. You can listen a John Taylor interview to Boom 97.3's Stu Jeffries right here. There's anice interview to Nick Rhodes here and you can also download the one from Kmxb here [right click, save target as]. Last but not least, you can't miss the Q&A session with Nick, John and Roger on Live 95.5 posted here [it's a youtube video].


InterViews to a Kill with Nick Rhodes


There's a nice interview to Nick Rhodes on lvrj.com. The master of sound talks about the way he re-creates vintage tones digitally on tour:

  • "There are only so many tones. That's like saying there are only so many colors. It's how you use them and how you put them together." he says. Check out the full interview where he also pays homage to Bob Marley's music which he define "timeless"... "It doesn't matter how old it is. Nick says, It's so timeless. Just listen to the depth and the richness of the quality."

Another cool interview to Nick [and Simon] has been recently posted on timesofoman.com:

  • "Nowadays Nick is deeply into conservation and climate change — and tries to do his bit by turning off lights, recycling and not owning a car. “I do use planes a lot,” he admits. “I wish there was a better way of travelling long distances quickly. I’m very aware of my carbon footprint,” he says. That’s why Duran Duran do everything they can to raise awareness about climate change — they recently starred in a series of Live Earth concerts. “I know it’s trendy to be green,” Nick Rhodes says. “But if we wreck our planet what hope is there for anyone?”

Nick is one of the many contributors of ShowStudio.

  • ShowStudio is an award-winning fashion website, founded and directed by Nick Knight, that has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion online. Established in November 2000, ShowStudio’s innovative and ground-breaking projects have defined the manner in which fashion is presented via the Internet. Since its inception, ShowStudio has worked with the world’s most sought-after filmmakers, writers and cultural figures to create visionary online content, exploring every facet of fashion through moving image, illustration, photography and the written word. You can find Nick Rhodes listed on page 10, among hundreds of contributors.


Anthony price talks about Duran Duran in Clash mag

and Nick Rhodes wrote a piece about the London fashion designer, best known for for glamorous evening wear and suits and responsible for the Rio video look


New Releases


The promo cd-single of Leave A Light On

While the North American tour goes on, Leave a Light on is getting a good airplay in the US since a promo cd-single has been released and sent over to radios.

Meanwhile we are all curious to see the new Duran Duran video for Girl Panic! which, according to John, is going to get its official release on november 7th in London. John mentions that Girl Panic! is 9 minutes long and the models are pretending to be the band - a 'killer' 'insane' that everyone will want to see. [to listen John's interview just click here].

The promo cd single of Girl Panic! has already been sent to radios back in march, to push the launch of the physical release of AYNIN and it actually got some airplay around that time. Hopefully radios will start playing the track again with all the buzz that the new video will create.
Girl Panic!, in the press-release printed on the promo cd single, is defined as a “classic Duran with a nod to such classics as Rio and Girls On Film but with a fresh sound relevant to 2011." We really hope that the video will bring new life to the album and interest in the upcoming Uk and european tour.

I just got my copy of the standard but beautiful Limited Edition Gatefold Double Vinyl of All You Need Is Now for only € 15,74 on amazon.it and it's also available for only £18.40 on amazon.co.uk here

Number of Discs: 2 [14 tracks]
Format: Limited Edition
Label: Tape Modern

Of course isn't the Vinyl Factory Deluxe Collectors Edition that you can still get here for only [!] £ 250 but I can assure you that this standard Limited Edition version is lovely! So get your copy!



Eye candy: news in pictures


After all these cool fresh news I want to go back a little bit in case you have missed some relevant news and/or good pics/scans... I'm also going to share a couple of my recent Duran Duran adventures. Hope you enjoy the stuff.

  • Back in august the guys were reheasing in London for the tour. Antonella Barone, an italian fan, has sent us some cool candid pics including some of a notoriously-scruffy John Taylor... check them out! [click on the banner on the right].
  • On september 6 the band The band has received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the GQ “Men of the Year” Award Ceremony, held at the Royal Opera House in London. Alex James from Blur presented the award to the guys. Check some cool pics taken at the event, click on the banner below!
  • On september 20 Duran Duran were special guests at the South Park 15th Anniversary Show, in Santa Monica. The band played a live set. You can get a set of 15 cool pics by clicking on the banner below!


