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April 27 2015 | Editor's note. Hello friends of e-zine, hope you haven't missed the site so much... I'm sure you have all found other ways to entertain yourselves, as there are so many up to date Duran fan-pages on facebook... but I know that many of you still enjoy this site and the way news and pictures are presented. So here is a new rich update!

It's been a while since the last installment. Life has kept me busy with lots of things going on, both professionally and personally, but I also I haven't felt the urge to make a proper full post like this one... for one simple reason, during the latest months the band has been recording so intensely their new album and the quantity and relevance of the news given to the public didn't actually justify a full installment. Moreover, the effort I've always tried to achieve with this website, (or e-zine, as John prefers) isn't just about posting links, but is about developing and present contents in a personal and original way, with a visual impact, putting relevant things into perspective, and adding, when possible, original content in terms of info and pictures.

Over these last months I also had a few occasions to see the guys in London, it was great, from a fan's persepctive, I loved to feel the atmosphere of the making of the album, and even if just brief moments outside the studio, I'll cherish those meetings as some of my greatest Duran memories.

I have collected and edited news, taken and edited pictures, scanned magazines, translated articles, transcribed interviews and collected other tidbits for this update. It's now time for a new installment... I would like to put the latest 6 months of Duran history into perspective and make the point on where the band is at and what we could expect in the coming months.

This is's tribute to this new chapter of the Duran Duran history, a new album and a new record deal... it's time for you all to enjoy this page, take your time to read all and look at the pics and, if you like it, feel free to share the link on your social pages, just spread the Duran-Love!
Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!

A personal thank you goes to Simon, Nick, John and Roger for taking the time to chat with the fans, including me. To John and Nick, in particular, for having expressed words of appreciation for this fansite and for some little things I have done in the past to promote the band.

Another personal thank you goes to Ben Hudson, surely one of the most talented Duran Duran collaborators and loveliest person I've met in the music business.


Let's Dance in Our Dreams with Duran Duran's new music


Duran Duran is probably the most active band of the 80s,
with a step into the present and and an eye always to the future.
Let's make the point on the current status of the band that is about to release its 40th single and 14th album!


Mr Hudson, London, September 2014 | Below, Nick and Salvo, Venice, September 2014

Duran Duran 2015 | This year is going to be memorable for Duran Duran and their fans as the band is going to release their new record.

The band has recently finished mixing their new album and they just signed a worldwide deal with Warner Bros. Records. "Warner heard the record and wanted to sign Duran Duran right away" commented Roger Taylor about the fantastic deal, a contrat that gives the band a lot of credit for the hard work done over two last years.

Mr Hudson says
“After just over a year of work on Duran Duran’s latest album, I’m thrilled to see them sign to Warners.
Can’t wait for y'all to play it at maximum volume and for us to see the songs we toiled over come to life on stage. If you’d told me back in the day that id be producing a Duran Duran record…”

The record company has organized a great listening party to celebrate the new entry in the Warner family. They rolled out the red carpet for the band and they even had balloons, with the Duran Duran logo printed on them, outside of the building. Everyone at Warner came out to meet them and the guys were obviously very pleased as they haven't had such a warm welcome, or a proper listening party, since the early days with EMI.
John was so enthusiastic that he not only played the first single from DuranN°14, according to fans attending the event, he also played three more songs to staff behind closed doors

listening party pics by Colleen John

On the right, the band photographed early this month during their speach at the at the Warner offices in Los Angeles.

Duran Duran were also the big surprise at Live in the Vineyard.
The band’s unscheduled appearance at James Cole Winery brought legendary star power to the festival.

At both events, the band played their upcoming single, Pressure Off, for a small gathering of industry execs, and radio personalities.

[Review from LA Weekly | David Lynch Foundation convert] Duran Duran came out and proceeded to steal the show. Simon Le Bon, wearing a red suit, told a story about working with Lynch on the group’s 2011 concert film, Duran Duran Unstaged, and provoked a strong reaction from the women in the crowd, many of whom stood and waved their arms around and took photos of the band in the same way that they probably did in 1982.
The band did their 1992 classic “Ordinary World” and proceeded to blow minds with a show-closing rendition of “Hungry Like the Wolf,” which momentarily turned the classy benefit into an arena rock show, with many people dancing in the aisles. It was an appropriately surreal ending to a night dedicated to a man who has delivered so many surreal cinematic moments.

On the left, the band playing at at a fundraiser at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel for the David Lynch Foundation.


"I am thrilled to welcome Duran Duran into the Warner Bros. family," said Warner Bros. Records President Dan McCarroll. "This is an iconic, enduring band that continues to make brilliant, timeless pop music. The combination of Duran Duran, Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson and Mr Hudson is a dream team, and the songs they have created together for this new record are as fresh and compelling as anything in the band's long career. All of us at WBR are looking forward to working with Simon, Nick, John, and Roger as they begin this exciting new chapter."



    Big hopes hide big disappointments. That’s why we are quite careful doing any predictions... but it’s a fact: our music still makes you want to dance... The New album is quintessence of our style”.
Nick Rhodes, February 2015





At Village Studios in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Nile Rodgers

The first single from the new album is "Pressure Off" featuring vocals from R&B star Janelle Monáe; The songs sees a team of producers: Mark Ronson and Nile Rogers, the latter is credited both, for playing guitars and for producing the vocals.
The Janelle Monáe part was recorded in LA with Rodgers in early February: Simon flew to Los Angeles, while John was already there. On February 8th they both shared the love for longtime collaborator at pre-Grammy festivities honoring the Chic star and producer. The same week the trio went to the studio with Janelle and recorded the vocals.

Pressure Off came quickly, thanks Nile's energy injection in the studio |

The song came very quickly, in just one day... it all started from Nile's funky and groovy guitar riff, Mark constructing a drum part to it and John playing along the bass. It took a a couple of months to get the vocals, keyboards and mixing.

Unfrtunately there are a few clips of the songs floating around the web, recorded at the Vineyard listening party... the band, obviously, isn't very happy about it as they don't want people judging the song based on those crappy-sound leaked videos, they ruin all the magic and the work the band has done in the studio to get the best sound. There will be a proper clip of the song on as soon as the band has the final remix.

In the picture: Mr Hudson and Salvo, December 2014

Super Team | This album has a super production, including the talented Mr Hudson, and a full list of surprising collaborators: the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, contributions from the Voce Chamber Choir and London Youth Chamber Choir, italian violinist Davide Rossi, Lindsay Lohan [Lindsay's contribution is more of a spoken word part].

"Lindsay was in the studio with the boys from 6.30pm right through until 1am.
They wanted to make sure they got the vocals on point."


more recently Kiesza has been added to the list... during an interview she revealed that she was recently in the studio recording with the band. “I just worked in the studio with Duran Duran, which was really fun. That was really cool”.

"I did a song with Duran Duran, they never officially named it yet. I did write a little bit on it and I'm singing on it.
That was amazing.

