With Simon Le Bon adding final vocals to some tracks in these days, Duran Duran is about to complete the recordings of their new album which the band aims to release in Spring 2015, hopefully anticipated by a single before the end of 2014.

According to Nick Rhodes the band has 3 contenders for the first single and it will surely be an UP tempo song!

An album defined “Grand” by those who have listened to it and epic, considering the long list of collaborators:
John Frusciante, Voce Chamber Choir, Mr Hudson and some others musicians not yet unveiled!

Spike Stent on the mixing desk, the use of new musical technolgies such as the seaboard and, above all, the triple co-production team: Duran Duran/Mr Hudsnon/Mark Rosnon with the upcoming Nile Rodgers involvement to add, over the Summer, his funky touch to some tracks.

The real revelation: Mr Hudson, the super-talented guy from Birmingham who brought a new boost of energy into the record, writing new song with the band and helping the guys tiding up some tracks, right when they most needed it, after the decision, taken early this year, to scrap part of the work done.

It sounds all very promising, fans can hardly keep quiet their enthusiasm online, and here, at duranasty webzine, we are more than excited, we are moved by the huge creative effort that these four guys, at the top of their artistic life, are doing to create something new and exciting for themselves and their audience.

13 July 2014 | Update | It's been awhile since the last webzine update but you know, considering how everything is istantly online on social networks, I will only update the site when there's enough stuff to share in terms of news, reports and pictures. I just hope you enjoy this new installment as much as the others.

Over the last months, bits of interesting news and informations have been posted here and there on the main duran duran sites, on various media and, not less important, on fanpages and forums.

The Duran-puzzle | Here we are to put together all the pieces of the Duran-puzzle, hopefully with the usual visual impact that has been, over the years, one of the main characteristics of duranasty.com.

The status of the band and the album's progress | This installment isn't only about Duran news and pics but, since I have had the pleasure to meet the guys in more than one occasion over this past winter and spring [last time a couple of days ago] the page is also coloured with bits of my personal meetings with the band.

The fan thing | These fan-reports focus mainly on the informative and interesting aspects of my meeting with the band. I asked quite a few questions -about different subjects- to the guys over the months... so hopefully the reports will help to create the full picture of a band that is about to complete their 14th albumI Hope you find entertaining and interesting this three pages installment .

Excited | We are all very excited about this new chapter of the Duran Duran history and we really can't wait to listen to the new album, surely out between the first and the second quarter of 2015. The recording is almost finished, the rhythm section's work has been done, Simon is currently working very hard on the vocals recording for 3/4 hours a day.

Today the band leaves Saint Petersburg where yesterday played live at the White Nights International Festival [some pics below], a show that has been also aired on russian TV and soon available on Youtube.
Fans who met the band in June reports: "last Monday [June 23] Simon literally said that if they get all together in the studio, they have less than one week of work to finish the the recordings."
From St Petersburg the guys will probably head to London where they will be adding some final touches and vocals to the recordings, then, later in the Summer, they are supposed to reconvene in the studio with the Masetro of funky, Nile Rodgers.

Once this phase is concluded, the album require post-production and mixing, a stage that might involve Nile Rodgers [more on this below] and surely Spike Stent [more on this below].

About the album release date, an insider reports: "Even if the album is finished this month there is a ton of promo work to be done, record deals to be negotiated, etc etc. I would guess Spring 2015 earliest."

Dear friends, enjoy this new installment! Hope you all have a great Summer! See you online at our facebook pages. Duranasty will come back in September/October with a new update!


Some lovely News, excerpt from a chat with
Nick Rhodes, London May 2014

"With each album we are always looking to reinvent and reinvigorate the sound,
this one took a little a little longer than usual because we wanted to develope a personality
on its own the way the last album certainly had.
We didn't want it to be a sort of a follow up to the last one,
so we've really been gigging in the dark searching those diamonds."

Nick Rhodes, May 2014


"Caption this" Nick interrogates his fantastic skull shaped umbrella:
" Skull Skull in my hands, tell me, when get to the end?"

News | During a recent chat with Nick, he said the band will be in the studio up untill June and a little bit also in July, he also said they want to wrap the album this Summer.
The keeper of Duran Duran's flame said they could to do some more work in July if needed, but the writing/recording phase [except for some vocals] is basically completed.

News | During the same chat, Nick said that it would be nice to deliver to our ears some new Duran music [in the form of a new single maybe?] before the end of this year, and to be precise he actually mentioned the month of October.

