July 18th 2020 | 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Duran Duran’s classic line up with Simon Le Bon as lead singer… as you all know, Simon joined the band in May 1980 and the “fab five” played their first show on July 16th in Birmingham.

When I met John in Birmingham, back in December [Fire and Ice ball], I pointed out that it would be great if they could celebrate the anniversary by playing a show in Birmingham on the same day, July 16th… don’t know if he said it just to gratify the fan in me but he answered: “we are working on that!”, for sure the band had some special events in program such as the British Summer Time music festival in Hyde Park, where they were supposed to celebrate with fans coming from all around the world and sharing the stage with Gwen Stefani and Nile Rodgers/Chic and Grace Jones. The Covid19 global emergency has put a big pause on the world and of course all Duran activities have been on pause for a while.

“The whole year, in every aspect, is a celebration for us", Simon told the Daily Star newspaper back in March. "This concert is a particularly special one because it's the closest gig to the very first one we played at the Rum Runner club in 1980.

“That first gig I have good memories and bad, I was so terrified the whole left hand side of my body was shaking.”

“I think for a band 40 years is quite a landmark, it got to this number and it was so extraordinarily large that we lost all our embarrassment and self consciousness about it. We are quite proud that we are still together”.


40 Years ago, the first show of the Fab Five



A new album is the best way to celebrate


So Duran Duran enters it’s 4th decade and is really determinated to celebrate this important anniversary with a new album release…

Nick says: “We are all very pleased with the material we have so it sort of comes down to everybody signing off and say yes, that’s good enough for a Duran Duran album.

I feel that it’s probably the best thing we can do given that is 40 years since we teamed up with Simon and so the best celebration we can possibly have is putting out an album that I hope will contend with some of the bests.”

Pre-Covid the band said “The album will be out in September 2020, now, with the ongoing worldwide health emergency, all plans have been postponed to 2021, which makes sense in a way because their first album was released in June 1981.


We'll resume once the guidelines
will made it possible


Back in December John said on BBC West Midlands radio:

It’s like the anniversary of the five man band coming together which is a bit scary really, it’s like everybody around us wants to celebrate and you don’t, you know, but yeah, it’s pretty amazing!

Every time we go on stage it’s like a greatest hits tour, you gotta play the hits, always, but you wanna keep that new, we wanna keep that fashioned-up…

There’s a lot of talk about the 40th anniversary thing, there’s a lot of talk we gotta do this, we gotta do that, and we kinda decided the best way celebrating that kind of longevity and creativity is to have a new album out, we are working on that at the moment.”


“We were, I would say, within two weeks to finishing”, said Nick, “when we had to pause the recording and John flew back to Los Angeles and the rest was here in London. In that period - March - Simon went to the studio and laid down more vocal tracks and some armonies.
“We will resume once the guidelines are all lifted officially for it to be possible”.

Pictures above and below: Celebrity Fire & Ice Ball 14 Dec 2019 at Millennium Point in Birmingham. Russel Brand, Roger Taylor, Salvo and John Taylor.


duranasty.com celebrates 18 years on line


Even us, at duranasty.com, have something to celebrate this year! The website becomes adult as it celebrates 18 years on line. Many years supporting the band and posting news, fan-reports and pictures with the same spirit of an old-fashion fanzine.

Over the recent years social networks have increased exponentially the birth of fan-pages and circulation of news, but duranasty.com has continued its fan activities, both on the website and on social network.
Duranasty.com remains the longest-running active, and up to date fan-site which keeps providing original contents.

Please keep checking also our facebook page for instant posting and cool video.



The new album in 3 words: “Different Than Before”


Before going back and analyze the making of the new album, we'd like to start this site update with the most recent news we got straight from Nick Rhodes, as we had the pleasure to ask about the album's sound and its progresses during an online chat held by Red Ronnie on May 6th 2020.