Kiesza, Billboard

The name of Steve Jones was included in the list of collaborators of the official Sonar Festival press release, but when I asked to the guys last month, they told me they weren't sure that track was going to end up on the album. According to Roger and Katy, there are also more unannounced surprises in the album, such as a a great guest appearance by someone with the initial "B".


The article above is from The Daily Mirror, it includes the the photo that Lohan posted on Instagram. In the photo Lindsay and her sister with Simon and Nick. The picture was posted with a caption: "Recording with some greats!!!"

A source told the Mirror: "Lindsay was in the studio with the boys from 6.30pm right through until 1am. They wanted to make sure they got the vocals on point."

"Lindsay's contribution is more of a spoken word part, while Ali is singing on the track – the sisters will feature on the same song, which they thought was really cool."

She is believed to have spent almost seven hours in the studio to perfect her contribution.

Above, the only three song titles mentioned by the guys so far. Below a selection of pictures I took during the band's very last days of work on Duran14, late March 2015.
Click on the thumbnails to get a larger version of the pics.
The first one from left is a rare shot of John and Spike outside the studio, having a break from the mixing session.



Last phase: mixing

In the picture: Simon Le Bon and Salvo, London, October 2014,

The new album "feels stronger” and will be more “natural sounding.” There might be some refreshing surprises on lyrics as well, it will be a bit of departure from their earlier songs, “There are some twisted love stories in there, as you get older you see these things do get a bit twisted.”
Simon Le Bon, Rolling Stone India, March 2015

Started in March 2013 and completed in March 2015 |
The making of DDN°14, final chapter
| Two years in the making, the new Duran Duran album promises to be the hottest album of 2015. The upcoming album will be released in September as part of a new worldwide deal the band signed with Warner Bros. Records while the first single, "Pressure Off," featuring vocals from R&B star Janelle Monáe will be released next month... last time I've met the guys, in late March, they told me it would be out in May/June [John] or June/July [Nick]... but things might have changed in the last few weeks, since the deal with Warner has been announced, so the new single could reach our ears sooner than we think!

"It's going to be amazing. We've been working on it for two years and, it's a real epic, actually: it's going to be
an epic record. It's a real broad
sound that we have on this record."
John Taylor, March 2015


Mixing with the master of sound Stent | Duran Duran has officially finished mixing on the new album on Sunday, March 22th. The band reconvened in the studio in London with Stent on March 18th for a short but very intense final session of work.


"Being in the studio is the art and soul of it for me"

During this final episode in the studio, back in March, the band mixed four songs on Wednesday 18th, three on Thursday 19th, and the remaing tracks between Friday 20th and Sunday 22th. On Sunday Simon and Kiesza, assisted by Mr Hudson, recorded vocals for one of the songs.

In March, during the final mixing session, I was in London and met the guys. It was exciting to be there, more than ever... I felt the enthusiasm for being just a few steps from completing the work... the very end of a long creative process that involved more than four minds.

In the backstreets of Battersea, the area where is located the recording studio, the excitement was palpable in the band and in the fans hanging around the studio. Such a great sense of anticipation in the air.

"We've just been mixing with Spike Stent who is undoubltly
the grandmaster mixer on the planet for me"
Nick Rhodes, end of March 2015

The Archive | One day Nick and I were commenting on some Duran stuff I had brought him for the archive, and he surprise me telling to the other fans: "Salvo is very good for the Duran Duran archive... then, smiling, he said something that seems a bit of a news to me: "We're going to do something with the archive this year!"

This album has taken awfully long time, commented Nick on the making of Duran14, "We always start quite quickly in the beginning and we go 'We gonna get this done in a few months,' then of course we don't, reality kicks in, then everything slows down, and we are never prepared to let anything go untill it reaches the standard that we all require, and we spend more and more time in the studio. This time, I have to say, it's really been worth it.


On March 19th, Nick told me "We've recorded 20 songs, but only eleven will make it to the album" [...] "Eleven is a good number!"

I asked if the album has a one word title and, with a smile, Nick said "it's a two word title"... we had laugh when I said "some fans thought it was called 'The Never Ending Story'" and he said that someone in the band would agree.

Nick is looking forward to the projects around the album: video, presentation, album cover... he said that there won't be a picture of the band on cover, "who want to see the zillion picture of the band?"


"There are plenty of producers that can make a whole
track in four hours and produce and have it on
the radio a week later. Or a day later.
But is that track still going to be around
in 30 years, 40 years, 50 years time?
Are people going to be listening to it like they listen to the Beatles now, or whoever else who has endured.
I'm not sure of that. I think the quality of songwriting is
what we miss through the convenience of technology."

Nick Rhodes

"Two of my favourite ppl in the whole world;
Nick Rhodes & Spike Stent, getting deeper, deep in the mix."
Photo by Simon Le Bon, December 2014


"The things I like I realized were done by great musical performers, writers at the height of their powers. If you write songs that are honest and that people can relate to, even things with the most abstract lyrics, if it's something that people can relate to and they can get ahold of something that affects them some kind of way, emotionally or means something at a certain point in their lives, then I think you've got a much better opportunity for your material to endure. If you want to make a quick buck and you do things swiftly and it's all about just getting that thing done, I don't know how much artistry is involved with that. Some people can work very quickly."

Nick Rhodes




"It's a great record, It’s like everything you ever wanted from a Duran record"

On March 19th, I had a nice chat with John too, I said "I'm sure this album is going to surprise a lot of people, so many talented people involved", and he said: "Yeah, this album is so special, miles away from the last one, it's on another level, I can't believe the first single has eight writers in the credits!".

Both, Nick and John were pleased to say that the album will be out on a major label [Warner Bros, it was announced a few weeks later]. Talking to John I said: "This album deserves all the support that a major label can give in terms of promotion" and he said happily: "It is on a major!".

in a recent interview John said "the new record is like Duran in extremis. It’s like everything you ever wanted from a Duran record".
“We didn’t go in trying to capture a particular style, it’s a more organic process. But it does have all the ingredients of a classic Duran album – danceability and great lyrics and hocks, as well as atmospheric parts.”

"We've got different collaborators on different songs," said John to Billboard, "and they are also sort of intermixing, you know? I don't really want to talk about that, yet: the various formulas and the various interactions that are happening..."

In the picture: John and Salvo, London, September 2014


"Another song finished and sent to the mixing!" John Taylor, September 2014

Back in September, after the short break the guys had after the intense August sessions with Mark Ronson and Nile Rodgers, the band returned to the studio. In those days Nick and John told me that they aimed to finish three songs per week and send them over to Spike for the mix.

So they did... it was good to meet John happy and satisfied for having finished and sent to Spike the third track of the week! "Another song finished and sent to mixing!" he exclaimed coming out from the studio one friday evening of September.

During the last period of 2014, things became more intense as the guys wanted to finish the first stage of the mixing process before Christmas, so they spent 10 to 12 hours a day at the studio everyday, overseeing the mixes with Stent.