News | Nick said that they 3 [three!!] contenders for the first single.
When I asked if it will be a ballad or something different, Nick told me that is
an UP tempo for sure... he also added that the new album has 2 good ballads.


"I think we are all pretty confident the we found the right sound now we have something that has all the elements we like to have in the band's sounds but also explores some dfiffert things sonicly and liricly,
the album is getting stronger by the day"

Nick Rhodes, May 2014



"Stent has become the ‘go to person’ for that magic touch that all musicians seek in a record"

News | Both times, March and May, I asked Nick if Spike Stent, the multi grammy-winning producer, considering the amazing job he did on All You Need is Now album, is still an option for the mixing of the new album and both times he said "Yes, absolutely!"
Stent is one of the more respected and in-demand studio engineers in the business, whose credits include Muse, Arcade Fire and Coldplay. So, according to Rhodes, he will be the man that will take the console for mixing duties on the new Duran Duran album as he already did on Duran Duran's latest release.

Who Is Mark ‘Spike’ Stent? He is one of the worlds most sought-after mixer/producers.

A three-time Grammy recipient and with multiple nominations across various categories; most notably at the 2010 awards when he was nominated across four different genres: ‘Album of the Year’ with Lady Gaga, ‘Best Contemporary Rock Album’ with Muse [winner], ‘Best Electronic Dance’ with Goldfrapp and ‘Best Contemporary R&B Album’ with Usher – unequivocally ranking him as one of the most respected and in demand mixing engineers of our time.

Spike achieved international success through the stellar quality of his work, his reputation for world-class sounding mixes attracted an impressive resume of high profile acts including: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Linkin Park, Madonna, U2, Bjork, Gwen Stefani, Depeche Mode, Muse, Lilly Allen, No Doubt, Usher, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Oasis, and Massive Attack to name but a few.

Spike resides mainly in Los Angeles due to the massive demand for his work coming from the US, he has embraced the transition from the UK although work still takes him back to his British roots.

John arrives at the studio on his fabulous Jaguar... another working day on the new Duran Duran album,

"We want to take our time this time around,
we want do all things properly"

Nick Rhodes, May 2014

News | I also asked about the producers involved in the album, "Mark is in three songs, and Mr Hudson in some others" and... with that typical Nick Rhodes smile "we've got a third person involved..."

When he mentioned the third person we still were not aware of Nile Rogers's involvement in the new album. We only guessed and hoped that the third person was him... Only days later the suspicion was confirmed by John who actually sent a tweet to Nile as he wanted to get in touch to plan a meeting...

News | Hungry of news I asked Nick "What else can you say about the album", "Well, those who have listened to the album said that is GRAND".

News | Last but not least I asked "Any idea when the album will be out?" "I think is gonna be out next year, around February/March" assures Nick.

We actually don't know if the album will be released by that time as there are many other external aspects involved in the process that the band can't control, such as getting a good deal [hopefully with a major label which assures good investment in advertising and promo], planning a world tour and so on. I couldn't agree more with Nick when he told me: "We want to take our time this time around, we want do all things properly".


Duran Duran has just played a short set live at the St Petersburg's 'White Nights' International Festival in Russia

The band promises to come back soon to play a full concert in 2015

Flying to St Petersburg to play at the White Nights International Festival seemed a last minute decision for the band. No press release or news were posted in the previous week.

On July 9th [the day the pic on the left was taken], Simon told to the fans that Duran were going to play a concert in St Petersburg on Saturday.

Everybody thought it was just a corporate gig or some private event. But shortly after the news was on the web on some russian website: the band was announced as the special guest at the White Nights in St Petersburg. Too late to organize a trip to Russia to attend the band's only live performance of 2014.

The guys played the groovy trio: All You Need Is Now, Notorious and Sunrise.

On the left Simon and Salvo in London on July 9th, 2014.
Above, the band reheasing on the beautiful stage with and amazing light setting of the White Nights International Festival.
It was a short set but the band sounded great and in perfect shape.
An event like this is a great teaser for the the fans who miss the band in concert, but in 2015 the band will be again on tour with a new album, it's just a matter of months!

video stills from the tv show provided by duranargentina

Tidbit: New photo-session with top photographer Randall Slavin for a new advertorial

With the album almost completed, the promotion plan is starting to move on and it's again all so exciting!

On June 26th the guys met top photographer Randall Slavin in South London to shoot an advertorial which, according to Sam, the make up-artist responsible for of the guys's make-up, is a collaboration between Fashion Rocks and Mazda.

