"The pictures weren't given a chance to shine in the Sing Blue Silver book, this will be a big book with full page images."

Denis O'Regan, the renowned English rock photographer often associated with the Queen, David Bowie, and Duran Duran [he travelled the world as their official photographer], has been working hard over the latest months digitally restoring his old Duran Duran images for his upcoming book that will be called Careless Memories.

1984 or Careless Memories?

Denis actually thought about '1984' as title for the book but he later commented "that's been done, so title will be CarelessMemories after all.

I asked Denis if the book offers a selection of pics from different eras of the band, in particular if there are pics from the 1988 US Caravan tour, the 1993 South African shows and the great UK 2004 reunion tour.

He said "I'm saving those pics for other books tba. This book will be Sing Blue Silver. You could hardly see the pics in the 1984 book!

I also asked about the distribution and available formats for this release.
He said that Careles Memories book will be available online only: "it will be a limited edition, initially only for sale online".

I told him how much we love the work he has done with the band over the years, especially the Sing Blue Silver book, but that particular edition didn't do justice to the greatness of some shots as they were too small in the layout... So we can't really wait to see some of those pics in all their large size glory!
He commented "I agree. The pictures weren't given a chance to shine. This will be a big book with full page images."
Back in January, when Denis was working intensely with the book designers he commented: "after all this work it won't be cheap!"
So guys, are you starting to save to get this glossy treasure? I'm just saying that
I already can't wait!


Below pics of the 1984 Duran Duran release Sing Blue Silver: the photographic book, the japanese version of the same book, the laser disc,
the video tape and a full page advert for all these prodoucts.



Bold, Beautiful and Damned
The World of 1980s Fashion Illustrator Tony Viramontes


As we reported in the previous site update, a new book about the work of artist Tony Viramontes [known among the Duran fan-base for his beautiful illustrations on the Arcadia album], written by Dean Rhys Morgan, was in the works.
Well, the good news is that book published by Laurence King is now ready for preorders here [£30.00]

The book has been enriched by contributions from different artists, including Nick Rhodes, who have worked with Tony during the Arcadia project.
Nick, interviewed by Dean Rhys Morgan, talks about the Viramontes/Arcadia collaboration and shares, from his personal collection, the beautiful and previously unpublished sleeve art for the ‘So Red The Rose’ [pic above]

Rhodes remembers that Viramontes was a little more reticent when it came to creating portraits of the group.
"I think Tony was definetely more comfortable drawing women. With Violeta he was swishing his arms around and cocking his bat, really creating one sketch after another.
With us the process was a little more laboured, he was more concerned about likeness, that it wasn’t quite right or he needed to get our features spot-on but I said to him, “look it’s an interpretation”’.
The record sleeve of ‘So Red The Rose’
perfectly describes the mood of the record within."
Above picture: Violeta Sanchez | New York, 1985 | Collection of Nick Rhodes
"This has a lyrical extravagance."


On the left Tony Viramontes draws on Nick Rhodes' hand on the set of Election Day music video. On the right a beautiful pic of Nick shot by Viramontes back in 1985


Walking on Water with Simon Le Bon

"Kos has captured some incredible moments. Not least the one she captured up the mast of Drum, which in the test of time, has proven to be one of the most iconic photographs ever taken of me." Simon Le Bon

"While I was up there, I saw it offered the chance for a really heroic image of Simon. I called down to him and, even though it was blowing Force 7, he was keen to give it a go. Kos

Walking On Water, Hardcover: 160 pages, Publisher: A&C Black Trade; 1 edition


On January 3, 2013 has been published Walking On Waters that includes a foreword by Duran Duran singer and keen sailor Simon Le Bon and also a beautiful picture of him on the Drum, one of the most iconic from that adventure.
The book is a gorgeous celebration of outstanding marine photography, packed with spectacular images that take you close to the action.
For her entire career Kos has captured dramatic, eyecatching shots that made her the envy of her peers; this book provides a unique insight into the work and skills of a remarkable indomitable female photographer who has made her distinctive mark in what is very much a tough man's world.

Foreword by Simon Le Bon

Picture this: a bright fresh day in June. the pale green-grey waters of the Solent whipped to white by a stiffening breeze. I'm sitting on the rail, with twenty professional racing sailors.
This is Drum in 1985. Around us the sea is cut in all directions by small, fast powerboats: support teams on RIBs; spectators trying to get a glimpse; marine photographers trying to get that definitive shot which says it all about a boat and a crew built to win a race around the world.

One female photographer seems to get more of our attention than any other. Cynics joke that it's because the happy, funny, blonde girl can't keep still, that she can never quite fasten up her wind jacket; that she just stands out from the rest of them. She certainly is an eyeful, and qhat's more, she certainly does know to take a good photograph.

The first time I went 100 ft up the mast of Drum, we were on flat water doing 12 and a half knots, under full sail with a spinnaker flying. Kos was at the top shooting down at me.

Modern competition sailing is an extreme, macho world. This is where Kos has chosen to develop her unique style of marine photography, often from the top of yatch masts, her trademark.
And for a girl in a man's world that's no mean feat. Rough or smooth water, she is always at the masthead, hanging upside down to tale these amazing pictures. That she is fearless and brave I know.
The pictures contained in this celebration are in my opinion some of the best ever taken of yachts at sea. Over thirty years Kos has captured some incredible moments. Not least the one she captured up the mast of Drum, which in the test of time, has proven to be one of the most iconic photographs ever taken of me.
I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have.

Simon Le Bon

Clearly a Real Sailing ‘Rock Star’

Being a sport photographer, this was quite a daunting experience. To work with this rock legend would be interesting. Having worked with a number of celebrities, I know they can be quite temperamental. However, Simon was passionate about sailing and, as he was about to embark on a Round the World race, I hoped he would want to make an impact on his crewmates and be adventurous.

I wanted to shoot my trademark image looking from up th emast of Drum and her skipper, Skip Novak, agreed without hesitation. While I was up there, I saw it offered the chance for a really heroic image of Simon. I called down to him and, even though it was blowing Force 7, he was keen to give it a go.

Though he’d never been asked to do anything like this before, he scrambled up to the last set of spreaders 100ft aloft - clearly a real sailing ‘rock star’ - without any guidance from me. Emboldened, he wanted to go right to the top of the mast and I returned to the deck to make way for him.

Before the Whitbread, Drum was set to sail in the famous Fastnet race. I was asked to shoot the trip from onboard. Luckily, as it transpired, I had another assignment already booked in Holland and was unable to go.
I photographed the start off Cowes in very rough condtions, and returned to London to leave for the airport at the crack of dawn the folllowing morning to fly to Holland.

During the night, Fleet Street started calling me for pictures of Simon on board Drum
Drum’s keel had sheered off and she’d capsized a full 180 degree upsode downl I couldn’t believe the news.
I thought they had got the wrong boat and told them so, until they explained what had happened. I was so relieved to learn everyone had been rescued safely although some crew had been trapped below decks. including Simon. I felt so lucky that I had not been on board.



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