According to my files, their last recording day of 2014 was December 11th, that day Simon recorded vocals for one last song. After that day, the guys kept meeting but they basically did mixing sessions.

  I was quite surprised to notice in the above picture, posted on the band's official website, that the handmade zufolo I gave to Simon more than year ago, was still in the studio. I wonder if Simon played it a bit in any of the new songs...



It's been a good year, says John, a challenging year... costantly calibrating the new album project we but you know we've finsihed on a high, we feel good about the first stage,
first level of mixes we just finished with Spike Stent.
John Taylor, December 2014


"We've just kind of done what's come to us, and what's been instinctive.
So, it's going to be a great record."

John Taylor, early 2015

Speaking to ABC Radio a few months ago, John said this new project isn't going to harken back to the band's classic '80s sound "Not really, no. It's very much in the moment". "Of course it's always going to sound like Duran Duran. "You know, with the four of us playing and singing on the record, it's undeniable a Duran Duran record, but we've not really referenced ourselves as much on this record. We've just kind of done what's come to us, and what's been instinctive. So, it's going to be a great record."

On the left, John with a couple of Christmas musical presents I gave him back in December.

Click on the picture to enlarge


"We have been so much focused on this record,
we have spent so much time in the studio,
so let it go to the world is quite an incredible moment."

Roger Taylor, 2015

"Every album we've made is just about going into a room jamming as a band with Simon on the mic and just playing for hours and hours and hours and seeing what comes out. We play for like six or eight hours every day and we might get one really cool thing. That would kind of get put aside to be worked on later then we'd do another full day of jamming and it would come out really cool. That's really how we do albums. As much as a band like 30 years [ago] would have recorded, much like The Beatles would have written songs. Just jamming in a room.
The hardest part of the whole thing is actually when it came to the finishing of the album because then, of course, you have to get to lyrics and mixing."

That's just the way Duran Duran make records. It takes a long time. We're all perfectionists in a way. And we won't release anything until it's absolutely right.

About the single release | "We are talking about May/June" said John last time I saw him [March], while Nick said June/July. Even Simon, who generally doesn't like to talk about the business side of things, has been heard mentioning a early summer release for the single.

Roger sounds more optimistic and lead us to think that we might hear the new single in May, we don't know yet in which format, it could be released on radios and as digital download first, or just a clip on the official website, it all depends on how Warner wants to market the prodouct and the impact that wants to generate... but we are there! It's really just matter of weeks, "Pressure Off" will land on planet earth not later than July!

Back in March, Nick told me that if the single is out in May they might play it in the upcoming festivals, but a different view seems to emerge from the band's recent comments, it seems unlikely that the new single will be played live in June because it was used a lot technology in the recordings and the band needs to rehearse properly before they present the new music live to an audience. It's not difficoult to understand why, it's part of the band policy as John explains: "When you're coming out with something new, you want people to hear it really the way that it's meant to be heard. And that's probably not going to be a first-time live performance."

On the left: Roger and Salvo, London, September 2014

"Nick wanted to take as long as it took, no rush, just make a great record no matter how long it took" Roger Taylor

The album has eleven songs, but the band has mixed more, 15/16 tracks.
Shall we expect a special editions with a few bonus tracks?



A quick look back

Simon Le Bon [and Mr Hudson having a phone call in the background], September 2014



“It is a challenge to get back in the same room with the guys…
Sometimes you know, when the rest of the band argue with me on lyrics and things like that, I do say to myself, ‘Is it really worth it?”

Simon Le Bon, March 2015



London, Simon Le Bon, October 2014 - Click on the picture to enlarge it

Battersea, London, Fall & Winter 2014 | The guys spent most of 2014 in the studio in Battersea, where they rented a production suite to produce their new album... the mixing process is now finsihed and album is officially wrapped.

The grandmaster mixer, Mark Spike Stent, started his work on the tracks in September and ended in December 2014, just before Christimas. They restarted in March with a final mixing sessions, as I said at the beginning of this report, from march 18th to 22th.

John's comments about the mix, back in December, were quite positive: "We feel good about the first level of mixes we just finished with Spike." and he seemed enthusiastic about the final work when I chatted with last month.

The Making of a Masterpiece: final chapter | Over the last months I have met the guys a few times. For this report I've tried to collect my personal memories and mixed them with the relevant news about the making of this album. As usual, I also collected news surfacing from reliable sources, so I hope to provide a detailed picture of the latest months of work on Duran Duran #14.

Free Loader: Simon Le Bon and Salvo, September 2014

John September 2014, Simon December 2014 | Click on the pictures to get a larger version


"On our new album, I have once more used almost entirely vintage analog synthesizers"

Back in December, Nick told me that the recording and mixing process was going to be completed in January 2015, he said the album was basically done but he still needed to fiddle with a few things on a couple of tracks, "but it will be just me".

"Attention to detail it's something I have a complete obsession with. I can fiddle with something for ages and ages that I feel changes the whole track and nobody else will hear what I'm doing."
Nick Rhodes

In December I asked Ben to write something for us, a little message, a thought about his experience on working with Duran Duran, whilie he was writing the date on the paper he said: "I don't wanna put '2015' on anything releated to this album", but a second later he jocked about having brought new toys [instruments] in the studio and Nick wanted to 'play' with them so they had to start the album all over again. History tells that he reconvened with Duran in the studio in March for one more session.

Ben, not only is a gifted and out of the ordinary talented musician, he's a very intense human being, down to earth, funny and kind guy [Not to mention that he speaks italian quite well!]. Surely one of the best collaborators the band ever had.

So glad I had the pleasure to chat with him in a few occasions, the level of the conversation has always been so interesting and entertaining... Hat off to Mr Hudson!

Pictures: below, Simon in Venice, September 2014. On the left Nick and Nefer at the Royal Accademy, November 2014.

"The album is brilliant, we have go too much music we need to edit some down..."
Simon, December 2014

On December 5th, Simon, with the supervision of Mr Hudson, recorded what was supposed to be the last vocal* for this album. I had the pleasure to see Mr Le Bon that day, he told me that Nick still wanted to work on one more song but in his opinion they "already have enough stuff", he also added "I don't want put out a 14 album track, "I wanna do a 9 album track". "We need to cut some tracks off and leave the strongest songs". **

*history tells that it wasn't his last recording, as he recorded at least two more tracks [or part of them] in February and March.

** 11 sounds like a good compromise between 9 and 14.

"I love being in the studio, because our creative process still excites me more than anything else that we do,
I love the live shows and the video projects but being in the studio is the art and soul of it for me."

Nick, December 2014

October 2014 | Nick and Salvo posing in front of the studio where the band has recorded their last four albums.

December 5th, 2015 | "Salvo asks smart questions..." said Simon before this picture was taken.
He couldn't give me a better compliment.