Sam Cooper says in her blog:

"Today I was working on rather a large shoot organised by a team of wonderful people in New York,international photographer Randall Slavin flew over along with the uber talented stylist Michael Nash (GQ magazine). We were shooting an advertorial in South London with Duran Duran and singer/song-writing duo Nico&Vinz, a moody collaboration between Fashion Rocks and Mazda, is about all I can say for the time being!"

I was in charge of the grooming for Duran Duran, I used mainly Bumble&Bumble hair products and Bioderma skin care. I also had Samantha Norman assisting me and working on Nico&Vinz, the guys all looked sharp and slick!



Rodgers, Ronson and Duran in the studio together:
"The love is going to be insane"

The band is going to work around Nile Rodgers's schedule to make the collaboration possible.

"I adore Duran Duran"

says Nile Rogers

Speaking at the Ivor Novello Awards in London on Thursday [22.05.14], Nile - who was honoured with the Special International Award for his incredible career at the ceremony, a prize handed to him by his friend Johnny Marr - revealed he is set to work with Duran Duran again!

The 61-year-old guitarist performed with the band's singer Simon Le Bon and George Clinton at the International Music Summit's Legends Dinner in Ibiza on May 21th where he was guest of honour and on the flight to the UK afterwards Nile and Simon discussed plans for their collaboration along with producer Mark Ronson.

The 'Good Times' hitmaker - who first worked with Duran Duran in 1984 on a remix of their hit single 'The Reflex' and then on their 1986 album 'Notorious' - said: ''On the plane Simon and I talked about working together and we're trying to figure out how our schedules can line-up so I can work on some of the Duran Duran stuff.

I do know, according to what Simon said to me, that they're going work around my schedule which is amazing. I adore Duran Duran.

''I gave Mark Ronson his first Walkman and he started bouncing on one foot and then the other and then started becoming a producer. ''Can you imagine me and Mark in the same room as Duran Duran? That's going to be cool. The love is going to be insane.''

The above pics were taken at the International Music Summit [IMS] in May 2014 in Ibiza.

Surprise Surprise! The highlight of the evening was the impromptu performance of four musical giants, at the IMS Legend’s Dinner in honour of Chic’s Nile Rodgers. Nile was joined on stage by Nona Hendryx best known for her collaboration with Patti LaBelle, Talking Heads, Bill Laswell, and Bootsy Collins. Also on stage Funkadelic and Parliament of Funks George Clinton was asked to take lead but the biggest surprise of the night was Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon flying out that night making an appearance, much to Nile’s shock and surprise. These 4 colossuses played renditions of Sister Sledge’s We are Family and Le Freak by Chic.

The sonic blue 1960’s Fender Stratocaster played by Nile on Stage was then donated to the IMS’s official charity The Hepatitis C Trust. The guitar was then signed by Nile, Simon Le Bon and George Clinton making it one of the most unique Fender Stratocaster’s in musical history.The Hepatitis C Trust is particularly close to Nile Rogers heart as both his parents had the the disease so he knows first-hand the harm the disease can cause.


Last year Simon said:
"I think Nile is a fantastic guitarist, a very talented producer, and is also a lovely person to be around and I would very much like working with him again. So let's see what happens!"

This interview was published on Classic Pop magazine this year,
here an interesting excerpt.

Classic Pop: Tell us about the work you did with Duran Duran

Nile Rodgers: I love the Duran guys. My relationship with Duran is the longest I’ve had with any artist.

People wonder why I don’t do many follow-up records, but the difference is that when you work together for the fi rst time, I’m really like the boss.

So the fi rst time around, the nerves take over and the artist backs off. Then, the second time around, you become good friends, they put in more of their own input and the records aren’t so desperate. And I like that desperation.

The great thing about Duran is that they were always desperate. For The Reflex – their biggest single – I came in and rescued it with a remix.

The second time around, I was hired to produce the only new single that was going to drive a live record. That’s incredibly desperate – you have to have a hit. That monster was The Wild Boys.

And the next time around, the band was falling apart and I had to effectively join the group for Notorious.

Mark Ronson is now doing the new Duran album – are you pleased for him?

Flashback: Duran photographed in the studio back in 1986 with Steve Ferrone and Nile Rodgers. It's the cover of a popular italian mag.
That's the way they presented Notorious and their new line-up to the media.