Duran-tidbits and news about the euro-tour


  • Nefer! Got many emails of fans asking info on the brunette who attended the GQ Awards with Nick. All I know is that her name is Nefer, she's 28 years old from Rome. According to some fan rumors they know each other at least since summer 2008 as They were first seen together during the italian leg of the RCM tour. The couple was spotted by paparazzi out and about in Los Angeles some days ago, check out this new pic of the couple taken at Chateau Marmont on September 29. There are more pictures here.
  • Gaga! In this brazilian interview to John Taylor he answer to a specific question about the choice to play a cover of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Here his answer [translation thanks to Amanda Foschi]
    "We played that song just for fun. We found out that Poker Face would fit in Girls on Film so we played it together, like a jam. And it worked! The audience really enjoyed. But it's the kind of thing that's boring when people already expect to happen. So, I suppose we won't play this cover at SWU festival."
  • Uncle Fucker and Relax! The guys played "Uncle Fucker" song from the South Park movie at the South Park 15th Anniversary Party. Check it out here. The guys also played a mix of Wild Boys and Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax in Everett. Check it out here
  • Tour News | Europe and Australia, here we come! According to sherpa.be and forestnational.be, the Bruxelles show will be rescheduled in January 2012! The exact date at Forest National will soon be announced by the band! In one of his recent twitter sessions John said "European shows will have to be rescheduled for 2012". One more positive news comes from eventim.de that reports "Duran Duran will be coming to Germany in January 2012". So finger crossed for a full european tour in early 2012. According to Simon Duran Duran will be also playing Australia... he says "DD coming to Oz early 2012 but don't say you heard it from me".


scans: current mags

  • In the October issue of Harper's Bazzar there's a nice picture of Nick dining with Jessica De Rothschild taken at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011, held at the Royal Academy of Arts back in june. Get your scan here.
  • In the October issue of GQ magazine there's a wonderful 2 pages feature on the guys to celebrate their Lifetime Achievement GQ Award. Get your scan of the article here, apologies for having John's face a bit distorted but the mag is thick. But if you want to get a good version of that wonderful new b/w pic taken by John Wrigh you can get it here. The photographer says "The Durans! What can I say about Duran Duran!? Obviously I’m too young to have enjoyed their early albums, but their ‘legends’ status was very much “in the air” when they visited our little corner of Shoreditch. This image, like some of our best work at present, was shot in our kitchen!"

Fan-zone: reports and reviews


Therain Therain in Oxford

from Before The Rain to Hold Back The Rain!

On august 19th the band announced a string of exclusive rehearsal shows for the members of their fan-community. The press release stated that the shows were shorter than normal set with no production... "a once-in-a-lifetime fan opportunity to see Duran Duran in an intimate setting as they mount the final rehearsals for their tour".

A great chance, something not to be missed by the loyal fanbase, even if the shows were announced with such short notice and in a period when many fans were on vacation. The lucky fans who attended any of those shows know that they have witnessed to a unique and unrepeatable page of the Duran Duran history.

What made these shows so unique? The tracklist! Fans were treated to a 17/18-song set of mostly rarities old and new… rare tracks, b-sides and hidden gems such as Shadows On Your Side and Hold Back The Rain made this string of gigs a great fan-experience, something that will hardly happen again, a dream-show to add to our Duran Duran diaries.

I’m so glad that I managed to attend one of those gigs… I was just returned from a long family vacation so all I was asking was to unpack the bags and relax… but when I got the news I couldn't resist so I got the ticket and organized the trip very quickly.

I chosed the Oxford show because I never been there, and it was also the last of the four shows, so I hoped to see, after 3 gigs, a well-oiled band… and it was saturday too! So, what could I ask more?

The guys played these four rehearsal gigs:

1st September - Bournemouth Old Fire Station
8th September - Cambridge Junction
9th September - Bristol Trinity
10th September - Oxford Academy

"We've been having a lot of fun with rehearsals in the UK and warm-up shows with tiny little audiences". Simon Le Bon
I I hoped to get to the front row so I arrived at the venue at 8.30 am. A group of loyal uk fans were already there. It was good to chat with all the fans while queuing for hours.
When I got to the venue I realized that there was a camera crew filming one of my Uk friends, Alison. Knickerblockerglory Ltd [an independent production company specialising in producing entertaining and innovative television programmes] was shooting a documentary.
Knickerbockerglory is completely independent distributor or super-indie who is currently producing a serie with the working title “Superfans”. The serie is obviously about fans and will feature single episodes about Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and so on. The protagonist of the Duran Duran episode is Alison who tells all about being a fan since the ealrty 80s and being considered Roger Taylors N°1 Fan by Roger Taylor himself.
The show, still in the working stage, will be broadcasted by Discovery channel… The question is, will the band be ivolved at some point? That’s what I asked to the interviewer/cameraman, the answer is no. It’s an independent documentary about the fan-world so the band won't be involved at any level nor shooting of the live show were done.