Salvo: so good to see you Nick, safe and sound, I want to talk a little bit about the new album, you just mentioned working with Giorgio Moroder but the main producer seems to be Erol Alkan, who is following the whole project, and of course he’s sharing his chair with Mark Rondon and Moroder as well, so there are different elements in the new Duran Duran receipe, different flavours, how would you describe the new duran duran sounds in three words if you want; how was working with them, what about the sound? I know it’s difficult to define music with words, but maybe you can try because we are all so curious about it. And how was working also with Lykke Li?

Here is his exaustive answer.

Nick Rhodes: In three words: ehm.. three words… Different Than Before!

Lykke Li is great, she’s got a wonderful voice and she was very easy to work with, fun and that song we did with Mark Ronson, that’s not finished yet actually, we need to see Mark, I dont even know where is he, [he calls Mark] Maaark! Where are you?! We need to finish do a little work on the songs with Mark.

The song with Giorgio are almost done, we're gonna do the final vocals, and then the songs with Erol Alkan , which I think we have about 8 or 9 in total; they are a little different but they all fit together with the Giorgio songs and the songs with Mark as well.

Erol obviously comes from more of a deejay dance background, but he came out of indie dance music more.

It was good to work with Graham Coxon on guitar with Erol.

He’s got a good energy Erol, he's different, he’s not the same kind of detail producer as maybe someone like Giorgio, he’s more about getting a vibe for something and creating the energy, and I think we really got some special tracks with Erol too, everybody is very pleased how things are turning out.

We were so close to the finishing line and we will of course get to the finishing line, but there’s about two weeks work left and then we’re gonna mix, we’re actually gonna start mixing a few of the done anyway now.



We got Spike in LA mixing away our new album


Mark "Spike" Stent is an English record producer and mixing engineer who has worked with many international artists including Madonna, U2, Beyoncé, Björk, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Muse and many others, morover he was responsible for the mixing of both albums, All You Need Is Now and Paper Gods. He's based in LA and that's where he's currently working on the Duran album mixes.

On the right a picture of Nick and Spike Stent taken at the studio in London during the Paper Gods final session.

So there are several tracks on the mixing stage already, in the hands of Spike Stent, an old acquaintance of Duran.

“The mixing is where a song lives or dies” says Nick “that’s why you want the best possible people to work with for the mixing process, when you got someone likes Spike is extraordinary. He’s got a very broad view and understand things well, he’s very special”.

“Everyday I get a new mix is the highlight of the day”, says Roger, “and it’s really exciting! I speak with Erol most days about the mixes, we got Spike in LA mixing away, that’s has really been a bit of a light at the of the tunnel I have to say, for the first time we haven’t been in a rush to finish the record, so we really had time to spend on the mixing and really get these songs sound amazing, time is on our side at the moment, which is good.”



Joshua Blair sound engineer of DD15


Joshua Blair has been working with Duran for many years, from Red Carpet Massacre to Paper Gods.
These are some of the pictures of the equipment, tools and plugins he and the band have been using in the studio during
the recording sessions of #DD15.



Duran Duran #15: Let's start from the beginning


This update is almost completely dedicated to the making of the new Duran Duran album. We want to retrace the evolution of the facts behind Duran's fifteenth album.

We do this through an accurate analysis of the statements made by the Duran guys over the months through the official channels of the band, through an in-depth analysis of statements released to the media and thanks also to statements and observations collected personally during some meetings I had with the band members over these past two years.
It's certainly an album that has grown over the months, which has been enriched with collaborations in terms of production.
With the spirit of passionate fans, we are pleased to share with you this story, certainly incomplete, written through the reconstruction of most relevant aspects that I noted and collected during the making of what will probably be one of the most brilliant Duran Duran albums of all times.