Nile Rodgers: I’ve known Mark since he was eight years old. I gave him his first Sony Walkman as a child. I didn’t think he’d take it seriously as a record producer. We played together at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012 and the vibe between us was just unbelievable.
It’s funny because you think about a person literally since they were that big, and he’s grown up idolising my guitar style, which I never knew about. So maybe we’ll do something together.
Produce each other – that could be complicated. Maybe some wacky super-producer, conceptual thing!

Last Summer | Last summer [check out previous updates] they guys used the words funky and groovy to describe the tracks... 12 months later and after scrapping half of the work, we don't know if that is still the main direction of the album.

Do you remember? Exactly one year ago the new Duran sound, according to Simon, was: Nude, Duran, Funk, while Nick commented:

"A lot of the songs sounds very groovy, which I find pleasing personally. It’s different from than the last album, there's a lot of energy in the songs, in the sounds.
There are few quite unusual pieces too."

Analyzing all of the band's comments starting from March 2013, when the band first reconvened in the studio, it seems that the funky element is something they've been actually searching for on this album.

Last year Simon was so enthusiastic about the sound of the Nile Rodgers/Daft Punk project: "It's an inspiration, they defined the sound of the summer and that influences us".

It's important to note that since the beginning [before they even entered the studio] Nick expressed the intention to look back a little bit to the Notorious album with the new DD project [as he said to citegay.fr in late 2012]:

"The band hadn't really talked about the new direction the album might take but Nick thinks "it would have to be a logical continuation of All You Need Is Now," Maybe, says Rhodes, "something a little more funk... something with one's eye on Notorious actually".
Nick, late 2012

Behind these sentences we can actually see the reasons behind the upcoming involvement of Nile Rodgers in the album.

Nile's funky touch | We assume [at this stage of the process] the band need Nile's funky touch on some existing songs, just like he did on The Reflex for example, rather than writing new ones with him from zero.
That could happen too, you never know with these guys, but in it seems more logical, given that the album is already shaped and almost finished, that writing new songs might take more time.


Simon and Salvo, London, May 2014.

It's a question of time | As Ben [Mr Hudson] told me a couple of days ago after his show, with a band like Duran Duran there's the time element that plays a big role in the process, "having a lot of time is a good thing but it can be also a negative element, at some point you have to say: 'That will do!'" [he actually used the italian word "basta" as Ben speaks some italian too] "because even with the editing part, if you have a lot of time, you keep going on and on".

"Duran Duran is a band that needs a producer. We are not particularly good at producing ourselves, I think. There are certain members of the band who might argue about that statement,
but I think we do need a producer. We need somebody who stands outside of the group and who just guides us to get the best out of us. Because if we’ve got that person,
we can concentrate on the nitty-gritty of the tunes and the words and the music."

Simon Le Bon | electronicbeats interview




A gentleman from Birmingham: Mr Hudson

Mr Hudson: "When it comes to collaborating,
you often get a culture clash or a different way of working, and I love working with artists who have different ways of working,
or different record collections,
or just different ears.

Mr Hudson Biography | Benjamin Hudson McIldowie [born 26 June 1979], better known by his stage name Mr Hudson, is an English recording artist, songwriter and producer from Birmingham, England.

His debut album with band The Library, in 2007, titled A Tale of Two Cities, features the single "Too Late, Too Late".
In 2008 Mr Hudson signed to Kanye West’s GOOD Music label and began work on his second album. He was also featured on West’s 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreak, as co-producer on the track "Street Lights" and featured vocals on "Paranoid".

Mr Hudson dropped the band moniker of The Library for his second album Straight No Chaser in 2009, spawning the Number 2 single "Supernova" featuring Kanye West.
In early 2010 Mr Hudson featured on Jay-Z’s top 10 single "Young Forever" from the album The Blueprint 3 & also features on the track "Why I Love You" from West & Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album.

2011 and 2012 saw Mr Hudson set up his own studio and start writing & producing for other acts such as Josh Kumra, Wretch 32, Eliza Doolittle & Sway.

He also began a collaboration with Rosie Oddie called BIGkids for which he co-wrote and produced the album Never Grow Up released in October 2012.
He is currently writing his third album, having released the single "Fred Astaire" in August 2013.

In November, Epic Records recording artist Future released the track Real and True featuring Miley Cyrus & Mr Hudson in the USA. The track was co written by Mr Hudson with the video shot by photographer Rankin.

On 4 December 2013 saw Mr Hudson release a new track titled Move with Rankin shooting the video exclusively for Hunger TV., and also saw the release of Rebecca Ferguson’s album entitled Freedom with the track '‘Beautiful Design'’ which Mr Hudson co wrote & produced.