So, let’s talk about the shows! Oxford was amazing,what a thrill! I think it’s one of best shows I have ever seen, after the London Forum one back in 2003.

Great atmoshere in such a small venue. Just the guys, their instruments, and their fans! We got all those tracks in a close-up setting: what a brilliant value!

Member of the fan-community, including me, got to enter the venue half an hour before the general public, in my opinion that's a very good reason to join the official fan club. I just hope the club will keep offering this kind of services for the core fans in the future.

Fans were expressely asked to not take videos of the shows [as reported in the official press release "DD would prefer it if you did not use your cell phone or camera to take moving pictures and recordings of the band at these shows"], but the venue crew and security told us that pics were fine [taken with non professional cameras].

It’s obvious that the band wanted to play those dreaming setlist to satisfy and reward the fans who have been so incredibly supportive over the last months, after the postponement of the Uk tour caused by Simon Le Bon’s voice problem.

The guys in action with Anna Ross

Simon was on great form, I mean his voice was there, better than ever, especially in the slow ones such as Before The Rain, The Man Who Stole A Leopard and so on… in those tracks he sounded even better than the original recording.
The apprehension that many fans had after his recent voice problems has vanished, gone; but we are all aware that Simon Le Bon is a better and stronger singer than before.
He has been working with a vocal therapist for months and this has obviously helped him to sing well without putting unnecessary stress to his voice. The result is great, during the performance he’s very concentrated on his job, he knows how to modulate the power of his unique natural instrument, using it wisely and economically, pushing it only when needed.

“In the past our music tended to be treated as a sideline. People talked about our videos, the way we looked and the things we did but never our songs.” “Our secret ingredient is music,” Simon Le Bon
During the Oxford show Simon managed to dance and move around the stage… the guy has a lot of energy! Our amazing frontman was back and the fans loved every single note coming out from his lips and and every single duranesque-move: the gun at the end of AVTAK, the finger-lick in Come Undone, the fists at the end of Notorious and so on. John was great, so much into the music, into the party, he obviously was having a lot of fun.
Dom really rocked it, I really enjoyed his playing in Mediterranea and Sunrise. Some really great stuff! I’m so glad the guy is in the band, he's doing a great job!
Anna and Simon's voices mixed well when backing vocals were required and in duets such as Safe; Simon Willescroft’s solo in Tiger Tiger, brought the show to another dimension. The sound coming from his tiny sax was powerful as ever before. Loved it! He also played extra percussion and he helped out with the side keyboards of Mr Rhodes.

"Grrr... I'm back and I'm stronger!"

In Oxford they only did 5 hits [including AYNIN] in an 80 minute set of 18 songs, I think nothing like this has ever happened in the duranhistory!? I just hope fans from abroad will be treated with some shows like these sooner or later. Networker Nation is amazing live, and all the tracks from AYNIN sounded great. The album live goes strong and I can’t wait for its re-launch with the new single and video, coming out on november 7th, and the world tour! My highlights: first time the band have ever played the full length Hold Back the Rain, Simon's energy in that one was outstanding, pure gold!
The original arrangement of Secret Oktober and the powerful Shadows On Your Side, The Man Who Stole A Leopard and Before the Rain, what a thrill!
That tracklist would have been perfect if they would have skipped Safe [my least favorite on the album] in favour of Careless Memories but no complain at all. I had a blast!

Before The Rain
All You Need Is Now
Blame the Machine
Networker Nation
Come Undone
Other Peoples Lives
Tiger Tiger
Secret Oktober
Shadows On Your Side
The Man Who Stole A Leopard
Too Bad You're So Beautiful
A View To A Kill
Hold Back The Rain
Girl Panic!

This was a great chance to see Duran Duran playing live in an intimate setting, playing obscure tracks to crowds of only a few hundred, just like in the very early 80s, when they started at the Berrow's Rum Runner and played for clubbers and friends… it was like reliving those years when we were actually too young and the band was only the local phenomenon playing at new trendy club or at some small dirty venues… it was like listening to a new band, renewed, energetic and so charismatic. If that has been labelled as a rehearsal show, the proper tour is going to be awesome with the production and all! I just can't wait to see the new show here in Europe! Welcome back guys!