Q&A courtesy Electronic Beats

One memorable line in a film or song:

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain . ...Time to die.” Or something like that.


Three things I haven’t done yet:
Crashed a helicopter; walked out when someone wanted to present me with an award; sex for money.

decisions I regret:

No regrets.

Five things I used to believe:
Politicians; fortune cookies; activists; angry young men; anybody with an ax to grind who, by the way, will inevitably turn out just to be somebody with a chip on their shoulder. Nice guys can finish first!


I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole:

The poisoned chalice that is reality TV, celebrity press and general self aggrandizement in the name of personal vanity. You can all kiss my ...~





Interview translation


“New album is the quintessence of our style”
Nick Rhodes, February 2015

Click on the above picture to get a larger version scan of the original article

Shower spin | interview

Translation by Svetlana and Salvo

In the shower room of a London theatre RS spoke with Duran Duran's keyboard player and ideologist Nick Rhodes about the upcoming Duran Duran album

February 2015 | We met Nick Rhodes in the shower room of London Wilton’s Music Hall theatre. Water is not running, one of the band’s founders, in all his glory is there, waiting. His hair perfectly done and his eyeliner is so sharp that would make envious a professional makeup artist.

Nick is the only one of the quartet who is still devoted to the “wild boys” image. He’s still the same alien who joked about buying The Chrysler Building, during a RS interview 30 years ago.

The shower room is not a choice, it’s the only quiet place in the building, and you can hear John Taylor’s voice, behind the wall, giving an interview to the British television. Dominic Brown plays guitar in the next room.

We are about to chat with the founder and ideologist of the band [he owns the rights to the band's name] just before the band’s first concert of the year.
Formal reason of our meeting is the release of the 14th Duran Duran album which is almost ready.

“It will be done by the end of March” says Rhodes, smiling. In one and half year, they have recorded around 20 tracks, and after being filtered by the band, only 11 songs perfectly go with each other. >>


Rhodes takes care of business: In this close up pic of Nick, taken in Venice, you can see him wearing a hat featuring the T.C.B. logo that all the Elvis fans recognize. The initials T.C.B. stand for Taking Care of Business, which is what Elvis Presley called his band. He incorporated the letters into an emblem flanked by lightning bolts. This emblem was used in several pieces of Elvis' custom jewelry

“John Frusciante is unique. He's the Jimi Hendrix of our time”
Nick Rhodes, February 2015

>> Duran worked on the new material with Mark Ronson and Nile Rogers, who not only produced the album but also recorded guitars.

The special energy to the album was brought by Red Hot Chili Pepper's ex-guitarist John Frusciante.

“He’s unique. He's the Jimi Hendrix of our time” – says Rhodes with admiration. He hopes that the guitarist will be able to come on tour with the band.

He’s very confident about the album, he knows that it deserves a really wide attention.


“There’s no need to hide, we all have our questions about “All You Need Is Now”. But the new album is just magical. And Rogers’ participation is a guaranteed miracle.

These new recordings are very different to anything we have done with him in the past. In England, we use to say that big hopes hide big disappointments. That’s why we are quite careful doing in any predictions... but it’s a fact: our music still makes you want to dance when the bomb drops [this is the way Simon Le Bon described Duran’s music sometime in the past]. New album is the quintessence of our style”.

“Most of our songs are documental notes. – Rhodes says. – The track can be born after conversation with a friend, or when you’ve been just dumped by a girlfriend, or when something else traumatic has happened."

Simon had some problems with lyrics at the beginning so we had to use some clichés from pop culture. They say that William Burroughs did that too. But eventually things got better”.

Rhodes is sure that style and image represent the key role for any artist. He took this idea from David Bowie, Roxy Music, Sex Pistols and Clash.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with David Lynch, I was amazed how everything was going on in the head of this man. – Rhodes recalls the movie “Duran Duran unstaged” directed by Lynch in 2011 and based on the band concerts footage. – I hope we repeat this amazing experiment”.

In Rhodes words, Duran are ready to any creative experience: “You have to keep surprising people, - the motto of his band is "Once you start repeating yourself, it’s time for you to leave". But you don’t have to create vanguard for the sake of vanguard. If you’re sitting naked surrounded by clay pots, yelling like crazy and beat them with a stick – yes it’s shocking but hardly related to arts. Plus there was already something similar in the 60s”.




"We want to be right in the center of the dance floor" Nick

“It feels stronger” and more “natural sounding” Simon

It's funky, upbeat, reminiscent of Notorious but there are also some very moody deep cuts" Roger

"It smell like Duranium in extremis" John


During a chat with Nick, back on December 4th, I asked about the album vibe and, sonically speaking, if it sounded organic. He was happy to answer that question, he said that it sounds quite electronic... he also added that the new album is the strongest record they have made since The Wedding Album.

He felt that the attention to the songs, the structure of them, the arrangements and the lyrics is something they have curated in way they haven't done in a long time, probably since their 1993 album. It might sound obvious to you, but he said THE NEW SONGS are actually something he feels particulary proud of.

The Wedding Album comparison came up in the discussion because - he told me- they probably hadn't taken so much care and time of the whole writing and recording process since that period... I felt all his pride and enthusiasm for these songs through his eyes and smile. I would have listened to him talking about the musicality and the care they had put on album sound for hours, pity these fan-encounters are always so short.


"We've worked really hard on the songs and the arrangements, and the lyrics and the musicality and everybody's parts and all the sounds."

Nick Rhodes

According to Nick, John Frusciante's guitar is on three tracks and two of them are ballads. There's also an Electronic Dance Music style song too.

“There are some twisted love stories in the album,
as you get older you see these things do get a bit twisted.”
Simon Le Bon, March 2015

in the picture, Simon smiles in Venice, September 2014





They’re not in it for money, but because they genuinely love music.
They’ve spent three years working on this album.


"Simon was running on a treadmill and saw the “Hideaway” video in the gym. He and I had a mutual friend Ron Perry at SONGS, and he put us in touch and Simon had a song he’d written already that he thought would make for a great duet. It was really fun, they’re so incredible to work with. John even came to my Coachella show."

Source | Tell us about your collaboration with Duran Duran. How did that come about?

Simon was apparently in a gym watching TV on a treadmill and my video came on and he really, really liked it. His management reached out to a friend of mine, and he put the idea out there. I was like, I can’t say no to Duran Duran – they like, made the ‘80s!

Did you actually record in the same space with them?

I was in the studio with all of them. They’re so young at heart, it feels like they’re still teenagers. They’re really educated about music. Duran Duran all started talking music theory to me. I was like, wow, I have to start using my brain!

It sounds like the song will be on their new album. I’m sure we’ll work together again, maybe even for my album. We sort of thought we should do something in the studio and start from scratch.

