The founding members poses with long time fan Salvo


A memorable pose, Nick and John june 30, 2010


Smiling for cameras from all around the world - Serie


Postcard # 1 Le Bon


Postcard # 2 John Taylor


Postcard # 3 Rhodes


Postcard # 4 Roger Taylor




Unshaven and happy John Taylor


July 1st 2010, Dom getting ready to lay down some more guitars on the 13th Duran Duran album


An unusual sunny and hot weather in London, Roger loves it and smiles.


John poses for the picture, both days so elegantly casual. Always loved his style.


Nick sporting his new freshly done haircut...when I noticed it he told me "It was about time!"


Talking to me while paying the taxi driver


posing for the picture


John waves and nicely says 'come back to the kids and see you on the road!'.


You can see in Roger's face the satisfaction for what they have done so far in the studio.
Nick, the mind and the keeper of Duran Duran's flame,
with a sweet-tired expression...
he made that pose especially for the picture.
Seems to say:
"another intense and productive recording day in the studio has passed,
just few more days to get '13th' completed!"


Special thanks to Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor, in other words Duran Duran, for 30 years of great music and emotions.

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