Let’s start from the beginning!
Simon, Nick, John and Roger have been writing and recording a new album since November 2018.
It’s not clear if they were really determinated to release a full album in the beginning rather than an EP, as John states after the first session in the studio [December 2018]: “we just started on this new music project, we are not calling it an album yet, not everybody in the band wants to actually sign on a full album because it’s such a big commitment, it’s so crazy how long it can take it”…
Even a year later John reflects on how challenging is for the band to work on a new album… on December 2019, John said [on BBC Radio Midlands] “we like writing, I mean we love making albums, I wouldn’t want not do that, but it’s always challenging ‘cos you kinda looking at the music around you and you think ‘OK, how do we reconfigure the vibe into what’s happening today.”

EP or not EP? So maybe in the beginning they only had an EP in mind and maybe they wanted to use some unreleased stuff along with it, in fact when I spoke to Nick, back in January 2019, he mentioned two very good unreleased tracks from the Paper Gods sessions that were going to be taken under consideration for the new album [at the time these two tracks only needed lyrics].

Picture above: Nick Rhodes and Salvo in London, during one of the 2019 album recording session

December 2018 | Back in late 2018 Roger refers to the first session as new material, he didn’t want to call it an album back then. don’t mention the “A” word he said…
"I think is gonna come together really quickly, I think the way Erol has worked with us has been very inspiring, and I think he knows what makes Duran Duran tick and is bringing out some really great things from everybody in the band. To me is the strongest sounding material that we’ve done in years, the stuff we have so far is very very strong and very exciting.”
“Erol has got a fantastic energy”, says Nick, “he really understand Duran Duran in a way that some of the other procurers have to, like Mark Ronson, he gets where we are coming from… Erol came in with the attitude that he wanted to make the greatest Duran Duran album for many many many years.
Erol reminds of Mark Ronson in some ways, the way that he works and in other ways is very very different, much more wild than Mark; Mark is a bit more controlled and precise, Erol goes off at a complete tangent in a great way and both ways of working are good for us.
“Nobody knowledge an album yet”, says John, “we are just writing some songs, by spring we we’ll knowleging if we’ll be doing an album… ideas that are fresh now, another year they’re not be going to be so fresh



Erol is not afraid to push



It all changed over the months, as soon as the guys went deep into the writing and recording sessions with the super talented Erol Alkan and realized that they had quality material for an album.

Erol is an extraordinary producer, remixer and has a great music knowledge, moreover he’s a profound connoisseur of the Duran catalogue, being himself a fan of the band… so he brought a lot of energies into the studio room and the creative process on this album was a lot more quicker then others.

“We have been working with Erol Alkan” said Roger at the end of Summer 2019 recording sessions in London, “he is such an incredible energy for the project, he really comes in with fresh legs, fresh ideas, new way of looking at the recording of the record, he gives us a good boot up the backside”, comments on having Erol Alkan as main producer and Graham Coxon playing guitar: “they brought great energy to the Duran-deal. For us it’s very exciting to have new blood in the room with us always, and in this particular case, having these two guys there, it’s really making a very exciting formula. Erol is not afraid to push…


The quality of the music is really up there


An excerpt of the Classic Pop interview, published this month, was already pubished on March 12 on the Daily Mirror.

About the new album Simon says: “It’s going very well indeed, we are very excited, It’s quite naked, raw, the grass is lightly sharp abd twinkly rather than smooth.I don’t like to put us in a pigeonhole but people will anyway. It’s modern and very honest, the lyrics are quite something.
I won’t be doing a lot of talking about the lyrics because they really speak for themselves.”
Might we expect a little political or social commentary to seep into the LP asks Classic Pop magazine:
“Politic no, social things yes, we don’t align ourselves with any political party, I always think it’s a bit on your fans because you are alost telling them who to vote - or some of them may take it that way, so we never do that.
But you want to write lyrics about subject matter that you’re experiencing every day. And I think the way we are in Great Britain today - and I include Northen Ireland in that - this country where we live has been a massive part of our lives for the last five years and it would be difficult to avoid.”