I heard some stuff from their new album and it’s going to be amazing. They still really love what they do. They’re not in it for money, but because they genuinely love music. They’ve spent three years working on this album. source

“The guys are legends! They made the ’80s.” I’m a huge fan. I couldn’t say no. To me, I usually don’t get choked up about working with celebrities but I was really excited to work with them. And I went out of my way, in the middle of my U.K. tour when I was even sick, I got on a train and took it into London just to get in the studio with them. It was really, really important to me. And what made it even better was that they were really cool, amazing people … I think we’re going try and do some more collaborations — things just went so well, we all just really connected. source

Click on the pictures to get a larger version | Simon and Yasmin in Venice, September 2014




With age, Simon Le Bon finds that “imperfections start to become more interesting than the perfections”


With age, Simon Le Bon finds that “imperfections start to become more interesting than the perfections” and some of that should come through on Duran Duran’s upcoming album, which he believes will be out by September. In his 2012 memoir In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death & Duran Duran, bassist John Taylor recalls meeting Le Bon for the first time: “I can’t forget what he was wearing... skintight leopard-print ski pants with loops under the boots. Undoubtedly a dubious look, but, you know, he was studying Shakespeare.”

In various interviews, the band members have agreed that Le Bon’s look had a lot to do with deciding if he would make for a good fit, when he auditioned back in 1980. At the height of their fame, the pop icons were proponents of the glam invasion, from playing muses to Andy Warhol to bordering on the camp aesthetic. Even though their stylings weren’t seminally singular, Duran Duran convincingly straddled the line between gauche and refined.

At the Jaipur Polo Grounds in Delhi where he is judging a Cartier event for vintage automobiles, the 56-year-old is wearing white cotton pants, a light-colored print shirt and a summer hat. Despite the crisp attire, he looks slightly beat. This is his third trip to the country, and he says he has mostly just indulged in “luxe tourism” so far. The singer-songwriter is in no mood to revisit the bygone days and informs that they have just come out of a two-year recording and mixing session for the upcoming album. Producer Mark Ronson, who worked with the band on All You Need Is Now that was released in 2010, has reprised his role on three tracks for the as yet untitled album.

Ronson’s vision for the band also seems to have caught on. With All You Need Is Now, the producer wanted Duran Duran to create a follow-up to Rio (1982), which he believed was their best album. Le Bon clarifies that Ronson did not exactly mean for them to rewind to that time. “It was more a question of, ‘We listen to bands like The Killers, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand even, this is Duran Duran’s territory, I want you guys to own this, this is you,’ and we kind of understood that and it was easier to write that kind of music,” he says. On the new record, Ronson is joined by the legendary Nile Rodgers, who collaborated with Duran Duran on hits like “The Reflex” and “The Wild Boys.” English producer Mr Hudson has also worked on the record.

But the band will not be taking the same direction as All You Need Is Now, which Le Bon believes was more “retro sounding” and they’ve moved on from that. The music video for “Girl Panic,” from the album was something of an Eighties throwback sharing super models like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford in roles faintly reminiscent of George Michael’s ‘Freedom! 90.’’ The classic Russell Mulcahy music videos also played a very significant role in helping the band capture the imagination of their fan base.

As Le Bon struggles to articulate the nature of their next, he says that “it feels stronger” and will be more “natural sounding.” There might be some refreshing surprises on lyrics as well, as Le Bon says it will be a bit of departure from their earlier songs, and while they might still have tracks about love, it will be a different take: “There are some twisted love stories in there, as you get older you see these things do get a bit twisted.”

Another very interesting facet of the sound, which we don’t get to experience much of on Duran Duran albums is Le Bon’s love of spacial recordings. “We’ve stripped a lot of sound out, to give it some space,” he says. “I am a fan of space, I am a fan of silence in music. When you hear something that has only got three or four things going on at the same time, you get this feeling of openness, and I like that, it can sound a bit scary but at the same time it gives you a sense of freedom.” For now, this could be perhaps sampled on the Duran Duran covers album, Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran (September 2014) in which artists like Moby, Warpaint, Carina Round, have put a spare and haunting spin on some of the band’s songs.

And working on a new album doesn’t come as a breeze after three decades of working with the same crew, Le Bon reveals. “It is a challenge to get back in the same room with the guys… Sometimes you know, when the rest of the band argue with me on lyrics and things like that, I do say to myself, ‘Is it really worth it?’” he says with mock exasperation.

In the very near future, the band is set to perform for the David Lynch Foundation anniversary in Los Angeles on April 1. They will be collaborating with the inimitable Angelo Badalementi, and the lineup will also feature the likes on Sky Ferreira, Zola Jesus and Moby. When I ask Le Bon about working with Lynch on their 2011 concert film, Duran Duran: Unstaged, he is all reverence.
“We just turned up at LA near the Lion theatre, he had a studio booked and we actually talked about what we’re going to do on film, and he asked a lot of cookie questions and filmed us giving our replies, and we kind of talked about it. I mean, it’s David Lynch, you don’t try and second guess David Lynch, if you’re lucky enough to work with the guy, you just basically accept whatever he does throw at you.”

Click on the thumbnail to get a scan of the printed version of the Rolling Stone India article




Working for the Skin Trade

"We really have had fantastic people with us, and the band itself, we all felt pretty inspired by this.
We inspired each other more than anything else from outside the project". Nick Rhodes


The new album has a super production | producers are Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson and Mr. Hudson and, least but not last Joshua Blair.

Ronson and Rodgers have surely provided some funky sound to the album: “The stuff we did with Nile was really exciting,” Ronson says. “One of the songs we worked on definitely has a Notorious vibe” reports They both have been quoted by the media as the main producers on this album, but they actually worked on three tracks only... and, according to my files, only two were finished.

It all come full circle, a funky circle! | This comes as no surprise to all of you friends of e-zine, you will clearly remember that, back in late 2012, we reported about Nick's intention to move in a funky direction with the new Duran album.

It seems it was already written, before they even reconvened in the studio for their first session [back in March 2013], this quote is in fact from late 2012:

According to a recent interview to Nick, the band hadn't really talked about the new direction the album might take but Nick thinks "it would have to be a logical continuation of All You Need Is Now," Maybe, says Rhodes, "something a little more funk... something with one's eye on Notorious actually..."

Picture on the left, courtesy of Mr Hudson: "in the studio with Nile Rodgers & Duran Duran and yes, that's the hitmaker on my lap!"




MR HUDSON, Ben for friends


"Ben Hudson has produced some of
the true highlightsof the album" Nick Rhodes

E' tutto Ben quel che finisce Ben! [All's well that ends well] A huge role on the making of this album has been actually played by Ben Hudson, costant producer and a real creative force over the latest 12 months creative process, his contribution to the writing and recording sessions has been above all expectations, the guys themselves have only fantastic words to describe the work that this guy has done with them.

"We have had a great team with us", elaborates Nick during a recent Katykafe, so that sort of ups the game a little when you got Nile and Mark working on a few tracks and Ben Hudson, who has for me produced some of the true highlights of the album... we enjoyed our time with Ben and i'm sure we're going to be doing plenty of other things with him.