Check out the full set of pics from the Oxford gig! Click on the banner below and enjoy!

Roger comments on the rehearsal shows on soundspike.com

How did the rehearsal shows go?

Roger Taylor: Really, really good actually fantastic. We did three in a row last week and they were fantastic. Simon seems to be fully back to where he was. So we're pretty excited. As you probably know, we've been off the road for a few months because of Simon's vocal problems. We're back there and we're ready to go.

So his vocals have returned to form?

Yeah, yeah. We did three one-and-a-half hour shows in three days, which is pretty strenuous, and he came through that with flying colors. I think he just needed to rest his voice, which was the key thing, which he managed to do over the summer. Yeah, he sounded great.

Roger, Simon and Nick signs autographs outside the O2 Accademy in Oxford .

A fan shouts: "Simon, Man United won again today!" Simon [plugging his ears] "don't tell me, I'm gonna watch the match today!" [he obviously videorecorded it...]


Roger in Taormina, Sicily

deejay set with impromptu upbeat vocals

With the postponement of the Uk and European tour, all my plans to see the band live over the summer vanished like a soap bubble… so all my Duran Duran dreams were also 'postponed' to december with the rescheduled Arena shows in Uk...

I knew that nothing in the Duran Duran world was going to happen untill later this year for us in Europe… so posting one last site update on july 12 and closing the the site for holiday [as I usually do over the summer] was supposed to be my last Duran Duran activity till september.

Over the summer, when the kids are home from school, I want to spend some quality time with family taking a pause from all… this year, from a Duran Duran fan point of view has been hard, after all the stress and the loss of money caused by the cancellation of the tour.
I had planned for months my family vacation, from mid july till late august. We use to go to Sicily, firstly because it’s my homeland and I love back to my origins, secondly, but not less important, the sea is great over there.
That time of the year I hardly see a computer… I try to detox from the over saturation of technology and internet and I just love to go back to the simple life with not so much information. [click on the photo on the left to enlarge it

So it was a big and unexpect surprise when, in the middle of the summer, I got a phone call from a friend saying that Roger was coming to play a deejay set in Sicily… where? Exactly where I was staying! Taormina! How cool was that?! I was going to see a Duran Duran member without taking an airplane… because he was coming to my home.

When I got the news, for just a second, I thought: “these guys don’t really wanna let me go on holiday…”but of course I was more than happy to see our drummer so I got in touch with Roger’s italian manager and I actually got to see Mr Taylor and his deejay partner Jake Fonique in action.
It was just a great experience because it wasn’t Duran Duran, so everyone, from his manager to the local organizers were so relaxed… it was summer, so everyone involved in event, including Roger and Jake, wanted to have fun and enjoy the place and the company of people.

The deejay set was happening at the Meridien beach club in Taormina, on august 11.
Taormina is a small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily, in the Province of Messina, about midway between Messina and Catania. It's a very popular tourist destination, It has lovely beaches, nightlife, art and culture. The Meridienne Beach Club, the club were Roger and Jake were going to perform, is stunning cos it’s on the beach so the dancefloor is just a terrace overlooking the sea… dancefloors, sunrises, sunsets that blend with the sea... I guess one of the most beautiful scenery Roger and Jake have ever had to play their deejay set... and Roger's name was also projected on the sea, right on the foreshore, a very suggestive effect!

Taylor&Fonique arrived the same evening of the event and they went straight to the club from the Catania airport to to do a quick soundcheck assisted by the local sound-engineer and settle the instrumentation, which included the usual deejay console, the electronic drum-kit and the computers.
They rehearses at low volume cos the fans were already in the club, in the nearby restaurant, and they actually didn’t want to reveal any surprises of the tracklist.

Up close and Personal | Just after the soundcheck the guys moved to the club’s restaurant to have dinner. As soon as he spotted me we connected and just after minutes we were chatting while walking to the restaurant. One of the first thing I did was congratulating him on his new fatherhood, and he proudly showed me plenty of pictures of the sweet Julian Roger [who was only one month old] on his mobile.

