Roger Taylor a DDeejay Set at Amami in Treviso, Italy
November 8, 2013 | Photo Gallery and report

In 2013 Roger played five deejay sets, Punta del Este in January, the Spy Bar in Chicago in April, The Montauk Beach at the House in july, London Hyppodrome in july, Tipic Formentera in August.

On November 8 Roger played his 6th and last deejay set for 2013 in Treviso, Italy.

Not many know that the event could have been easily cancelled because the plane Roger and James were flying on had some technical problems during the flight so it had to return to London and Roger had to get a new flight to arrive in time in Venice and don't disappoint his fans.
A great demonstration of professionality on Roger's part. Big thanks to him for making the event possible despite the unexpected adversity.

His 2012 Amami dj set was so successful that the manager of the disco club wanted him once more. Matteo Monti, deejay and long time fan, was again the mind behind the organization of the event.

Above picture Roger on the day of his arrival in Treviso; below a nice picture of Roger, James and the staff of Amami disco club

This time was more than a regular dj set, it actually became something similar to a Duran Duran fan convention. As soon as you entered the club you could feel that it was different from the his past dj sets... Duran Duran videos were projected on the walls in loop mode: Girl Panic! New Moon On Monday, All You Need Is Now, bits of Live at Wembley 2004 and that prpmp video about Roger's dj activities shot few years back in New York [the one with Jake Fonique]. Such a great selection of images that made the fans feel like being in a Duran museum with a retrospective going on rather than in a disco club. Fans came from every side of Italy, from south to north, and we even had some loyal UK fans.

The evening started with a dinner accompanied by good local wine. As soon as the appetizer was served the notes of The Chauffer resonate in the club [chills!] while Roger and James enter room: a big applause, cheers and a few little cries. Roger passed trough the tables of the lucky guests and took place to his table with his son James, Matteo, Giacomo a few other people of the Amami staff.

Roger dined there, among the fans, just like he did last year, and I can surely say that he enjoyed the atmosphere, the fun... I caught him and James more than once watching the Duran videos projected on the walls and on the TV screens, just like if was a long time since they last watched them on TV...

The big D pink logo projected on the wall, the videos, the music. It was a real duran-fans-party.

At about 1 am, after signing autographs and taking a few pics with the fans surrounding him after the dinner, he finally took the stage.

Two hours of house music filled with a long tribute to Michael Jackson and many Duran remixes, from Wild Boys to Girl Panic!, from All You Need Is Now to Planet Earth and the amazing live drum set on his electronic kit.

My favourire track picked by Roger during the set was Brian Ferry's Don't Stop The Dance from the fantastic 1985 "Boys and Girls". Such a great tracklist that kept fans and general audience dancing and clapping all night long till the early hours in the morning.

No need to mention that Matteo was the great entertainer that we already knew, showing confidence and a great bond on stage with Roger. It was clear that Roger truly enjoyed Matteo's presence on stage with his genuineness and down to earth attitude.

After the set Roger went backstage, posed for pictures with the fans and left with James.
The day after they left Treviso early in the afternoon so I took the chance to say him goodbye. There were a group of fans waiting to greet him. Roger was so amused was and relaxed.

He took time to answer every fan's requests, pics, autographs and stopped for a nice chat, which included a few words in italian [filio he said - but he meant figlio - referring to his son].

"Yes, absolutely, Italy is home from home"

I asked him how does he feel when he comes over to Italy, if he enjoy it... he said "Yes, aboslutely, Italy is home from home".

I pointed out that the set was different to the others I have attended over the years as there were a lot of Duran Duran remixes, and he said "Yeah! I knew there were a lot of Duranies! During the the chat he expressed words of gratitude and thanks for our support over the years.

On a funny note, just minutes before Roger left, I told him the italian proverb "There’s no two without three",

a proverb that corresponds to the english expression "Everything comes in threes"... I was obviously referring to the fact that this was his second deejay set in Treviso so we all expect a third time soon. An amused Matteo said [laughing]: Yeah, of course, Salvo is going to pay for it! We all burst out laughing... it was a funny moment! Oh, I would love to... who knows?! I can always win the lottery and get a special DJ set for my birthday... you never know!

I just want to thanks Roger, Matteo and Amami on behalf of all the fans who attended the deejay set for such a great Duran-party, we enjoyed every single moment of it and we hope they can make it happen again soon.

A View To A Dinner: Roger dined among his fans and he really enjoed the atmosphere.

Roger and James had a laugh at the sight of two ladies who approched his table dancing and singing with so much energy to the rhythm of New Moon on Monday!


What a look! A nice pose of Roger in his Armani jacket, cool skull pattern scarf and the inseparable Punk Masters T-shirt.

Rocking the disco with his son James

Roger and Matteo: a perfect bond behind the console

Highlight of the deejay set: Roger playing with energy his electronic drum kit

Roger on the day of his departure from Treviso.



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