Duran & Mr Hudson: the real essence of Duran Duran V.2015

On a personal level, I just can't wait to listen - more than anything else on this record- the tracks that Duran & Mr Hudson wrote together, I'm sure those songs represent, more than anything else, the essense of Duran Duran Version 2015.

"Let's do the punk thing" said Ben when we posed for this pic... not sure how punk we look!?



Special thanks to Ben, Mr Hudson, and good luck with his next project: finishing off his own album in Los Angeles!



what a Chic combination!


“Nile is an endless source of brilliant ideas”. Mark Ronson

It has been ten years since Nile Rodgers last worked with Duran Duran, but long-time friends and collaborators went back in the studio, with Ronson, in August 2014 to create some new tracks.

"Nile was very happy to be part of the project, to reconnect with Duran Duran after the astronaut album, which is the last time we worked together" said Simon recently.

“[Duran Duran and I] are still amazingly great friends to this day, says Rodgers, my career with Duran is probably the longest spiritual partnership I have had with any artist", said Rodgers to Noise 11.
The superproducer worked with the group on the hits The Reflex and The Wild Boys, as well as subsequent albums Notorious and Astronaut.

“The record is coming along great, I couldn't be happier to be working with my band again. They're like my second CHIC”
Nile Rodgers

A few months back, Nick Rhodes commented on the sessions with Nile back in August: "We wrote three tracks together, two of them will certainly made up on the album, the third is still on the bench as we didn't have time to develope it because we also had few shows*. Nile has a great writing ability and Mark brings sort of modern hand over everything so bethween them was quite a cool combination, old school meets new school..."

* Over the summer and in the fall of 2014, the guys played some shows, they performed at the White Nights of St. Petersburg, the Fashion Rocks, and two shows in Austin: the Grand Prix weekend and the Dell World Convention.

Nile and Mark in the studio provided a different sort of energy.
Nick Rhodes

In the picture above, Nile Rodgers and Salvo after the Chick concert in Milan, September 2014


Above picture courtesy of Nile Rodgers: first two from left, Nick and John during the August sessions at Mark Ronson's own studio in London.
Last picture, John and Simon with Janelle Monáe and Nile Rodgers in Los Angeles during the Pressure Off vocals recording session.

"Nile really elevated my playing" John Taylor

A few months back, on the fancommunity site, John Taylor commented on his work with Nile Rodgers : "On a personal creative level, going back to the studio with Nile and with Mark sort of producing was amazing, I really enjoyed playing with Nile somehting funky".

"When you're with Nile, you just play along with him, after two days with him my fingers were covered in bandage, and I just thought he really elevated my playing... he's so inspiring working with, he's a total musician."

Above, pictures of Duran and Nile taken over the years: top left, backstage at Madison Square Garden back in 84, below John and Nile during the Astronaut sessions, on the right a vintage article from 1986 featuring pictures of the band in the studio recording Notorious with Mr Rodgers.

"He really was inspiring and I'm still feeling that, I'm feeling in the music we did together, and I'm feeling how it changed me, how it changed my attitude, and make me wanna embrace that side of myself rather than put it back at the queue sometimes..."

"He's such a giving guy, he never makes you feel like stupid, any band band member, any musician can say the same thing, he never speaks down to you, he is like the perfect teacher, with the great skills, 'cos he just make you feel [when you play with him] like you are at his level, that's a tremendous gift that he has and I think that's probably what has made such a great producer back in the days..."

Dreaming of "Nile and Duran live on a big stage"

"Nile was a massive experience", said John, I hope to take the songs we wrote together to the stage, I'd love the opportunity to play the songs that we've written with Nile on a big stage somewhere.

[pic: Simon and Nile on stage at Madison Square Garden in 84]




"He's always a great pleasure to work with and
incredibly patient which is what you need
when a project is gonna take this long."
Nick Rhodes, 2015

In these pictures Josh with John Taylor outside the recording studio.
Josh is Duran Duran's engineer and has also co-produced some of the tracks and helped with the string arrangements.

Below, John on his amazing Jaguard, London, October 2014.



Davide Rossi on his work for Duran Duran

"There’s something quite specific about their sound, which goes throughout their whole career, they maintain that character about themselves."



As one of the most innovative and original string/orchestral arrangers of recent times, Davide’s work can be heard on records from a wide array of artists such as Siouxie Sioux, Goldfrapp, The Verve, Dido, Röyksopp, Alicia Keys, One Direction, Recoil, Moby, Jon Hopkins, Rihanna and Coldplay, with whom he has a long and established history of creative collaboration.

Check out Davide's new website and his extensive discography

Davide Rossi, composer arranger producer | He's the man behind the string arrangements on the new Duran Duran album.


The interview was given on January 10th 2015 and released within the new update, fully dedicated to "the making of the new Duran Duran album" [April 2015].

Interview by Salvo | editor and webmaster of

Can you tell us how your collaboration with Duran Duran has started?

I was in LA and I got a text message from John Taylor… literally out of the blue.

Did you know any of the band members personally before you got involved in the new Duran album?

I was in a band called Goldfrapp and in 2003 we supported Duran for their arena tour in the UK, so yes, I met the whole band personally… even Andy Taylor was with them at the time.

We have heard that you've made arrangements for four Duran Duran tracks, can you tell us something about these songs? How would you define the sound? Are they ballads?

I actually recorded six arrangements for them. I thought they sounded fresh and modern, new and yet very much like Duran tracks, if you know what I mean.

There’s something quite specific about their sound, in my opinion, which goes throughout their whole career, and I was happy that they maintain that character about themselves.
Too many artists these days want to sound like someone else.

You've worked for many solo artists and band such as Coldplay, Goldfrapp, Culture Club and The Verve, just to mention a few... can you tell us about the way you work on the arrangements? Do you prefer to work closely with the artists or on your own?

Davide on stage with Chris Martin from Coldplay

I usually like to be with the artist in the same room, during the start of a project. You get a feeling of what’s needed and what they’re looking for.

Sometimes that’s not possible, so you can only talk on the phone, sometimes it’s just emails. It varies a lot.

When I get my ideas down, I really get the best by being on my own. I worked out a way to play and record everything myself.

That gives me the possibility to really concentrate and to zone out… or zone in?... whichever you prefer.

Also, after I give my ideas to listen to the artist, I can be flexible and change things very quickly on the fly, that’s a huge advantage

Did you get get any instruction from the band about the kind of sound or feeling they wanted in those songs or you were left completely free to add your personal touch like a painter would do on a painted canvas missing that particular color?

Yes I did. They gave me liberty to try things out of course, knowing what I do I suppose, but I had a lot of cues from them.

Did you get any feedback from the guys about the work you did for them?

Yes of course… they all said they loved it! hehe!

I went to visit them at the studio and they were really really nice and charming, and I also got the odd telephone feedback from John and sometimes from Roger.