The Mark Ronson session in Los Angeles

After the two weeks session in December 2018 which, according to what Nick told me in January, were very fruitful as they created two tracks with lyrics… they managed to work for a couple of days with Mark Ronson in Los Angeles, at the end of their mini tour in the States.

When I met Simon at the end of January 2019, after those session early session, he was enthusiastic and motivated about this new Duran Duran phase. “We are giving a spin up to the album, we are going to reconvene in London at the end of March and he anticipated that the band had some studio time booked in LA after the US shows… those were the Ronson session with Lykke Li.

After the session with Mark Ronson, Roger was so enthusiastic about the project and what the band was able to do in such a short session with Ronson: “we did a couple of days with Mark Ronson while we were in LA and again we had no clue what we were going to do, but there’s something when we play together that always seems to create something special, and you go back and listen to in the control room and it all sounds totally different from when you heard it when you played it.

When we get together and play together, it’s just something quite special I think, something very individual, and it sounds like Duran Duran.”

Mark Ronson said of that session: “The songs we did, there’s two song I love, I mean the two that I have in my head, I know there’s a few others great that I recently started, the one with our friend the singer I’m feeling that one, is one of my favorites things still melodically I’ve worked in the past year and also the other one is quite emotional and touching as well.”

Picture above from duranduran official site: February 28 2019, Los Angeles, Duran Duran with Graham Coxon, Lykke Li and Mark Ronson.


About the Ronson session Simon said: “It was great fun and we did a lot of work, Mark was amazing, he came in we talked briefly about the of the work we were doing, and he wanted to go in the studio immediately to start writing. Lykke Li is wonderful she’s such a treasure she’s a lovely person to work with.

Roger confirms that the band worked on a couple of songs with Mark “so Mark Ronson will definitely be present on the record”… “we did a little bit Mark Ronson, a bit with with Giorgio Moroder, but the bulk of the record is gonna be all about Erol, he is the main man”.

About the recent collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, as Roger told me back in December, it was a couple of days session, Erol wasn’t present in the studio, just the band and Moroder.

Nick said: “Working with Moroder was something special to us, because of what he meant to us, he’s a true Master. He is on a level only a few people are, like Quincy Jones… a proper Master, so working with him real won the lot, he had such a good time, he’s such a lovely human being, so gracious and clever. He’s a true master. He didn’t get four Oscars for soundtracks for nothing”.


Simon Le Bon, writing lyrics for two years

Some nice picture I took last year, during the Modena 100 ore at Mugello, in Tuscany.



I met Simon a few times over the recording sessions, in UK but also in Italy, during the Modena 100 ore car race, where he told me that he has been writing lyrics on his own over the past two years, not necessarily at the studio, he said he’s very happy with the result so far.
Erol was also helpful with the lyrics during the Summer 2019 session as they spent some time together in July to get some more lyrics for the new tracks.


DD15: I smell like a sound



Direction | Yeah, that’s what many fans are wondering, with all these new elements into the Duran formula, three producers and a new guitarist. Erol Alkan and Mark Ronson in some way represents two different music scenes, the London and the LA based ones… moreover we can expect some extraordinary euro-disco elements with the grand master Giorgio Moroder.

We surely have some elements we can analyze from the guys recent comments on the music they have created so far.
Back in September 2018, when the album was just an idea, Nick he told me that this new one was going to be Different, double different… read our previous installment in case you've missed it.

Last year, when I asked about the album direction, he used the term diverge, meaning that the album “diverge from other things we have done”.

According to Roger the album “is quite different from that last record, it’s much more organic sounding, Erol Alkan is much more into organic sound I think, is into real drum sound, real bass sound, it’s going to be much more organic in that respect.”

Roger’s comment lead us to think that the sound is more natural, direction that seems to confirm the divergency from the EDM sound of Paper Gods.

