January 16, 2012 | Just a few days at the start of the first leg of the All You Need Is Now European tour in Klosters, Switzerland... and it's all again very exciting! The guys have been doing some interviews over the latest days with Swiss and German media in support of their euro shows. Some interesting news are starting to leak. Here is what John answers in the exclusive interview published on the current issue of Swiss News magazine to the question "What does thefuture hold for Duran Duran?"

I think that we are going to be playing concerts until the end ofthe next summer, and then, maybe we will make another video.

Girl Panic has been such a blockbuster hit that we are now thinking of doing something else - similar but different.

This is as far as we have planned, but the end of the road is nowhere near in sight. We have to wait for the Rolling Stones to break up first, and then start to count clown ten years or so!

But seriously, we can’t give it up — we are having too much fun! There is a sense of rebirth in the band at the moment and we are riding it.

Do you remember what we said in the latest update?

"The band strongly believes in the David Lynch project... we have heard that they hope to get something more out of it and they would like to reach some selected niche cinemas and film festivals with this piece of video-art. That Duran-Lynch collaboration is something the band is very proud of and is actually investing on it..."

Well, that has been quite confirmed by the band's headquarters with this post: "Nick has been In the studio with Snake for 4 days mixing David Lynch and Duran Duran's Unstaged performance filmed in March at the Mayan Theatre."

Who is Snake?

Since 1999, engineer Snake Newton has toured with the Pet Shop Boys, Craig David and two and a half years with Duran Duran, which included the band's On Broadway Shows in November 2007. He has also worked on many TV award shows and has supervised the band mix at dozens of TV and radio performances. Snake likes to work closely with bands during the pre-production phase of a show, enabling him to carefully plan each sound for every track. He likens this process to recording in the studio, where he programs specific sounds for each particular track, rather than allowing himself to be constrained to a 'one-instrument-one-sound' approach.

Get scans of the John interview and all the other recent interviews to Simon by clicking on the thumbnails below


David Lynch: "I dream about Duran Duran at night! Seriously!"

"Their music is truly magical"



Here is what David Lynch has to say about "the potency of Duran Duran" in a recent interview to Uncut magazine.

transcription from the printed edition of the mag by Salvo

You've done lots of promos and videos - do you have to be a fan of a musician's work before you collaborate? Ever hated a band you've worked with?

It certainly helps if you like their work. Actually it's funny that you have got a question from Nick Rhodes*, because I did a live film with Duran Duran for their American Express Unstaged thing, and, in preparation, I started listening to their music to see if images came. I wasn't over the moon about their music when I first heard it, if I'm honest. But, the more I listened to it, the more I loved it. It's truly magical. I just think that if people listen to Duran Duran two or three times, you'll fall in love with the songs. I dream about them at night! Seriously!

* Lynch refers to the 'Star Questions' within the article... I scanned for you -below- the Nick one



Swiss Simon

I report some interesting quotes that I translated and transcribed from the recent interviews to Simon published in Swiss newspapers and mags.

  • What does reading mean to you?

    When I'm in the lobby sitting and waiting for Nick Rhodes to get his hair done, I do not just sit there and do nothing. I like to do my own things and a book helps me get through a tour.
    I love to escape in a book. It's like being lead in parallel lives.
  • I just finished reading straight The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pietsch. interestingly and funny.
    Also the Patti Smith book Just Kids. Simply brilliant.
  • About his ccontribution to The Atheist's Guide to Christmas book Simon says
  • I am an agnostic; I have no problem with not knowing whether God exists. I'm glad I lead my life without a structured religion.

  • However you celebrate Christmas?
    Oh yes! With gifts and good food and everything that belongs to it. but Christmas is much older than Christianity.


Mr. Le Bon, what do you really know about Klosters?

Simon Le Bon: Honestly, not that much. I've never been there there, if you want to know. I only know that it's a beautifull resort and the Royal Family spend every holiday there.
And this is of course very important for us Brits.

Are you joking?

Absolutely not. For the British, it's really important to know where
the Royal Family spend their vacation.

I'm just very excited and looking forward to the gig. I like to visit places where I never been. And anyway, we do not compare the size of the city in which we act. It's all about entertaining the audience
and inspire them. It can be London, New York or just Klosters. It's just the same to us.

Are you coming to Klosters also because you want to have some fun off stage? Are you going to spend few days at the royal resort after the show?

We don't know yet but I'd love to spend a little time in Klosters.

You're performing at the Altitude Festival in Klosters. Are you a skier?

"I'm quite good at going down very fast, either on my feet or my bottom. I love the whole ski scene. I haven't been to Klosters before, but I'm excited about going there, as it's where the Royal family hang out. Hopefully, I'll bump into them - figuratively, not literally - on the slopes."

Will you be enjoying a hot toddy post-piste?

"I love the après ski scene and I'll be up for a wintery tipple after the Altitude show, but it won't be eggnog!"


Altitude Festival in Klosters on the 21st of January | A brand new winter music event, Altitude Festival, is set to be launched in the charming village of Klosters this coming January 2012.

A boutique festival style with a winter wonderland concept will bring chic, contemporary and occasionally slightly crazy entertainment into this pretty Alpine village loved by Royals and skiers alike.

This is set to be a really unique new event for Switzerland - combining live music provided by Duran Duran and Pegasus [live in concert from 2pm], a snow bar, food stalls, hot dog stand, BBQ, cafes, children's entertainment and... a snow polo tournament! Plus a the new pop-up bar-club The Alpine Soul Kitchen.

Duran Duran on stage at 15.30

Tickets on sale through: www.ticketcorner.ch




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