September 26: Nick just spoke to Katy in a new Kafe up on ddm | "It's quite something what we have done so far" Nick says! Mr Rhodes has been in the studio in september to work on 5 mixes. So they have a total of 14 rough mixes and still 9 to do he said. The new album is nearly done "all bass and drums are done, guitar... probably a little bit left", so it's almost all done, except lyrics... At this stage it all depends on the lyrics Nick says: "Simon is in a bunker right now working away in lyrics". Nick doesn't envy the task that Simon has ahead to come up with lyrics... it's not easy to "match in quality what we have... Simon has been writing lyrics for a long time and it gets harder to find interesting subjects matter and find a different way to look at it within a song... if we get all the lyrics in september/october they might be complete for november and get the album finished for december", but realistically the release could be an april/may and a tour will follow he says, how big depends on how well the album is received. The album is much more uptempo, almost built to play live. Mark Ronson has been trying to re-create Duran Duran's signature sound adding a contemporary edge. The band and Mark will recovene in the studio later this month or early october.

September 26: We first saw them together at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation fourth annual fundraising gala dinner on 6th June 2009. This week they have been spotted together at some events [Hervé Léger Launch VIP Dinner on September 17, Nick Knight's Showstudio Opening Party on September 21 and at the Afterparty for Burberry on September 22]. Her name is Marie Louise [Lou-Lou] Stoffel. She's a 26 year old socialite from Switzerland [born in 1982 - Libra]

*September 27 Update*: According to our correspondent Esme [who also sent us this unpublished pic of the couple hanging out hand in hand], LouLou is actually in London doing her Masters degree in Photography! She and Nick must have a lot to discuss...

September 26: 'Duran Duran’s Short Sharp Shock Tour', that's how John has nicknamed the short but successful Summer tour. Lovebox and Edinburgh were probably the shows with more press and media coverage. It was the first time the band played a huge festival in London, the Edinburgh Castle venue was just magic and they were also joined on stage by Ronson for the Bond Medley. The band treated the audience with gems like Election Day, a song by Arcadia that Duran hadn't performed live since the late 80s. wrote abouth the Edinburgh show "An impressive performance, while the sound quality was also very high, Duran Duran are not a nostalgia act. On the contrary, with current bands influenced by their electro-pop sensibilities, they've rarely sounded so modern". In Edinburgh the band also offered to the audience a great laser show "green lasers pierced the pink sky like ethereal ghosts during an emotional rendition of Ordinary World". The List wrote "Tonight they weren’t about to let a torrential rainstorm get between them and their fans. Bursting on with ‘Wild Boys’ and an apt ‘Hold Back the Rain’, Le Bon strutted, pouted and crotch-thrust through the set. ‘Rio’, ‘Ordinary World’ and a spectacular revisit of ‘White Lines’ would have raised the roof, if there was one. Overlooking a couple of painful dirty-dancing-drunk-dad moments, they still behaved like synthpop heroes. Climaxing with a Bond medley and version of ‘Girls on Film’ bigger than their one-time perm-quiffs, they sent the ponchoed-crowd home dancing into the fire". commented also on the guys look: "Right from the opening number, which saw Le Bon and keyboard player Nick Rhodes perform Wild Boys dressed in Clockwork Orange-themed suits and top hats, the retro New Romantic band had the entire audience". [...] "Are you dry enough yet? Or are you getting wetter?" teased Le Bon, as he breezed through a hit-laden set which also featured songs from their latest studio album Red Carpet Massacre.

