Dom Brown, the talented guitarrist and songwriter who has been on board with Duran Duran recording some great guitar in RCM and live on stage with them during the whole Red Carpet Massacre World Tour [and involved with some band activities from time to time since late 2004 while Andy Taylor was progressively stepping out of the band] has conceded an interview to
I would like to thanks Dom for taking the time to do it and for the nice words he used towards the Duran Duran fans. We feel honoured that a really talented and down to earth guy like you is in Duran Duran. would like to see more of you in the Duran Duran future. I read in your bio that you started playing guitar at the age of 14, you started at college with your own band, can you remember those days when you just started playing music?

Dom: Those days were very exciting. Everything was so new and experimenting with music seemed like the natural thing to do. I had been very into listening for a few years but didn’t get my first guitar until I was 14. I was very ready to go at it full steam ahead. You have developed a unique and original style moving on from the traditional blues/rock to experimental, you play and sings, I’d define you an eclectic musician and I guess you have been listening to a lot of very different music since the eraly days. Can you name some of the most important artists-music influences on you?

Dom: My taste is very eclectic and I suppose that comes across in my music. I’ve never been tied to one form or genre. One moment I could be listening to something quite heavy like Nirvana or Queens of the Stoneage, then something more jazzy or bluesy. I have a lot of records by Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Miles Davis, John Coltrane etc. I also love classical music when the mood is right.

buy Dom's albums here About your music, I can notice a change from “Touch the Flames” to “Between The Lines”, was it a natural move? and is there a particular memory you’d like to share about the writing process of your last album? If I do remember well you were becoming a father during the making of BTL, do you take inspiration from events in your personal life when you do songwriting?

Dom: I wrote most of the songs for BTL at the beginning of 2007 though a few were older songs that had not yet been recorded.
It was a busy period for me as I was also working with Duran and recording Red Carpet Massacre. My son had not long been born and I was doing a lot of the recording of BTL at home when he wasn’t sleeping. I do get inspired by personal events, New Soul Brother is specifically about my son. What you’d suggest to your son if one day he’ll say he wants to starts his own rock band?

Dom: I would be as encouraging as possible though I would like him to try his hand at many other things.
You never know where ones true talent or passion lies. How was having John and Roger on board on your project, did they lay down the tracks for your album in a London studio or in Usa during the tour or the Reportage sessions at the Agassi Residence?

Dom: Was great having them record on my album. They both played on Amazing and Crocodile Tears.
Roger recorded the drums at a small south London studio. I had already laid down the songs with programmed drums and got Roger to replace them and add the human feel. John recorded CT during RCM sessions at Sphere and Amazing in the US. What did you think of Duran Duran before you joined them as session player back in 2004, did you know the guys before? How it all happened, where you introduced to the band by common friends or it was just one of those music business phone call?

Dom: Have always had a lot of respect for Duran and was very aware of what great songwriters they were. I had never met the guys before working with them.
I was recommended to the guys by a friend in the business who knew the tour manager. What basically happened was one morning I was called by the tour manager asking if I was available to do a show with Duran in 2 days time. So that evening I met John and Roger for a jam and general chat. They gave me a bunch of songs to take home and learn by the morning. I stayed up most of the night and the next day rehearsed them with John and Roger. Things went well and it wasn’t until the next afternoon that I met Simon and Nick at the sound check. We had time to top and tale a few of the songs before they threw me well and truly into the deep end.
Thankfully it went very well and they asked me to do the next 5 weeks of shows. Any special memory you would like to share about the first meeting you had with the band?

Dom: I first met Roger and John and remember saying “is your brother Andy ok?”. I thought the 3 Taylors were brothers. I knew we were going to get along fine as when we first started to jam John said “wow. It’s like having Jeff Beck in the band!” How was being involved on the video for Falling Down, did you have fun on the set, was that the first pop music video you appeared on?

Dom: I have been in quite a few over the years but this one was particularly fun. Was a long day, about 20 hours on set but the catering was great and we were surrounded by dozens of beautiful women. How was playing the pixelator guitar designed by Nick Rhodes?

Dom: Was fun and I got to meet Sir Peter Blake the artist at the auction for the donated guitars.

above pics of Dom on the set of Falling Down, Below Dom plays the Pixelator guitar in 2007

In true Duran Duran style, Nick’s Warholesque creation "Pixelator" was painstakingly hand-crafted from a Fender Stratocaster guitar, whose internal architecture was completely carved out and replaced with sophisticated electronics and a unique TV pixel screen which covers the entire face of the guitar. Specially programmed abstract film footage plays across the translucent surface making the guitar a constantly-changing experimental video art piece. The artish guitar has been auctioned for charity in London on May 31st, 2007 Tricked Out is probably my favourite song on the album and it’s a pleasure to see you and John rocking on stage when you play that one! Did you gave any input to the band in the creative process of that one? What’s the duran song you most enjoy to play live?

Dom: Tricked Out was one of my favourites to play from RCM. Can’t fully remember how that one came about but I do remember John and me goofing around with the riff… I think we recorded the bass and my guitar at the same time. The solos were very spontaneous and pretty much the first take.
I also love playing Ordinary World, Girl’s On Film and Sunrise live. You are about to conclude a successfull world tour with some more shows in the Usa and Latin America but I wanna go back to last summer: did you enjoy Italy and have you ever been here on your own?

Were you aware about the huge success of the band in Italy and about the great following of -lets just say- passionate fans? What’s your opinion of the fans-scene, is it any difficoult to you to deal with the immense love that the Duran Duran fans shows to the band and now to you too?

Dom: I have been to Italy a few times before and love the people, the culture and let’s not forget to mention the great weather you have. My mother is half Italian so I guess I have a natural bond with the country.
I really appreciate the passion the fans have and have also felt it with my solo work. If anything it makes it all more easy.

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