Roger clears that organic sound concept commenting on the kind of gear he’s using: “It’s mainly live drums, it’s a combination of what I use in the live set and stuff that Erol Alkan has in the studio, so it’s a real combination of different acoustic kits but it’s definitely sounding a lot more live this record; the last one was more electronic sound but this is a lot more organic because Erol is a big fan of organic drums and we put a lot of work into the drums tracks to get a bigger live sound.

Roger says: “mostly of this record is organic drum sound as when Erol came in he said he really didn’t want to use electronically generated drums, because we have done that in the last record and Erol is quite a big fan of the organic sounding early records much in the way Mark Ronson was when we made the All You Need Is Now album. Erol wanted to capture that real, proper acoustic drum sound so we spent a lot of time working on the sound of the drums.

That concept might also allude to the band’s studio dynamics, the way the bands writes and records as typically music that it is organic "grows" from the seed of an idea and then develops into a different thing, the most organic type of music is probably free improvisation, or music that was composed out of improvisation.

This is how Roger describes how the studio sessions have been going on this year: “We go in on Monday and we have no idea what we re going to play, what we are going to write, what is coming out, I think we inspire just each other, Nick programs a sequence, or Simon come up with a melody, John starts a baseline and I’m very inspired by what they do. That’s the way we write the music and that’s how we have always done it.

Pictures taken in the July 2019, during the last recording session of the Summer. After that session the band reconvened in October [with Giorgio Moroder].


Even though is always difficult to describe music, Simon comments about the new sound give even more details… the choice of words and adjectives from someone who’s main job is playing with words in not only very significant but also enlightening: “I’m very excited about the music, it’s into the realm of experimental for sure, you know… some albums are more kind of mainstream and other goes… I think the Rio album was a mainstream album but the first album was a more experimental album, now with this one will definitely be more in the first album experimental camp. It’s a very different kind of vibe to Paper Gods and I think it has a lot to do with Erol’s involvement.

Simon continues, during an interview to BBC radio solent, “We are really excited about the new album, it’s very uplifting, it’s a dance music sort of orientated work, like Rio, like the first album. It’s got a lot of dance floor on it”



Meeting Erol Alkan, the main producer on DD15


I had the pleasure to chat with Erol a couple of times last year, at the end of the Summer sessions in London and in Milan when he came for a DJ set at the Botanical club back in October 2019.
Not only he is a great producer, remixer and DJ, he is also a very down to earth and cool guy, I can see why the band is getting so well with him.
He obviously couldn’t disclose any detail on the album but it was very nice to chat with him. He told me the big fan of the band that he is, then he said that he started deejaying by playing the full length 12” remixes of The Reflex! That was a lovely thing of him to say. He also told me that in the beginning there was a little bit of concern around the band about the direction the album could take with with him on board as producer [given his Club/Electroclash/Underground-techno roots] but he reassured everyone [including me in that occasion!] that being a huge fan of the band there was no need to worry as he has great knowledge and respect of the band’s history and catalogue.
I’m sure the guys are in very good hands and we’ll all love the new and fresh sound that this guy is bringing into the Duran sound.

From an old interview: What makes a 'good remix'?
Erol: I've always felt it's a way of working with what a band is able to do. Or how you can push a band and their sound. Duran Duran are a really good example, the night versions that they did, which was them making, like, a disco or a version geared totally for a dance floor. I love those 12 inches. How they're sometimes a lot wilder and weirder and faster or whatever.

In July 2003 Erol curated One Louder, a remixed compilation album featuring Duran Duran's Girls On Film (Night Version). The album was given away free with Muzik Magazine, a UK monthly electronic music magazine.


Exclusive pics of Duran Duran and Graham Coxon

“I Feel Love, that's the DNA we all used”

Did we predict the Duran & Moroder
collaboration in back in 2010?

Back in March 2010 we asked Nick trough
a vocal Q&A, held on duranduranmusic.com,
a question about Moroder:

In a KatyKafe from march 2010 Nick answered to fan's questions,
one of these questions was mine.
Here is a transcription.

