1958 october 27

Simon John Charles Le Bon is born at Bushey Maternity Hospital, near Watford, Herts. It's the date of his dad John's birthday.


april 26
Roger Taylor is born in Castle Bromwich.

June 20
Nigel John Taylor is born at Sorento Maternity Hospital, Solihull, the only child of Jean and Jack Taylor.

1961 February 16

Andy Taylor is born at Tynemouth Royal Infirmary. Near Newcastle. The eldest of two sons.The family is poor. They have a tin bath and an outside loo.

1962 june 8

Nicholas James Bates is born in Birmingham. At school his nickname's "Ringo" but later he'll be known as "Rhodes". The same year Simon Le Bon starts modelling.


Simon makes his tv debut in the famous "dirty shirt" soap ad.


Andy Taylor begins playing guitar.


John Taylor meets Nick Bates who lives 500 yards down the road.


Andy Taylor's mum leaves and his dad begins to bring him up.
Andy's dad buys him an electric guitar for Xmas.


Andy Taylor leaves school early to go off and play in different bands. By the time he comes to join Duran he had played over 600 gigs around airbases, European strip clubs and so forth.


Nick Rhodes (the name has changed) leaves school and signs on. He stars learning keyboards.
A significant lunchtime drink. Over a couple of bevvies with Nick and John comes up with the name Duran Duran.
The band is formed.
Original line-up: Nick (on sinth and rhythm unit), John (lead guitar), Stephen Duffy (vocals and occasional bass) and Simon Colley (bass and clarinet).
The first gig. Duran support Fashion at Brum's trendy Barbarella's.
Duffy and Colley leave because they want to go "more rock'n roll". Nick and John recruit Andy Wickett on vocals, formely with Birmingham's answer to the New York Dolls, Tv Eye.
A song called "Girls on Film" is written. Both John and Nick claim the chorus to this one.Each singer changed verses till Mr Le Bon's stuck.
A demo walks into Rum Runner with the pair and hey presto they're the house band.

Roger Taylor leaves the scent Organs and joins Duran.
An ad appears in Melody Maker for a "live-wire guitarrist". Andy Taylor turns up. "I like dressing-up and i love wearing make-up", he says.
Finally the singer arrives courtesy of ex-girlfriend Fiona Kemp who works as a barmaid at the Rum Runner. Simon turns up at the audition in leopard-skin pink trousers. Says Nick Rhodes: "I though anyone who looks that stupid and writes Rovstrov on the front of his exercise book is positively the one. Although he sounded awful. Like a choirboy".


after ten gigs manager Michael Berrow buys them the support slot on Hazel O' Connor's tour. It cost him £ 12.000 so he mortgages his flat for £ 15,000. "It was the best £ 15,000 I've ever spent", he says.
End of the year celebration as the band sign to EMI.


top right the band meeting Andy Wahrol


a classic pose on the set for the Girls on Film video


1981 February 2
"Planet Earth" is released. It gets to number12.
The band join up with video director Russel Mulcahy.
"Duran Duran" the Lp appears in june. A month later "Girls on Film" gives them their first top five single.
The band play a "for old time's sake" show at the Rum Runner.

stills from Planet Earth video

the band in Los Angeles during their first main photo session made in Usa



and it's off to Aussie. The lads begin a firm friendship with the country and the feeling is returned by way of their first Number One. Elephants and snake-charmers . . . the (in) famous exotic video are made in Sri Lanka and Antigua. Says Nick of the experience: "I was sitting down in a restaurant when we were filming the final scene for 'Hungry Like The Woif' and there's this snakecharmer sitting down with a little pipe, turban on, basket in front of him . . . So I went up to him and said 'watcha got in there, eh?' He taps the basket and these two cobras come wriggling out". After a Blondie support Duran finally crack the Yanks through MTV. The first batch of awards start flooding in. Duran nick Best Group, Best Album and Best Male Singer In tbc National Rock & Pop Awards etc etc.



some stills from the colorfull video for Rio






Duran nick Best Group, Best Album and Best Male Singer In tbc National Rock & Pop Awards [pics above left]

Andy and tracy wedding [pics above]

the band in skrylanka [main picture]