Positive reviews also in Usa: The List: ‘We are Duran Duran!’ shouts Simon Le Bon, legs spread, hips thrown forward, blonde highlights dipped backwards. ‘The band designed to make your nipples harder! San Francisco Chronicle reported that tickets sold out almost as quickly as they went on sale, some going for as much as $600 through the hands of scalpers. Palo Alto Daily News wrote: "Duran Duran thrills fans at Mountain Winery concert - And part of it is just the excitement of seeing all these guys really working to play the music, which is very precise, very well rehearsed. They are very good musicians, and good showmen. [...] Le Bon dedicated Do You Belive in Shame to Michael Jackson [the song was originally dedicated to Andy Warhol on their forgettable 1989 “Big Thing”]. “ It doesn’t matter what you think,” Simon said, “everyone’s got a bit of him in them”

download scans of the two articles pictured above: Daily Record july 17 09 and unknown Uk july 21 09

Below links to some great Duran Duran live photos:

Duran Duran Edinburgh July 16, 2009 by Cerifwrdd here and here

Duran Duran Costa Mesa July 11, 2009 by Yarachica here

Duran Duran at the Fillmore July 7, 2009 by Angigie here, by Ash09 here and by Dina Marie here

Below an exclusive Lovebox behind the scene

[all photos by Petra Rohner - pictured below with Roger - kindly sent by Raffaella Ciroli - in the middle pic with the band - In the first pic the band strike a pose with Donata, the lucky winner of ddm's contest "Design a Concert Poster for Duran Duran"]


September 19: review | EMI is about to release a 2-CD and Vinyl Special Edition of Duran Duran's classic 1982 album Rio, and a previously-unreleased live DVD/CD concert, Live At Hammersmith 82! We have been lucky enough to get a preview copy of these great prodoucts to review for you. Wonderfully packaged with glossy booklets full of archive pictures and a story about the early years of the band's history, this is the perfect prodouct to relive such a great era in Duran Duran's career. You'll see and hear [all tracks have been digitally remastered in 2009, so the music sounds better than ever] a band full of energy on stage, rich of enthusiasm for the future... duranmania was about to explode, thanks to this seminal album. Rio is one of the most representative albums of all times, the video for Rio has been voted by Mtv's audience as best video ever, the cover, a serigraph by Patrick Nagel, is one of the most recognizable images of our time. This album is just a little piece of art, a time capsule but at the same time modern and actual thanks to songs like Save a Prayer, New Religion and Hold Back The Rain. The Hammersmith live show includes gems from the first album such as Friends of Mine [with an almost convulsive Simon Le Bon dancing and clapping on the ground], the pop-gothic Night Boat and the beautiful Make Me Smile [a song from 1975 written by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel and covered by Duran Duran in 1982]. Our compliments to Emi Catalogue for the quality of the prodouct and the great attention to all details in the packaging: fonts, colors, paper, all reflects the image of the original Rio album. A must have for all the Duran Duran fans out there or for anyone who want to discover why Duran Duran conquered the world in the 80s. In these recordings they'll find the answer!

Press release: Rio was Duran Duran's second album and is as representative of the 1980s as it gets, at its best. A fusion of style and substance ensures that even two decades after its release it remains as listenable and danceable as ever. Through the sheer quality of its singles Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer and their accompanying, ground-breaking videos which were heavily rotated on MTV. Rio saw the band break the U.S., with the album spending a staggering 129 weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart. The Rio 2 CD Special Edition is made up of the UK release of the album, the original U.S. album remixes [enabling U.S. listeners to programme their CD to be able to listen to the original version], EMI Manchester Square demos, B-Sides, remixes and other surprises. The digital download version has 2 extra tracks. The LP & 12 vinyl special edition is the original UK album on LP and US album remixes on the 12.

Live at Hammersmith 82! is a much anticipated release among followers of the band. Previously unreleased, it will come as a double DVD and CD pack, allowing fans to both enjoy the visual spectacle of the concert and CD audio, too. Filmed and recorded in the latter part of 1982 as Duranmania was sweeping the UK, the performance at London's Hammersmith Odeon includes Rio, Hungry like the Wolf, Girls on Film, fan favourite Make Me Smile [Come Up and See Me] and more. The release also includes Rio era videos and two previously unreleased Top of the Pops performances.