Salvo says: In a recent interview Giorgio Moroder has been asked if he had any regrets for artistic enterprises he has refused over the years. He mentioned the never made remake of George Pal's 'Seven Faces of Doctor Lao' [film with Michael Jackson] and he also said that he renounced to produce Duran Duran before they became Duran Duran.
He mentioned that you guys proposed him some demos to produce but he decided that it wasn't worth it... In 2005 some english newspapers reported about your desire to work with the italian producer on Duran Duran's -then next- album. Is there any thruth behind the latter tidbit and can you remember what demos you proposed him back in the days?
Did he refer to the very early Duran demos [before you got Colin Thurston]? Are you still interested in working with Moroder on some project/dreams still closed in the drawer and if so, did you ever discuss about it with him?

Nick says: Hmmm, well Salvo, Giorgio Moroder, as you probably know, is somebody who all of the band hold in particulary high regard, he was incredibly infuential on our earlier work, particulary for me with regards to his sequencies on songs like I Feel Love and on the Midnight Express soundtrack, later on Cat People and certanly with the fantastic Spark album Number One in Heaven, Beat the Clock and all that songs, Number One in Heaven how great that is, I haven’t heard that for a long time.

Sooo yes, I would love to work with Giorgio Moroder one day, even on a song, I’m not sure what would happen at this point, I don’t know what he has done very recently but somebody who is that clever and has a vision like that usually continues to produce interesting things so that would be a real pleasure at some stage...

I imagine we did approch him very early on, I don’t recall exactly, it probably would it be for our first album around the time, hmm, guess would it be 1980 so those demos would it be things like Girls On Film possibly Planet Earth, but there you go, sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes they come together later, sometimes they never do but certainly he has created some terrific records, even his own solo records called E=MC2, for the mathematicians out there, that’s a beauty.

Would you work with hime now if you have the opportunity?
Yeah! I think so, It would be fun to do a track together, I mean he did that one track with David Bowie, that Cat people soundtrack in the mid 80s, one of the best things of that decade.


“Nick Rhodes on Giorgio Moroder”


“We did two tracks with Giorgio, I’m thrilled with both of them, he is the maestro of dance music, I couldn’t more of a fan, I think the track I feel Love that he did with Donna Summer was one of the singular most influential pieces of music on modern music, certainly on duran duran and a lot of other artists, because it was really the introduction to proper electronic dance music.”

“Giorgio just turned 80s and he’s most like a 50 years old, he’s amazing and love working with him, can’t wait to get those tracks out there, there’s actually very little guitar on those tracks but on the rest of the album we worked with Graham Coxon, who you probably all know from Blur, he’s a rather wonderful guitarrist. Gosh we have great taste, don’t we?”

It becomes particulary interesting this excerpt from an interview to Nick about some of his favourite albums.
The reason I’ve chosen the Donna Summer album [I Remember Yesterday] is not truly because it is a record I’ve played a lot. There is one song on it that changed my career. It’s a song that changed a lot of people’s perceptions of music and it’s, obviously, ‘I Feel Love’.

I remember when I first heard ‘I Feel Love’, it sounded alien. I hadn’t heard anything like that before. There wasn’t anything like that before. Somebody had the forethought and the invention to actually come up with something with electronic sequencing that people could dance to. It pulsated in a different way. That person was Giorgio Moroder.

I am very grateful to Giorgio Moroder for inventing this way of thinking and for the other records he’s made. I think he is a terrific talent and I loved the work he did on a lot of movie soundtracks, particularly Midnight Express and Cat People.

I have all his work. ‘I Feel Love’ was visionary – that’s all I can say about it. The song, along with The Sparks’ album Moroder did [No. 1 In Heaven], was the sort of sound I wanted to make. I was just learning electronic music and how to sequence things.