Nick Rhodes is the first Durannie lo get to Number One outside the group when be produces Kajagoogoo's debut "Too Shy".
Duran make Number One themselves a week later with ' Is There Something I Should Know'. While in New York the boys are mobbed in a record store by 4,000 girls.
Duran video shocker! Stickers have to be put on their video compilation which includes the naughty "The Chauffeur" and "Girls On Film". Duran's year as tax exiles begins so it's off to the south of France to write '7 And The Ragged Tiger'.
Duran have an unhappy time recording the album in Montserrat. Nick again: "I get most of my inspiration from TV, films, people and clubs - not from going to beaches and looking at palm trees ".

the band in Monserrat

Simon gets socked in the jaw when thousands of fans greet the band at Heathrow.
Duran play The Prince's Trust but Charls and Di are less than impressed when the drum pedal breaks in the first number then a box of chocs knocks the bass out of tune.
Si announces engagement to Claire Stansfield.

Nick and Limahl [he met him in bar and produces his band first single Too shy]



back in Oz JT nearly dies when his BMW goes out of control on Sidney Harbour Bridge.
Nile Rodgers remixes "the Reflex" and Duran are back at the top.
Shock horror- probe in the press. Duran's ex minder reveals "I saw Duran go crazy on drug!?" By a stroke of luck Duran are actually advertising Coca-cola at the time in America!

25,000 people apply for tickets to appear in the Duran video Arena.
Roger Taylor marries Giovanna Cantone in Italy. Nice pics on a boat.
Nick marries Julieanne Friedman in Londinium
"The Wild Boys" is Duran's only single of the year Number one of course.



below some pics from the massive Sing Blue Silver Tour



The wild boys are calling
On their way back from the fire
In august moon's surrender to
A dust cloud on the rise
Wild boys fallen far from glory
Reckless and so hungered
On the razors edge you trail
Because there's murder by the roadside
In a sore afraid new world

They tried to break us,
Looks like they'll try again

Wild boys never lose it
Wild boys never chose this way
Wild boys never close your eyes
Wild boys always shine

You got sirens for a welcome
There's bloodstain for your pain
And your telephone been ringing while
You're dancing in the rain
Wild boys wonder where is glory
Where is all you angels
Now the figureheads have fell
And lovers war with arrows over
Secrets they could tell

They tried to tame you
Looks like they'll try again

Wild boys never lose it
Wild boys never chose this way
Wild boys never close your eyes
Wild boys always shine


The guys take part at the huge group Band Aid. The session, organized by Bob Geldof, was in favour of people from Ethiopia. the single Do they know it's Christmas became a big hit [pics from the video below].


A new project for the New Year - Simon and Nick begin on Arcadia. Duran join Frankie Goes to Hollywood on stage in New York for the MTV New Year show. John appears in Timeslip- a Yorkshire TV thrilier
A young lass called Yasmin take the place of Clare Stansfield.
The Power Station's first offering "Some Like It Hot" hits the charts. "those guys don't play with any dirt" says Andy of Chic colleagues.
John gets his wish as Duran meet 007. "A View To A Kill" gives them their first American number one.

Duran do Live Aid at the Philly and there's the odd hitch. JT: "We had the worst sound of the day I was annoyed we were only allowed two songs. But what was great about Philly was it crossed gaps between all the legends of the music biz. There I was standing next to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez."

Simon's boat Drum sinks! August 11 is nearly the end for Simon: "I was sleeping in a bunk but it took me just five seconds to realise we were going over. I suddenly saw the hatch by my feet underwater."
Arcadia appears in the autumn to a fairly enthusiastic reception. Nick: "I don't know whether people are going to like Arcadia or not ... We did make the album for ourselves but that's what we always do."





As the year ends "Communication" does less than spectacularly . JT reflects on a year without Duran: "l'm surprised no one has given us a run for our money.There's only Wham!...
Dec 27 A pertect ending for Simon. He marries Yasmin at an Oxford Registry Office.

1986 and 1987

JT gets involved in the soundtrack for steamy Shocker 9 ½ weeks. A single "I Do What I Do" is released and is not really a hit.

