May 1, 2012 | While I write this the band is in Rio playing a show at the Citibank Hall. They'll continue touring South America untill May 5th with shows in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago. We'll make sure to to post some reports from the South American leg of the AYNIN tour in the upcoming days, as soon as we get all the stuff from our local correspondents.

The news we all hoped to hear!

Returning to the main subject of this new post... If you haven't heard it yet, please do yourself a favour, check out the new super cool Katy's Kafe dated april 16, 2012 up on the official fan community. In this new chat with birthday boy Roger Taylor [who turned 52 on the 26th] Katy Krassner and Roger talk about many interesting subjects but the most interesting part starts when Roger says:

"We found ourselves again in this record and we are all looking to the next one.

So Katy asks: When do you think you guys might go back into the studio?

Roger: "Well, we are talking about early next year actually, I can't say who we're gonna be recording with... at this point... cos I'm sure that's going to be a big announcement in itself. But, I can't possibly announce myself, right now. But, it's exciting!

And, yeah, we're gonna have a bit of time off after these run of dates, once we've been around the US again, and we'll have some time off, and restart next year, early next year."


Roger says they'll take the Fall off

"John hit the nail on the head when he said "we need to miss each other a little bit". We spent so much time together on this tour, we need that space, we gotta get hungry again and be excited to make a great record."

Roger's spontaneous and candid statement is all the fans needed now! The way he worded the band's intention to go back into the studio lead us to think that the guys have already some kind of project in mind and they seems to know alrerady who will be producing their next work.

This is all very-very promising and exciting as Roger said! Thanks to Roger for giving the fans such a cool news which is just the symptom of a lively and continuously active band, full of creative wealth and projects.

Hurray Duran Duran!

The fans of Duran Duran are very lucky as their devotion is rewarded with very good fruits: wonderful concerts and great albums, something that doesn't happen to all the bands with a thirty year long career behind them.

Being a Duran Duran fan myself I can only say that I'm so incredibly happy and excited about the future of this band, just because I see lots more fruits coming from the longevous and productive Duran Duran tree. is a fan-site made with passion from a fan to all the fans of Duran Duran on Planet Earth.

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