Since April 2014, Hudson has been spotted in a London studio with Duran Duran, currently working on their new album.

In May 2014 Mr Hudson released his latest single Step Into The Shadows featuring Idris Elba.

On July 9th, Ben played with his band at 100 Club in London. Fantastic concert of this super-talended artist. He played songs from his repertoire and closed the show with Alphaville's 'Forever Young. After the show I had the pleasure to chat with him backstage, he's a very nice guy, so friendly and so passionate about music.
I'm so glad the guys are working with him.

"I'm working with Duran Duran, producing and writing with them",
said Mr Hudson in a recent interview


John on Mr Hudson: "The song written with Ben
are amongst the best songs on this album"

The guys are trying to give the album an organic sound,
like if the songs were conceived and recorded all in a short period,
all with the same energy as fruit of one thought.

We've written three songs with Ben [said John in a recent katykafe] and I think they are amongst the best songs we've written on this album. He's sort of helping us, sort of tiding up a lot of other songs, because we have been working on these songs for over a year now, so as you come to the end, you sort of focus on which one is gonna make the cut in the mix, the final mix...
You kinda look at some sogs from 6 months ago and some songs from 6 weeks ago and you wanna make them sound as they are all part of one thought, as written and recorded all in a month, all with the same energy. [official picture Duran Duran and Mr Hudson duranduran.com]

John says:
"We really formed a very strong parteneship with Ben.
It's really exciting having
him in the team."


John says the album might have 12, maybe 11 songs, not more than that as "it's really hard getting people's attention and we all have less time."

So he would stick to the 11/12 tracks album. He also says that they are always asked for 3/4 songs in addition to the album songs as they are used as bonus tracks.

We assume that some formats of the album, when will be released, [such as the japanese one or the deluxe versions] with the bonus tracks will probably have up to 15/16 songs.

That's pretty amazing and absolutely worth the wait!

More on the bootleg - The Reflex for Duran Duran bootleg | It features a split disc format, containing four Duran Duran performances recorded in the Autumn of 1982 during The Rio Tour on side one. Recordings from The Sing Blue Silver Tour are included on side two. Only 500 copies of the album were produced. Label: Furyo Records - Format: Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release - Country: Germany - Released: 1984

Another key collaborator of #DD14 is Joshua Blair, in the above picture with John [pic taken the day they attended the Miley Cirus show in London]. Joshua is a London based independent recording and mixing engineer whose career has spanned the globe. Josh is credited as the recording engineer on All You Need Is Now.

Miley Cyruss is a real artist says John after attending her show in London in back May | The day after the Miley Cyrus show John said to the fans: "In the beginning I thought she she was a bit gross but
I actually like her, she's an artist and the show was just amazing, the lights, the dresses and all.
The only bad thing of a fantastic show was the sound, she has to get a new live sound engineer...
and I say this only because I care about her, she's a real artist."


Mr Hudson: "I'm very diplomatic.
I will always choose my battles.
And if someone wants to do something and I'm not really feeling it, I'll just let them run with it for a minute -
let them do it until they're bored or tired,
and then I'll step in.


Simon is currently working hard on the final vocals



The above picture of Simon and Salvo was taken the day Simon attended
the Pete Tong's party to clelebrate his investiture.
The Radio 1 man and legendary Essential Mix presenter [seen also on stage in Ibiza with Simon to celebrate the career of Nile Rodgers] was honoured with a MBE award for a career in broadcasting and music that has seen him launch a record label and become an in-demand producer.

Simon looks great recently... a protein rich diet and daily gym activity are the secrets of his great physical shape as he said to the fans.

According to Anna Ross, Duran Duran backing vocalist, on June 16 she recorded vocals with Simon on a song, she writes: "Had a really enjoyable session today doing vocals with Simon. Love the track!"

Sadly enough it won't be the beautiful lyric that Simon recited to a few fans back in November 2013. I recently asked if the song has made the final cut and unfortunaltely he said no.

I didn't bother Simon with album questions, Nick was already extremely kind to give us a feeling and some news so when I met Le Bon the chat were mostly about other subjects such as cars, motorbikes and regattas. He said that [back in May] he went to Goodwood festival and he really enjoyed a ride on a the new Porsche but most of all he loved the new Ferrari 458.

He also told me that he doesn't know for sure which regattas he will be able to do this year. A couple of days ago, when I met him he told me that he was supposed to come over to Sicily for a regatta this summer but he won't be able to do it as he has got some work to do in America. Back in May he said he might take part to the Voile de St Tropez in September and the Cannes regatta too but it all depends on the album developement.