May 10
Drum returns from its wee cruise. Customs officers swarm all over the gaff but discover nothing Incriminating. Nothing can dampen Si's enthusiasm: "This is a lifetime thing."
Roger leaves Duran which is a shock to all the band. "I didn't realise how much it was all getting to him" says Nick . Steve Ferrone is drafted in to play on the new album but we are assured it's not permenent.

Work begins on "Notorious" In Paris. No sign of Andy.
After many a frantic transatlantic phone-call (read section "behind the breadk") it transpires that Andy is getting a solo career together In LA, jamming with Belinda Carlisle, Rod Stweart, Steve Jones etc. Exit Andy, though he will appaer on some tracks.

* Andy Taylor realeses two albums, "Thunder" in 87 and "Dangerous" in 90 (he works with Steve Jones on the first album). He produces many bands and gets involved with "Thunder" and his lead singer Luke Morely and he also play and produces Then Jerico in the 90's (for more info www.andytaylor.com).

Nick and Simon appear on Euro-Tube.
and out comes "Notorious" with a neat line about 'flaky bandits'. Says Nick: "What we said was Andy gets paid for playing on this album but he's not with Duran anymore. "
The single of the same name reaches #2.

Duran Duran deliver further singles "Skin Trade" and "Meet El Presidente" from Notorious and set out on the Strange Behaviour World Tour.

Warren Cuccurullo, formerly of Frank Zappa's band and Missing Persons, takes over as guitarist.

The band plays a charity gig at the Beacon Theatre in NYC, where Lou Reed joins them onstage to perform "Sweet Jane" and "Walk on the Wild Side." The band participate in a behind the scenes documentary called Three to Get Ready. Shot entirely in Black and White, the movie is shown at many film festivals.

Skin Trade disappointingly fails to dent the Top 20.


Big Thing is released, sinlges of the album became hits worldwide, "I Don't Want Your Love" (Top 5) and "All She Wants Is." The video for "All She Wants Is," directed by avant- garde photographer Dean Camberlain is awarded by MTV for its innovation.

In support to the album they start to tour the Usa with the Caravan Tour, they only play small clubs. The live thing goes on in larger venues with the "Big live Thing tour" and in early 89 with the "Electric Theatre Tour".

agoust 25

Amber Rose Le Bon, the first daughter of Simon and Yasmin, see the ligh. They will have 2 other kids in the next years, Saffron, september 25, 91, and Tallulah, september 10, 94.

Simon said at the time: "becoming a good parent isn't hard. You have to be caring, thoughtful and loving"


Nick is named one of the world's ten best dressed man and gets award in Paris.

Ten years of Duran Duran is documented by both an album and video entitled Decade. They release the mega-mix "Burning the Ground" for radios in support of the album and they play the Reflex in some tv apparences.


Warren Cuccurullo becomes a permanent member of Duran Duran, as they release their sixth studio album Liberty.

they release this album as a five piece band with Sterling Champbell on drums as official member too. He leaves the band before the end of the year. Singles out of the album are "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)" and "Serious."

1991/ 1992/ 1993/1994

THE RE-BIRTH: years of the Wedding album



Uk press in april reports that Simon, Nick, Warren and John start preparation and writing for next Duran Duran studio album in Battersea: "Duran Duran hole up in "privacy" studios to record tracks for their self titled seventh CD, also known as The Wedding Album. They collaborate with Brazilian musician Milton Nascimento on a song called "Breath after Breath, the song is recorded in one day."

John's and Amanda De Cadenet (called "wild child" by the uk media) gets married in december.


On april 1, was born their first and only kid, Atlanta Taylor. In agoust the new family moves to Los Angeles. Amanda wants to pursue an acting career. John start working on some sides projects: "Mi vida loca" movie's soundtrack and some music that will be released only in 1999 under the title "Meltdown".

In spring Nick and JulieAnne split up, divorce will follow in october.

Nick's relationship with artist Madeline Farley is public by the end of the year [see a pic of Nick and Madeline in the 1997 paragraph].


The band perform at the Kroq Acoustic Christmas show.

Duran Duran makes a triumphant return to the charts with "Ordinary World," which instantly becomes a massive hit Worldwide.

a new image, a new logo.


They plays acoustic gigs in Usa and Europe in february and march.

they made also a massive promotional tour, tv, radio, press, photo sessions, etc.