Joshua was the guy I was communicating the most, being the producer he was the guy when things needed to be done and signed off.

You play acoustic violin, electric violin, viola and violectra, so what gear you used on the Duran Duran tracks?

I mostly used the acoustic violins, violas, cellos and double bass. I only used my electric ones on one track to double an already existing orchestration in order to try something different.

Is there a song from the Duran Duran catalogue that you like in particular?

There’s quite a few to be honest. They wrote so many great hits, although I must say that I grew up loving their first two albums.

I change my mind constantly about music, but if I have to choose one right now at this moment it could be Sound of Thunder from their first album.

What's your next musical project and what's in store for you in 2015?

I have a lot of writing to do for my solo album and also co-writing with a guy called Matt Hales of Aqualung.
Working with Coldplay for their album number 7 and with my band with ex-Verve members called Black Submarine. Plus other projects… the list is always long, fortunately!



"They gave me liberty to try things out of course, knowing what I do I suppose, but I had a lot of cues from them"

Davide Rossi,
January 2015




    Simon on the Music Industry

Simon, September 2014 | Click on the pictures to get a larger version

From the Metro 60 seconds interview

What lessons has your career in the music industry taught you?

"That you never really stop. We never sit back and regard it all from some place of success - there’s something that makes us want to go out and make another record. I thought by this point I’d be singing on a beach with my fourth wife, with my potential fifth wife bringing me drinks, and lording it over all and sundry but it’s not the case. It’s hard work.
The fact is, we all want to do it and we see other people in the public consciousness and we want to be there too. We want to get back in the gutter and slug it out.





"We could not be happier to be making this deal with Warner Bros"
John Taylor, March 2015


"I'd like this one to be planned carefully" Nick Rhodes

Early this year, the band was in discussions with a number of labels for the release of their new album, Warner seemed the best option for many reasons.

In January and February the band had to make decisions, "first we have to find a home" said Nick back in December in the Kafe, "We have to decide who is going to release the album, which is a nice position to be in actually... so it's good to be able to sort of choose our destiny certainly differently than last the album. I think we are in the right track so far but there's still a lot to do over the coming months... I'd like this one to be planned carefully..."

"We could not be happier to be making this deal with Warner Bros., and are looking forward to working on our forthcoming album release with not only their US team but also everyone else within the Warner family around the world," said John after signing the global deal.

"Would you release the record yourselves?" asked Metro magazine to Simon back in February.

"It’s tougher. We’re used to investment and promotion. It’s an aspect of the business we don’t want to do ourselves as it can take over everything and you can lose sight of the artistry. Our job is to write the songs, record them and perform them. We don’t see ourselves as businessmen."

He continues, "We’ve had deals that have been good and others that didn’t work so well. We’ve done short-term deals because we wanted freedom."
"We can’t go to a record company and say: “We’re going to do an album’ - you have to present music to them. Well, that’s if you’re us. I’m sure if you’re Lady Gaga they’ll give you what you want. We’re different.

Click here to get a scan of the Metro article


It's a changing world, though.

You win some things and you lose some things.
The CD was never as good as the album and the MP3 is no where as good as the CD.
However, we've traded sound quality and the luxury of an album and the packaging
and everything else was traded in for the convenience of the CD and digital quality.
And now we've traded that for something that's crushed down even smaller that we
don't even need to keep it home. It just lives in our iPod. I get it.
And in many ways it is huge progress. But on the quality side, it isn't yet.
The thing with the digital realm is thatI do think that will improve as bandwidth gets
so much faster at an exponential rate. It won't be a big deal to send WAV files instead of MP3s.
And they are certainly more comparable to CDs. And that will personally make me more happy.

Nick Rhodes


Five years ago [as reported on this site in June 2010], when the band was looking for a deal for their then new album 'All You Need Is Now', John commented:

"I'd like to be reunited with our catalogue,
I know the catalogue is with EMI,
I think that's the best way for us,
we are gonna try to make that happen".

John Taylor, June 2010

History tells us that it didn't happen.. the band partnered with Apple, giving iTunes Store the exclusive right to sell the album for its first three months. Then, the group signed a deal with S-Curve Records to issue an expanded version of 'All You Need Is Now' to all retailers and they got a deal also with Edel in some other european countries.
So we are all particulary happy to see the band signed under a major and reuntied with their catalogue .

"We are excited that this deal means we will be reunited with our catalogue after years apart - and in that sense it really feels a little like coming home."

John Taylor, Late March 2015

"Reuniting with our catalogue
was just icing on the cake"
Roger Taylor, April 2015


Congratulations to the band for such a great deal with one of the most active record labels around and for reuniting with their back catalogue. Hopefully The Wedding Album reissue, supposed to be released on its 25th anniversary (two years ago), will be finally released!

"Am very much looking forward to the release of the new album and the subsequent tour.
We are gelling more than ever now onstage and have a great rapport.
A lot has happened over the last 10 years and it’s been great getting to know the guys on a personal level."
From Dom Brown's 1oth anniversary blog on the band's official site.

Congratulations to our sax player, Simon Willescroft, and his beautiful bride Carolyn (in the pic).
The couple got married in February. Wishing them love and happiness!

In the picture Dom , Salvo, Roger and Simon Willshcroft in Venice, September 2014



Festivals and New Tour strategies

"Putting the album out always generates the excitment for what we do obvioulsy,
we want to play some shows and starting this cicle." Nick Rhodes

In the picture, Nick looking at the timetable display at the airport in Venice... Are the guys ready to embark on a new world tour?



New dates | Festivals

June 20, 2015
Sonar Festival, Barcelona

June 27, 2015
Night at the Park
The Hague, Netherlands

June 28, 2015
Killarney Festival
Kerry, Ireland

TBA - America in July
[According to this interview]

September 11, 2015
Bestival, Robin Hill Park, Isle of Wight


Touring | One day, back in October, I asked Nick if they were already planning and taking decisions for the 2015/16 tour so I suggested that it would be a lot easier for the fans if they will play multiple concerts in the same city... I was in a kidding mode of course...
Well, it turned out that he thought it wasn't a bad idea and he confessed that he would love to do something like that! So, I suggested "five shows in London", for example, joking about "being the center of..." he didn't let me finish the sentence and he said [laughing] "the center of the universe"... he continued "twenty concerts in London, that's want I want to do!" and we all burst out laughing...

Nick was obviously jocking but I wouldn't be surprised if the tour will be different this time around, with more than one show in the same city... considering how exhausting were the last two legs of the All You Need Is Now Tour.
The band might change their tour-strategy
: more shows in fewer cities, allowing fans to attend more than one show and making things easier for the group in terms of physical energies spent travelling around.

According to some fans, who have met the Nick during the band's recent stay in Los Angeles, they might "play Rio in its entirety this tour", and they might even play 'I'm Looking Lor Cracks In The Pavement', Nick said he likes that one very much.