Without a doubt, between Moroder and Kraftwerk, those were the people leading the way – that paved the streets for me.

Without ‘I Feel Love’ there wouldn’t be a lot of electronic dance music. That’s the DNA we all used. Moroder, for me, had a period where he was defining the future and it was very unnoticed by a lot of people, perhaps because he was more of a producer than a writer of a lot of songs.


DD sign global publishing deal with
Warner Chappel

Deal covers the group’s catalog from 1986 to date along with future compositions.


Duran Duran has signed a publishing administration agreement with Warner Chappell Music that will cover the group’s catalog from 1986 to date along with future compositions.
Warner Chappell is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group and is home to songs by Blur, Green Day, Madonna, George Michael, Katy Perry, Radiohead among many others.
The group’s publishing for songs recorded prior to 1986 remains with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.Duran attempted a legal case to reclaim US rights to their first three albums and A View To A Kill but the guys didn't win the legal battle as reported in these articles.

Signing with Warner Chappell reunites the group with Carianne Marshall, co-chair and COO, who worked with the group while she was head of creative at Songs Music Publishing.
When the company was sold to Kobalt Music in 2017 for a reported $150 million, Duran’s songs transferred to the London-headquartered publisher and record label.
Marshall along with Warner Chappell co-chair and CEO Guy Moot said: “All of us at Warner Chappell are immensely pleased that Duran Duran has chosen Warner Chappell as their new publishing home, and we welcome Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor into the family.” Le Bon added on behalf of the band: “We worked with both Carianne and Guy before they joined Warner Chappell, and we have long admired the kind of creative approach they bring to publishing. We are very much looking forward to this new partnership and to a successful future together for our catalogue.


Post-lockdown Duran plan?

This picture, taken and the Celebrity Fire and Ice Ball, shows Roger and John posing with a piece of Duran Duran art and its author. The artistic artifact was made of hundreds of piece of vinyl records. John joked about it saying that they were all Spandau Ballets records.

40th Anniversary Projects | A press release for the band states that they are currently working on their fifteenth studio album, and they plan to tour it extensively once its released alongside a series of 40 thrilling projects and live events that will celebrate their long and illustrious career. We assume among these events there will be also an exhibition, according to Nick they “have been approached by different galleries around the world to staging it".

He also recently talked about the Duran-archive which has been object of different visits over the past years, “I don’t know how that will manifest itself"m said Nick, “I would think there will be be some sort of publication, a book, definitely online, there probably be some access available at some stage I don’t know to all of it or a limited amount, at the moment there’s over a hundred thousand items lot. Among these items in one of our chats he talked about letters from Buckingham Palace, and the very first and unreleased band photo session.

According to Nick Rhodes recent comments on the monthly duranduranmusic.com Askkaty, Nick says “what we have managed to do is move things along a little - after the restrictions here in London - I have been able to go into the studio to do some work and therefore several tracks have gone to the mix with the great maestro Spike Stent, who mixed our last couple of records, and I’m in the process of finishing a few more tracks, so we got so far 6 or 7 mixes back and there’s another couple that will be coming over the next week or two.

Current situation about the album | “I have to say I’m rather pleased with where we are at”, says Nick,[…] “and I think actually, from everybody’s comments, the few people we have spoken, that we are in a good place. We are trying by getting something completed and I’m really hoping that one way or another we will be able to finish the remaining tracks during the coming months so that we’ll be ready to go as soon as we all feel it makes some sense.”

As already said, in the agenda they have also finishing the tracks with Mark Ronson as soon as it will be possibile to go to into the studio.

About the shows he says: “some of them them have been already rescheduled for next Summer “and of course we are hoping that everything would be possible by that time and the world will return to some kind of normality, but we are are just trying to really reorganize everything we had for this year for next year.“


Tentative release date for the new album


“My guesses, realistically”, says Nick, “it will probably be out more like the first quarter of next year now, I think it will be ready to go this year, maybe we could put out a song sometimes later in the year, it depends.