The group films the video "Ordinary World" in California with Director Nick Egan.

Duran Duran's "The Wedding Album" is released . The song "Ordinary World" receives much attention by the general public and wins an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting in (they get awarded in october 94).

In April Duran play in South Africa and they become one of the first bands to play there after the end of Apartheid.

"Come Undone" becomes the album's second hit as Duran Duran, video for the song is released at  London's Acquarium.

in april and may, while in South America, Duran Duran shoot the video for "Breath After Breath" in Argentina.

The band is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Duran Duran performs live via satellite across the globe from the Tower Records store on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

During the summer the band continue on the road with the "Dilate Your Mind World Tour", the stage in some venues of the Usa is the one used for the thrid single's video "Too much information" , made by S. Lazzaridus.



The band films a video in New York City for "Femme Fatale" with director Ellen Von Unwerth officially never releases.

Duran Duran performs an acoustic set on MTV's Unplugged series. In their spare time, they start working on their next cover album, recording in studios around the world while on tour.


Warren's solo album Thanks to Franks is released, mainly available on the net.

he plays some gigs in october and november at the Marquee in London.


Duran Duran decide to pay tribute to their musical influences and release Thank You, an album of cover versions.

The song and video for "Perfect Day" reunites the band with original drummer Roger Taylor.

Lots of promotion in support to the album: Duran Duran perform on many tv shows the rap classic "White Lines" accompanied by Grand Master Flash, Melle Mel and the Furious Five.

Everyone from Lou Reed to Led Zeppelin and Iggy Pop to Bob Dylan sing the praises of Duran Duran's versions of their songs.


Duran appears without (!) John Taylor at the Sanremo Feastival in Italy, Lamya (theyr female backing vocal during the last tour) appears with the band on stage playing bass in palyback !

Duran Duran headlines a series of radio festivals in the States and contributes a track to the Led Zeppelin tribute album Enconium.
Simon performs in Italy for the Bosnian War Child charity, and appears on the album Pavorotti and Friends Together for the Children of Bosnia, dueting with Pavorotti on Duran's "Ordinary World," and Cranberrie's Dolores O'Riordan on "Linger."

It's summertime when Duran start to work on the new album at the privacy studios.


John Taylor gets involved in the Neurotic (boy) outsiders band with Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Duff and Matt Sorum (from Guns and Roses). They play several shows at the Viper Room. John says: " it was the monday night poker game that turned into a band. I was so fucked off with music and Duran Duran that it was great at first. It was like being in a punk rock movie".

september 26

Simon join Neurotic Outsiders on stage at their London Astoria gig.


John leaves permanetly the Uk. He start working on he's first solo album. Crack's in his wedding are starting to show.


january 19

During the "Durancon", after playing "lonely in you Nightmare" bassist and founding member John Taylor comunicate to fans his decision about leaving Duran Duran to pursue a solo career.

John's solo career during the following years is very prolific, he releases an album almost every year and he's one of the very first artists involved on the internet.

his website (trusttheprocess.com) helped him to stay in touch musically and humanly with his fans during the years.

from 1995 to 2001 he releases many albums getting involved with different producers and musicians (for more info www.trusttheprocess.com). He take part at the second Power Station album with Andy Taylor, he gets a touring band called "Terroristen" and plays several shows in the Usa and he also start a little carrer as actor (Sugar Town, A Diva's Christmas Carol, Vegas Cod, Four Dogs Playing Poker, the Flingstones, etc).

His last album "Retreat into Art", released in december 2001, represents an anthology of the music produced in the latest 5 years.


Simon, Nick and Warren return to Privacy Studios in London to finish work (started un summer 95) on the new album, the sperimental and electronic "Medazzaland".


Duran Duran contribute a song to the soundtrack of the motion picture The Saint: "Out of my Mind" enter the charts only in some countries. The video is shot in Czechoslovakia,


the first single and the video, shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth are released in september.

"Electric Barbarella" is available to download from Abbey Road Studios London, using Liquid Audio.

MoJo Records release The Duran Duran Tribute Album, with tracks by Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish and Deftones. A concert is organized in Los Angeles by the acts involved to celebrate the band and their music.