A move in the studio | back in February the guys left the small recording room used over the years and moved into a bigger one.


Nick on Ben, Mark and Nile: Summer will be hot!


"Mark Ronson is really pleased with were we are at, he's got a few ideas
for some of the tracks,
so we tried to pencil some time together in July"

Back in May, during the Kafe, Nick expressed all his enthusiasm about working with Mr Hudson, he said "We are working with Mr Hudson, we have done a couple of tracks with him already for the new Duran album and we're just completed the lyric of a ballad we had for almost a year now which is one of the key tracks on the album. We feel very satisfied about ourselves at the moment. Mr Hudson is great, he's full of energy, he's got great ideas, i think sometimes having someone in the room that shakes things up a little bit is important. He has a great musical ear, he has worked on some diverse things, so he actually fits in well, he's got a good musical knowledge.

Mark Ronson with Duran [and Nile Rogers] in the studio in July I I hope Mark [Roson] does something with us, he came to the studio a couple of weeks ago [late April/May], we went trough all the songs together, he was really pleased with were we are at, he's got a few ideas for some of the tracks, so we tried to pencil some time together sometime in July at the moment. obviously Mark has got a crazy schedule. So we're trying to make it all coincide. We don't know yet, but i think so, we'd all like to do it.

The earlier stuff | Mark was with us in the early stages, one of the early writing phases, two things have survived from those session, but not so much things that Mark has really worked on, actually there's one that he worked on that survived for sure.

The always busy Nick Rhodes arrives at the studio on a taxi. It's always a pleasure to meet him and I could really listen him for hours, pity that most of the times it's just a matter of minutes... but those moments, even if brief, are so precious for us.



Talking about delays, Nick said recently:

"I really simpahsize with U2 when I saw that they made an announcement to put their album back simply because they werent' happy with it,
I entirely understand that predicament..."

New Duran-kids on the block!

Verona, Taormina?

I said to Nick that my son keep asking me when the guys will be playing live again as he would love to attend one of the shows when the band will tour Italy. I told Nick that I couldn't take him with me during the last tour because it was yet too young [and honestly, my wife and I are quite apprehensive parents], but now is 8 years old, so I have promised him that if the band plays in some places with seats, in a more quiet and comfortable situation such the Arena in Verona, I would bring him with me.

Nick said that they will probably do Arenas and he also introduced in the conversation, without even asking, the concert in Taormina that was in the works a couple of years ago and it didn't happen. "I would have loved to play there"... The Ancient theatre of_Taormina "is such a beautiful place!".
Not difficoult to understand why, the amphitheatre is a prestigious temple of the classic opera, a pearl in an amazing scenery full of history and nature in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

I think it's early for the band to talk about tour and venues yet but I'd like to think, considering Nick's spontaneous input in the conversation, that the amphitheatre in Taormina is one of the the places where he still would like to play. I keep my fingers crossed!



John Taylor, the Bass God with


No album this year, announces John at the
Bass show

During the Bass Show event back in March, during the Q&A held at the Olympia auditorium in London, John announced that the new Duran Duran album won't be released this year.

His words left the Duran fans quite surprised as it was a quite different statement from what they thought and surely a different point of view from the more optimistic statements given by Nick.

Many fans thought that John's statement was probably his personal view of things rather than the band's.

When I saw our blond founding member the day after John's public statement, he reassured the fans saying that the recordings will be finished by June.

Some nice pictures of John at the studio taken back in May, 2014


When I saw John more recently I asked if there was a remote chance to get the album out this year but he said no, shaking his head. He was 100% sure that the album will be out in 2015.

I noticed that he doesn't like to talk about release dates as he say he's not on any kind of schedule, "You don't know with this band" he told me... "We might be in the studio all year said [ironically?!]!

I told him that we are quite excited about the Jack Frusciante collaboration, John just smiled. I suppose there's not much to comment about it at this stage, the guys have been working on the tracks with Frusciante using the internet.

The songs have been going back and forth but [we assume] they are still in a phase where the band itself doesn't know which track will actually made the final cut and used in the album.

John Taylor and Salvo | A funny moment with the Bass God at the Bass Show in London on March 2nd, 2014.

"Even if I didn’t have a book out, I’d still be here.
I’m here because I want to support bass in the UK.
That’s what’s important."


Memories made of paper: the article about John included in the Bass Guitar programme [click here to get a bigger scan], the ticket to access the auditorium at London Olympia where the event took place and the lovely poster of the event.


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