There’s a lot of optimistic songs on this album, particularly the couple we did with Giorgio Moroder, and I don’t know that the Winter is the right time to put those out, especially with what we are going through at the moment - people don’t even go out in bars and clubs to dance.

I’d like to think that we can put some of the songs out when people will be together again to be able to enjoy the wide screen experience.


They look back to get a special Duranthology

According to Nick there's a side Duran project in the making, an Anthology. He recently said “I’m sure as we move along, the catalog generates different types of compilations and actually what I would eally like to do is an anthology, or “Duranathology” as it’s know locally, because I think there’s a lot of tracks that we never quite finished or demos of things that we could gather together and probably put together a decent compilation, so we’re looking into that.”

Also some comments by Anthony J. Resta [Medazzand’s producer] last year seemed to validate the idea that the band is curating a project like the one that Nick described, filled with unreleased material.

Antony J. Resta is working on remastering Beautiful Colors | On March 21th 2019 Resta posted this with an audio blurb of Beautiful Colours, from the Astronaut sessions. "We are mastering a very special treat specifically for all you Duranies. 16 years later we dug it out of the archives and Will Borza [Mastering Engineer at Howie Weinberg Mastering] brought Beautiful Colours to life. This is a different arrangement and production than previous leaked versions of the song. I’ve added strings, some extra analog bleepy pulsing synths and percussion. This authorized mix was done in 2003 but was never released. I’ve rearranged the song for a single length here. Here is a sneak peak at a never heard before version of the track we started back in 2003".

He also posted a sample of the song.

Among the material that Rhodes wants to resurrect there's also Don't Look Back, the song recorded with Nile Rodgers during the Wild Boys sessions but never finished. He listened to the track not a long a go, a year or so ago, “I’d like to make something really special with the Anthology, where we resurrect few tracks that never got finished and Don't Look Back is the first thing that cames to mind.

The Duranthology, according to Nick could also include “instrumental versions of tracks we never got a vocal for, all things that would make the anthology more special”


Andy wouldn't made things any better


During Ronnie's online chat, back in May, Nick was asked about Andy Taylor's eventual return to the band for the 40th anniversary celebrations. His answer was quite clear:

I don’t think, to be quite honest, he would made things any better, in any way. Andy is a great guitarist, he’s, yes, difficult to be around.
When Andy was no longer with us peace broke out and we all got along much more easily, I don’t think he fits in personality-wise with the band really, no one will ever take away anything out his musicianship and I wish him well, but I don’t think it’s with us.

You know Dom has been with us playing the live shows for a long time and maybe will have some other people come, any guests as well, Nile come and play with us sometimes, Mark Ronson occasionally, maybe Graham will come and do some things, who knows… we haven’t got that far yet but we are very much looking forward to play some shows.




Reportage needs 4 weeks work

The album could go out as a separate album at some point


In regards of Reportage and Andy's involvement Nick said recently: “I think it’s worth releasing it one day, we all like the record, I’m assuming Andy probably would not be adverse to it going out if we all agree on mixing and sorting all out, some really interesting material on there, it’s a time capsule, it’s probably a bit more political than most of our albums has ever been. It needs to be finished, it needs probably 4 weeks work to finish the remaing bits of the lyrics, but most of the lyrics are done. That could go out as a separate album at some point.”


Tidbit: Boys on film: Duran star's movie plans?

Daily Mail Janunary 20 | Boys on film: Duran star's movie plans

Duran Duran keyboard player Nick Rhodes tells me: ‘We’ve been talking about a biopic for more than a decade.
If we did one, I would want ours to be different to what’s out there.’ For starters, he would like to be portrayed by a woman.
‘Cate Blanchett played Bob Dylan [in I’m Not There] and she was very good, so Cate could play me any day. I love Tilda Swinton, too, but she’s definitely taller than me.’




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