Duranduran.com is launched.

Duran tours North America and they perform at the opening night of New York's Whitney Museum Exhibit featuring the work of Andy Warhol.

Nick Rhodes and girlfriend [from 1992 to 1999] Madeline Farley at the Saint Premiere in LA.


EMI records release both a re-mix CD called Essentials and The Greatest, a second Greatest Hits collection.

Simon with long time friend and co-owner of the SYN label (based in Japan and specialized in music and jingles for commercials) Nick Wod gets involved in the soundtrack of the new Van Pebbles movie "love kills". He writes the beautiful "Dreamboyz".


Duran Duran, with the current touring-line-up (Steve Alexander on drums and Wes Wheimiller on bass) are guest at the Lady Diana Tribute. they were one of Diana's favurite bands.


The band embark on the Greatest and Latest Tour of the UK.

Simon performs with the Smashing Pumpkins at the Sheperds Bush Empire in London. They perform the Duran classic "Nightboat".

Duran Duran leaves EMI Records after 18 years.


they tour Usa with the "Let it Flow tour" anticipating in the live performances songs on their next album. the touring line up change once again, on drums there's Joe Travers.

in agoust they sign a multi-album deal with Hollywood Records.

Two more Tribute Albums are released: Glue and Undone.

Puff Daddy samples "Notorious" for a Notorious B.I.G. song.



Pop Trash is released . "Someone Else Not Me" is the first single, released on May 2nd.
The video was made with digital animation.

Duran Duran appear on Television around the globe in support of the new album.

on the 25 Duran Duran records Vh1 story tellers in Windsor, London.

The band begins the 33 date Pop trash tour in the Usa and a Christmas tour in the Uk, selling out all shows. The UK Pop Trash tour features the use of "augmented reality" technology.


BBC releases the rockumentary "the Wild Boys" with interviews with past and present members of Duran Duran on the band celebrating 20 years of their career.


Warren poses naked for gay magazine "G".



The band tour east Europe: it's their first time in Russia.


Duran Duran embarks on the "Close up" tour in the Usa, playing multiple nights in intimate venues.


Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes shoot a print campaign for the GAP



Duran Duran tours Japan in June for the first time after 8 years. The Japanese dates are the last with guitarist Warren Cuccurullo.

Missing Persons with Warren, Wes Weihmiller and Joe Travers [both played with Duran on tour from 1998 to 2001]]


Warren Cuccurullo parts with the band to reform his group Missing Persons. Nick Rhodes and Simon LeBon are reunited with the original three members of Duran Duran, Roger, Andy and John Taylor. They meet together in Europe in June to start writing new music. the first proper meeting was held in Saint Tropez.


Roger Tayolor under the name name "Funk Face" release "Lost This Feeling" a limited edition 12" created on his own newly created independent label (RT music)


Simon, Nick, John, Andy and Roger get together in the South of France to work on material for a new album.

John tapes a guest spot on the Fox Television show That 80s Show.

When they return from France, Simon and Nick team up with the Dandy Warhols to work on their new album Welcome to the Monkey House. Nick is at the helm producing the record and Simon provides guest vocals.

The Devils, featuring Nick Rhodes and original Duran Duran lead singer Stephen Duffy, release Dark Circles in the UK to critical acclaim.

The Devils (Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy) perform songs from Dark Circles at London department store Harvey Nichols to a packed crowd that includes both Simon LeBon and Roger Taylor.

Simon records a duet of "Save a Prayer" with SYN artist Silvio singing in Portuguese and Simon singing in English. The song appears on a Starbucks compilation available only in Japan.

Nick Rhodes produces songs for two up and coming artists, She Said Yeah and Riviera F in-between his duties on the new Duran record.


Duran Duran celebrates the 25th anniversary of the formation of the band in 1978.

The Devils featuring Stephen Duffy and Nick Rhodes perform at The Live Music Hall, in Cologne, Germany. The show is taped for the Music Planet 2Nite show for Arte TV. It is the only full performance they have done thus far.

Capitol/EMI Records re-issue a re-mastered version of the album Rio.

