Simon Le Bon on board of Hamilton, Saint Tropez, October 5, 2013

pictures exclusive by Charles Marion

October 6th, 2013 | Over the last couple of days I have been in touch with Charles Marion, a great photographer specialized in reportage and marine photography. Charles has been following the Voiles De Saint Tropez regatta the whole week so I asked him if had spotted Simon on board of Hamilton during his work as action photographer on the water. Well, he photographed the Hamilton crew yesterday and he was kind enough to send me this cool bunch of pictures of Simon!

What can we say if not a big thank you from us all to Charles for for being so kind and generous to share these beautiful professional pictures of Simon!

Le Bon, who turns 55th this month on the 27th, looks great in the shots, he's in good shape and he still has his magnetic gaze. I'm so glad to share these nice pics with you all, friends of

Today the regatta ends with the prize giving at The Citadelle and a brunch for the crews [invitations only]. As you can see from the graphic below Hamilton has earned a respectable 4th position. With this last parenthesis on the sea we suppose that Simon considers Summer officially over.

After this little break, Le Bon will join the band in London [who has been working for four consecutive weeks since early September] to go on with the writing and recording sessions for the new album, the band's 14th, which the guys hope to finish this year and hopefully release during the first half of 2014. A tour will follow the release of the album. Fans really just can't wait!

Take a look at Charles amazing photographic work at !

English pride: Simon hangs the UK flag on board of Hamilton, yesterday morning, October 5th, 2013


Le Voiles de Saint Tropez, September 29th/October 6th - Results

Above a graphic reporting the results of the 7 races of Wally Class. Hamilton is # 4! Well Done Hamilton, Well done sailor Le Bon!


"he still has that magnetic gaze"

A very intense close-up of old salt Simon! October 5th, 2013


Just a reminder!
October is Simon Le Bon's month! Don't miss the chance to wish him happy 55th birthday, take part to this cool project by our friend Paula Blank!

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