Italian newspaper, reports that Duran Duran is one of the artists competing to get a concession to play at the greek anphitheatre in Taormina, Sicily. We have already posted about Nick's intention to play there, [it's one of the most wanted venues in Italy]. Negotiation started
in 2012, but for logistical reasons the weren't finalized.
Duran Duran is still listed among the artists that wants to play there.
It's something that might happen in Summer 2016.

It's a painful process to take the music from studio to the stage, said Roger in the Kafe, so much technology went into the record, the band needs time to rehearse and prepare the show properly. Roger wasn't sure if the band will be ready to play the new single in the early summer festivals... but they will certainly do it at Bestival, in September!

In the picture, Roger waves before he leaves Venice. September 2014





"We love creating with Nick! He is just incredible!
He's got sooooo many keyboards to play with! It is just like heaven."
The Bloom Twins






Bei Incubi Book, coming out this year?!

At the end of November 2013 [As reported on this site], aI asked Nick about his photo projects and his intention to dedicate more time to his photography work [book and exhibitions]... He said "the Bei Incubi book is actually a development from that exhibition and is definitely something that will be out this year." According to John [Classic Pop interview], Nick has actually a book trilogy planned over the next few years.

Well... the news is that The Vinyl Factory, a few months back, posted this message on Instagram: "Excited about our upcoming collaboration with Duran Duran's ‎NickRhodes… Bei Incubi!" This was the caption for the above image that could be the logo for this new editorial project.

Bein Incubi book: It's based on the exhibition, it has been designed by Rori McCartny, who did the All You Need Is Now art. "Its an interesting combination: it's a photographic book but it also includes a silkcreen print, a 7" vinyl record with some tracks that Nick wrote specifically based on the story... a big movie poster.

It will be availbale through the Vinylfactory website, through and probably a few stores [NY, London, Paris, LA]. It's going to be a Limited Edition, around three hundred copies.

In the coming weeks Nick will be working on two projects: he will be producing the Bloom Twins [he shot them for a fashion magazine back in May] and he will do some more work with John on their Musical.

"John and I are gonna try finish our musical off and also organize the other things, I'm quite excited about that." Nick

Nick has already done some work with the Bloom Twins in early February. The ukrainian twins, Anna and Sonia, told me "We love creating with Nick! He is just incredible! He's got sooooo many keyboards to play with! It is just like heaven. We are not planning to play those tunes in the coming shows. But we will definitely let you know, once they're out! Check out their website

According to this post on the unofficial Duran Duran Message Board the [provisional?] title for their work is "Opera - 2020 Vision" and is classified as Dramatic Work and Music or Choreography


Our friend Faby, long time Duran fan and journalist at Ultra Brit [if you read spanish, check out her recent Duran Duran article], was in London a few months back and didn't miss to visit the Geneu in-store, at 65 New Bond Street, and sent us the pictures [on the right] she took.

The store, on New Bond Street, invites people to give a saliva swab, from which DNA is extracted. This is analysed for genes that effect the way skin ages, and store staff then “prescribe” bespoke anti-ageing serums.


"When Chris told me about the moment when he was holding a microchip and decided to put a drop of DNA on it and turn it on, it sent a shiver down my spine," says Rhodes. "He was looking into using it in skincare and licensing the technology out to beauty brands. I told him not to do it. This was such a game-changing idea that it deserved to be quickly developed."

In-store photos by Faby Torras


Prof. Chris Toumazou and Nick Rhodes welcoming guests at the GeneU beauty press launch back in September.



Toumazou is chairman and chief scientific officer of GeneU, while the creative director is Nick Rhodes, a living example of the benefits of skincare.

The Brand

Virgile & Partners and Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes work on DNA-based anti-aging brand designs

The branding for Geneu was designed by its in-house creative director Rhodes, who worked alongside consultancy Tomato.

Rhodes says: “ We were going for a fashion, luxury culture.”
The branding uses the “u” from Geneu with a  small “+” symbol as a device shown on photographs of faces in campaign imagery, which is displayed on the walls of the store.

Martin Stow, Geneu chief operating officer, says: “The ‘u’ symbolises ‘you’, and the plus demonstrates how lifestyle effects gene expression. The ‘u’ also symbolises an element on the periodic table which coverts DNA.”

The retail space designed by Virgile & Partners aims to convey a “luxury, high-end feel”, says Stow. Features include large-scale, brightly coloured close-up images of microchips displayed on the walls in the downstairs area.

Reflective walls are used to create the illusion of a wider space, and look to reference “the concept of our own reflection and the idea of beauty”.



ART ATTACK in Venice

Click on the pic to get a larger version

Duran Duran star Nick Rhodes: It’s hard to find real talent online.
Online sites like YouTube are making it harder to find real talent

Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes believes the internet is making it harder and harder to find the real music stars of the future.

The keyboardist, 52, says websites such as YouTube allow everyone to publish music without having to hone their craft on the live circuit.

it’s much harder to find the gems among the stones.

“Things are enormously different to when we started,” Rhodes told the Standard.
“We came from a traditional background - a group of friends who loved music who chiselled away to get the sound we wanted, playing the small shows until someone listened.

“Now, because everyone has the same opportunity to get themselves heard, it’s much harder to find the gems among the stones.

“The internet is an astonishing way to connect with an audience, but there are so many people trying to do it that it’s very, very hard to rise to the top.”

Back in September, the guys came to Venice to play at Sir Charles Dunstone's 50th birthday party. The local newspaper reported "At the party, Duran Duran played a live show, Simon Le Bon is a long time friend of the family [and he has been sailing on board of Sir Dunstone's Hamilton yacht over the years].

Nick and Nefer attend The Divine Marchesa Exhibition in Venice
Eccentric, transgressive, incredibly rich, stylish, Luisa Casati turned herself into a work of art.
She became the perturbing and surprising representation of modernity and avantgarde.

I met the guys leaving Venice, they were fab as usual, in that particular occasion I asked Nick if he had a chance to visit any of the dozens exhibitions in town and if he had any suggestions, he was really enthusiastic about the spectacular Luisa Casati exhibition, La Divina Marchesa, held at Palazzo Fortuni. He told me "Luisa Casati, that's all you need to see". The exibition is now over, but for all of you, Nick fans and art lovers, you can check out the catalogue of the exhibition here.
The exihibition surrounded visitors by the atmosphere in which the most fascinating noblewoman of Venice used to live: a real living legend, dark lady, muse of the Symbolists, Fauves, Futurists and Surrealists, she was also an important art collector and philantropist.
I can really see why Nick and Nefer enjoyed the exhibition so much: it was an homage to her through paintings, drawings, jewels, sculptures, photographies and dresses [borrowed from international private collections and museums]. Luisa Casati is still inspiring many artists and the haute couture, all elements of an extra-ordinary figure that undoubtedly captured the attention of Nick and Nefer.

Pictures: above, Nefer and Nick were so nice to pose for me just minutes before
they left Venice. Below, the card signed by Nick with his special Art suggestion.





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