In April Duran Duran announces their first tour dates together in eighteen years with the original line up of Simon, Andy, Nick, John and Roger. The first shows (in Japan) go on sale and the renowned 8,000 capacity Budokan Arena in Tokyo sells out in a staggering 30 minutes! A second sell out show at the Budokan is added to the five other dates.

The Dandy Warhols release Welcome to the Monkey House. The album receives critical acclaim and rave reviews for its Duran/Bowie-esque influences - brought to the project by Rhodes' finely tuned production skills.

EMI Records release a 13 CD Box Set of the band's singles from the period ‘81-‘85 to coincide with the 25th Anniversary. The band members announce their first American dates in eighteen years, including a night at the legendary Roxy Theatre on Sunset in Los Angeles (the first West Coast venue they played some 20 plus years earlier). The show is announced by the band on LA's KROQ radio. Fans sleep outside the venue for nights in order to secure tickets to the show. A star-studded audience includes Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, fellow No Doubt’ers Tony Kanal and Adrien Young, actor Nicolas Cage, Christina Applegate, Beck, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols.

Duran Duran announces more US dates, including The Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas which sells out in less than 10 minutes, with a second date being quickly added. Another celebrity-packed audience attends the concert and after-party, hosted by Hard Rock founder Peter Morton. Guests include singer Macy Gray, comedian Jimmy Fallon and Oscar-winner Adrien Brody amongst others.

The band records their five Japanese shows, one of their Las Vegas dates and their first show in Orange County, to release both individually and as a box set. Available through the Internet only, these are part of the Encore Series distributed by TheMusic.com.

The band members attend the MTV Video Music Awards in New York the night after their show at the Ritz and are surprised with a presentation of a "Lifetime Achievement Award."

EMI Records release a 2-DVD Greatest Hits compilation containing all of the band's seminal videos.

Q Magazine - the UK's most prestigious music magazine - presents the band with the Lifetime Achievement Award at their 2003 ceremony in London. Nile Rodgers presents the accolade and the event is televised around the world.

The band plays their first UK show since 1984 as the original lineup to an ecstatic sold out crowd. Fans camp out at The Forum, in Kentish Town, London and Sky News reports that there were over 200,000 requests for tickets for a venue that could only hold 2,000 people.

Duran Duran is invited to participate in the Princes Trust Fundraiser at the Royal Albert Hall, entitled "Fashion Rocks." As the band performs "Girls on Film," models – including Yasmin LeBon – strut the catwalk dressed in Donna Karan. The televised event raises over One Million Pounds for charity.

The band joins pop star Robbie Williams as the special guests on his tour of Australia and New Zealand (December 2003). The first stadium concert in Sydney sells 50,000 tickets in one hour and a second Sydney date is added because of the demand.

After a successful stint "Down Under" with Robbie Williams - where the band adds solo shows to cope with fan demand - they finish 2003 with a sold out show in Singapore.

Power Station lead singer Robert Palmer dies suddenly in France and Powerstation drummer Tony Thompson dies of cancer a few months later. All members of Duran Duran are deeply saddened by both deaths.


Duran Duran announces four UK arena shows, which sell out almost immediately. They perform 17 shows to over 200,000 people across Britain. The last two shows, at London's Wembley Arena, are filmed. The band is invited to participate in the US Super Bowl in Houston, TX. The song "Wild Boys" is broadcast to over one billion people worldwide.

NASA sends a second Mars Exploration Rover into Space called Opportunity, whose main task is to investigate whether Mars ever had environments that were suitable for sustaining life. Each morning the Rover is awoken by a song, and in early February NASA chooses Duran Duran's "Is There Something I Should Know?" in hopes of "encouraging" Opportunity to find some more answers.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) announces that they will honour the band at their February Awards show, The Brits, with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award. The Award is presented to the band by Justin Timberlake, who surprised the band at August's MTV Awards by telling them what a big influence they had been on him.

A new track, "Sunrise" mixed by Jason Nevins, is included on Capitol Records' Queer Eye For the Straight Guy soundtrack.

Duran Duran returns to the Studio in London, where they work with Producers Don Gilmore and Dallas Austin, and re-mixer Jason Nevins.

The band signs a worldwide deal with Epic Records in June 2004.

EMI releases Box Set Number 2, featuring songs from the band's catalogue from 1986 through 1995.