Roger was very friendly with all the fans, a real sweetheart, so after saying hello to the club’s owner, the staff and a group of Duran Duran fans attending the set, Jake, his lovely wife, Roger and Fabrizio moved to the table reserved for them and, with my surprise, Fabrizio, followed by Roger, invited me to join them at their table.
That was such a kind gesture on their part and I'm still very appreciative, because I spent a wonderful evening in company of Roger and his friends having fun and chatting about many subjects, from the riots happening in London that week to the beauty of Sicily and Taormina in particular [I suggested them not only to go to the beach but also to pay a visit to the town of Taormina to get a breathe of art, history, culture and great shopping too], from Simon’s beard [Roger revealed us that he once wore a goatee!] to commenting the tasty local fish that we were eating… and of course lots of humor and laughs between a glass of white wine and the another… we even played the lookalike game.
As soon as I sat next to him, [I swear, I didn’t decide the seating] I forgot being about a fan, it was all so natural. There were no rockstar/fan poses, it was just a bunch of people having a good time dining together.
That night Roger confirmed what I’ve always known, he’s a down to earth guy, a kind, honest and friendly family guy… someone you’d love to have among your friends. And he’s got a great sense of humor!

The deejay-set on its own was fantastic, not only because the duo revisited and updated their tracklist from the previous year set “Dancefloor Destroyers” but because it became something more than the typical deejay set, it became an happening with two great vocalists joining Taylor&Fonique’s music.

According to Roger’s manager the vocalists performances were quite improvised as Ben Ofoedu, the 38-year-old Nigerian/British singer-songwriter, most famous for being the former lead singer of the band Phats & Small was in Taormina with his with his partner Vanessa Feltz on vacation and Adam Clay, the Barbados native singer and producer of the hits ‘Born Again’ and ‘Babylonia’, joined the set arriving straight from Palermo were he had just played at the 'III Festa Printed'.
These two powerful black voices added to the set something of great value, unexpected and unique, completely improvised. So the lucky clubbers and fans who attended the soiree ended up dancing to a deejay set with impromptu fantastic upbeat vocals by Ben, who just did a short appearance and Adam who actually entertained the crowd for most of the set till early in the morning… the guy obviously loves to sing and it was evident that he truly appreciated the opportunity to take part to the set. He actually did a great job and stayed with the duo till the end of the set.

Their show is based on a mixture of explosive electro house music, eighties and 90s, a music selection that keeps the dancefloor continuously jumping. The set is enriched by the live beats of Roger’s Roland spd electronic drum kit.
During the whole set they organically dosed a mixture of dance, techno, house with some disco hits such as a cool remix of the 1982’s classic Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and the and the 90s Yomanda’s [Paul Masterson] You're Free [To Do What You Want To Do]. It was great also to listen to bits of some great seminal 80s tracks… and of course they couldn’t escape from playing some Duran bits mixed in the lot, such as Notorious, Girls On Film and Wild Boys plus full remixes of All You Need Is Now and Wild Boys [much loved by the adoring crowd] with Roger’s special performance on his electronic drums. Cool that they paid tribute to Italy playing a disco version of the classic 1968 Patti Pravo’s song “La Bambola”.


The show started at 1.30 am and ended later than 4 am, everyone had a great time and danced all night long. After the set the guys stopped to say hello to the fans. Roger was visibly tired but only when all people left the club they were able disassemble the instrumentation, so they left the Meridien not before 5 am. At that hour, after a non-stop job like that, including traveling from London and rushing to the club, they had to be exausted, however I hope they had a great time and they actually felt the warmth and the enthusiasm of the southern italian people. For sure I had a great time dancing at the rhythm of their amazing dj-set!

The next day, even though I knew where I could meet Roger, I prefered not bother him as I knew he wanted to enjoy his time in Taormina and relax. Reporters says that he has been seen sunbathing on the beach and seesighting in Taormina.
I had a little present for Roger and Gisela, a package full of typical sicilian goodies so I managed to see Roger on the 13th, the day he had to leave.
We had another pleasant chat, more confidential and personal than the one we had at the Meridien ‘cos we were just the two of us.
I invited him to consider the Taormina Ancient theatre [the second largest of its kind in Sicily, frequently used for operatic and theatrical performances and for concerts] as a possible venue to play with Duran Duran next time the tour Italy.
So, beside the fact that he loved the pistachio pesto jar in the package there’s nothing to report about our conversation, since it touched on subjects from our personal lives.
That circumstance was so incredibly human, miles away away from the fan/rockstar dimension we are used to, so when I said goodbye, I shacked hand and hugged him like an old friend.
This was a once in a lifetime experience that showed me the real Roger Taylor, a great musician, a perfect deejay but most of all a wonderful person.


Just in!

New great Duran pics from The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas! Click on the banner!

more cool pics sare up here and here



Duranart Attack!

I want to conclude this update with something sweet! My son Angelo helps out daddy with visuals for the website! Love this so much I had to share it with you all ! :)



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