Duran Duran's single, "(Reach Up for the) Sunrise" is released off their upcoming CD in September, 2004 and quickly rises up the charts worldwide, hitting Number 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts abd becoming a Top 5 smash nearly all over the world.

"(Reach Up for the) Sunrise" is used on a commercial for TIM Mobile phones in Italy, as well as the theme song for the UK version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and the Australian Morning Show, Sunrise.

Duran Duran appears at In Store appearances at Saturn (Berlin), HMV (Birmingham and London) and Virgin MegaStore (New York and Los Angeles) to rapturous crowds who camp out overnight to meet the band.

Epic releases Duran Duran's Astronaut on October 11/12th, the first album of new material featuring the original line up since Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

The band embarks on endless promotion for their single, appearing on the television shows Top of the Pops, The Lottery, Time Lovejoy's All Stars, The Jonathan Ross Show, TRL in the UK and Italy, The Tonight Show Featuring Jay Leno, The Late Late Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, Ellen, Good Morning America, Live! With Regis and Kelly and many others.

In November, Duran Duran is honoured with the Ondas Award for Musical Achievement in Barcelona, Spain.

Duran Duran's Astronaut hits #1 on the Billboard Download chart the first week of release.

Each band member films their "own" video of "(Reach up for the) Sunrise" with the Polish Brothers. These are later released on ITunes Internationally.

The video for "What Happens Tomorrow" is filmed in Los Angeles with Directors Smith N Boran.


Simon and Nick attend the MTV Europe Awards in Rome and present the Best New Artist Award to Maroon 5.

"Nice" remixes done by: Lindberg Palace - 456 Productions - Mike Greig - JD aka Dready - Pablo La Rosa - Johnson Somerset - Eric Prydz.

The band tours the US from February to April 2005, culminating with a performance at Madison Square Garden on April 13th, 2005.

Duran Duran kicks off a European tour in the summer of 2005 visiting places such as Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary (where Simon famously asks “Is anyone Hungarian?”) , Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and France.

Duran Duran performs at Live 8 on July 2nd, 2005, at Circus Maximus in Rome. Their performance is also beamed in to London's Hyde Park, while the whole concert is aired over the internet by AOL and over Satellite radio by XM. The band then jets to their performance at the Roskilde Festival.

After a short and successful summer tour of the US, 3 dates in Japan (including the Summer Sonic Festival), the band announces they will be doing Christmas shows in the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and two shows at London's Earls Court.

Duran Duran Live From London is released, capturing the original band during their spectacular seventeen-date, 2004 UK arena tour in both a special deluxe 2-Disc package and a spectacular single DVD disc. Directed by award-winning film-maker, Lawrence Jordan and shot with fourteen state-of-the-art, 1080 24p high-definition cameras, this unique concert DVD, with its film-like visuals, captures the magic, excitement, and pure adrenaline of the band's final two Wembley concerts on April 30 and May 1, 2004. Both packages also include a behind-the-scenes documentary, rare and candid interview footage, a photo gallery, and a unique audio-track voice-over by all five of the band members - talking about the songs and the show. In addition, the special, deluxe two-disc set includes one song that can be watched in 3D, together with a 12 page booklet, and the live album.

Duran Duran performs at Fashion Rocks which will aid in charity relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Duran is asked to be special guests at the launch of the Imperia Vodka brand, imported from Russia, where the single "What Happens Tomorrow" is a huge hit. IMPERIA "rents" out Liberty Island in New York City for the event. The band performs for the crowd from a barge floating in the Hudson River.

Andre Agassi personally asks Duran Duran to perform at his annual Grand Slam for Children charity event in Las Vegas.

The band begins work on their follow-up to Astronaut.

Duran Duran performs at the Nobel Peace Concert in Norway.

The band plays Christmas dates in Europe, culminating with two shows at Earls Court in London.

Ferry Corsten samples the Duran Duran song "Serious" off of the Liberty album. The song, "Fire", becomes a massive dance hit and includes clips of the original in the new video.


After taking a well earned break, Duran Duran returns to the Studio in London with Engineer Michael Patterson to continue working on their forthcoming CD.

February 2nd, 2006 marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Duran Duran's "Planet Earth" single. Roger comments on Duranduran.com, "My strongest memory of the release of 'Planet Earth' is one of US gathering around the radio in Chipping Norton studios (where we were recording tracks for the forthcoming FIRST album) and hearing one of our songs being played on the radio for the first time, being absolutely ecstatic and feeling that we had really 'arrived,' when in fact it was just the start of a very long journey."

Duran Duran performs at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. The performance takes place on February 15th at the Medals Plaza, Piazza Castello, Torino. Footage of the show is broadcast around the world.

EMI UK releases Nick Rhodes and John Taylor Present: Only After Dark. Only After Dark is the first compilation to recreate one of the UK's most dynamic and exciting moments in music - the late '70s and dawning '80s period, which resonated soundly with the two future members of Duran Duran. The critically acclaimed CD features tracks by Brian Eno, David Bowie, Simple Minds, Grace Jones and more.

Nick's essay on the early '80s in Birmingham and the songs that inspired Only After Dark is chosen as the cover piece for the London Daily Telegraph's Saturday pull out section.

Duran Duran performs at the Annual Red Cross Ball in Monaco on August 4th. It is their last performance with Andy Taylor.

top right Simon and 18 years old daughter Amber Le bon. Below Nick and girlfriend [since 2001] Meredith Ostrum.

Duran Duran reconvenes in a New York City studio and begin work with famed Producer Timbaland on three tracks for their upcoming album.

Justin Timberlake, whom the band first met when they received their Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV and who later presented them with a second Lifetime Achievement Award at the UK BRIT Awards in 2004, collaborates with them on one of the songs from the forthcoming release.

John Taylor designs a Signature Peavey Guitar and Bass line, called the Liberator, in association with Juicy Couture.

Jom and his Peavey bass on the right, with his second wife Gela Nash [co-funder of Juicy couture]. they got married in 1999.

The band announces the departure of guitarist Andy Taylor and confirm that they will continue as a foursome as they finish up their new CD for Epic/Sony Records.

above picture the band during the astronaut promotion

The band performs for the first time in Poland, in front of 120,000 People. The show is televised nationally. The band warms up for a short U.S run with five European shows in Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens and Belgrade.

Duran Duran joins the Red Hot Chili Peppers as Headliners for the Voodoo Music Experience, Halloween weekend in New Orleans.

The band visits Warren Easton High School while in New Orleans. This school was devastated by hurricane Katrina and began rebuilding after being closed for 7 months. After taking a tour of the school, and participating in a press conference/autograph session with the Journalism Department, the band donates an audio sound system for the school to the students.

Duran Duran headlines the BANG! Music Festival on November 11, at Bicentennial Park in Miami. Other artists include Gnarls Barkley and Daft Punk.

John Taylor under takes four in-store appearances to launch his signature series Guitar and Bass lines.


The band goes into the studio in London with producer Nate ‘Danja’ Hills and mixer Jimmy Douglass to complete their album.

Duran Duran returns to the studio in July with Justin Timberlake, writing the track "Falling Down".

Nick Rhodes participates in a traveling guitar exhibition, designing a one-of-a-kind guitar - the world's first electric guitar to feature a TV screen. The Fender guitar plays video (curated by Rhodes), as well as music. The guitar is later sold in a charity auction.

roger marries gisella in may in santa lucia island

When the time arrived to choose the locale for his May 12, 2007 wedding to Gisella Bernales, his love since 2005, it seemed only fitting that the musician opted for the equally exotic Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Taylor's band mates Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes were among the reported 60 guests invited to Jalousie Plantation, a 65 villa, 35 villa suites sanctuary surrounded by the verdant beauty of the Piton Mountains.

Roger marries Gisella in may in santa lucia island. pic coutsey of dd.com

Duran Duran’s version of John Lennon’s "Instant Karma" is included on Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur.

Duran Duran opens the "Concert For Diana" show from London’s newly renovated Wembley Stadium on July 1, introduced by Princes William and Harry.

Duran Duran performs at Al Gore’s "Live Earth" event from Wembley Stadium on July 7. They are the only band to play at both events.

Anticipation builds as Sony announces Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre will be released November 12/13, 2007 and they are currently promoting the single Faling Down in Usa.

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