On the right a full page review from RockStar magazine [Italy september 2009]. You can download a scan right here

Here is a review from Time Out London | Duran Duran: Live at Hammersmith ‘82 [four out of five stars] Packaged with two CDs – the band’s second LP from 1982, ‘Rio,’ plus collected demos, B-Sides, rarities and mixes – this DVD is the perfect package for die-hard Durannies. Given our current obsession with ‘80s style synth-pop (see La Roux, Ladyhawke, et al), it’s a timely releases. It’s also a hugely enjoyable one, despite the foggy [previously unreleased] footage of the show, performed before an adoring sea of fluffy perms and white trilbies. A lean, bouffanted Simon Le Bon and co run through the likes of “Planet Earth,” “Save a Prayer” and “Girls on Film,” pleasing fans of strutting bass lines and booming Syndrums – while reminding us that, in the ‘80s, the jacket with high-rolled sleeves was king. All the ludicrously high-gloss videos that matter, too. Sharon O’Connell.

>> Rio and Hammersmith release dates: september 21th in Europe, October 6th in Usa <<

If you haven't had enough of Rio, you can always re-read the exclusive interview to Nick Rhodes about the Rio Classic Album dvd release that I published in exclusive last january.


Sepetember 19: Dean Chamberlain speaks to | Dean Chamberlain is a photographer who specializes in unique lighting effects and extended exposure times [up to five hours], creating luminous and colorful images. He has taken photographs for Arcadia, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Deborah Harry, Madonna, and many more. His photography is pure art. He received an MTV Breakthrough Award for directing music videos for Arcadia, "Missing", Paul McCartney, "This One" and Duran Duran's "All She Wants Is".

Dean is continuing with his psychedelically inspired light painting done with Arcadia, as especially evident in "Missing", with his current exhibit at 99Collective in Venice, Ca., of "Portraits of Psychedelic Pioneers". Dean told me during our recent chat "I am still working every day and night of the week on my book, which is going to be really tremendous. I'll stake my life on it". Yes, there will be at least one Arcadia light painting. It's a distinctive one in that part one of the light painting was made in south of France at the video set of The Promise [the one with the all black set]. Then I exposed the second part on the of the light painting on the same frame of film at the Grand Hotel in Rome the next night. It's a beauty of a portrait of them. We see Nick, Simon, Violeta and [the other girl] who were doing backup on tv appearances. And Julie Anne is in there too. Anyway, it will be a full-page in my book". I may include a couple of others if Nick will make it easy for me to get high quality scans of my light paintings. The funny part is that at the rate I'm going he just might publish them before me. But that's only half funny because I've been working every day for 5 years to get this book done." If you are interested in Dean's work read these articles, and

Dean was kind enough to show us and share a medium size version of the Arcadia picture he has chosen for his book, click here and enjoy!

Dean might be right... Nick might publish lots of Dean's work done for Arcadia before him... In fact I got a tremendous news yesterday speaking to a representative of Emi: Emi Catalogue is working on the re-release [deluxe version] of Arcadia's So Red The Rose scheduled for a 2010 release [no date announced yet] wich will mark the 25th anniversary of the Arcadia project! Notorious is also on the list of Emi Catalogue's next re-releases. I'll keep you posted as soon as any date is confirmed!

This news about Arcadia gives me the opportunity to share with all of you this drawing made by Nick in 1985, when Arcadia came in Italy to promote So Red The Rose. Click here to download a full scan. Enjoy this little piece of Arcadian Art!

September 19: According to the above article published by the Daily Mail on september 1st, Julie Anne Rhodes is writing a memoir lifestyle book combining anecdotes of her life with Nick Rhodes with her favourite recipes. Here is the transcription of article:

Daily Mail 1 set 2009 | The Rhodes Less Travelled | Having watched his sultry ex-girlfriend Meredith Ostrom, 32, describe their break-up by daubing herself in oil paints and rolling around on canvas, Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes, 47, is about to suffer a similar -if rather less messy - fate at the hands of his ex-wife, Julie Anne. The American-born former model married Rhodes in 1984 at the height of his popstar fame in a spectacular pink-themed wedding at the Savoy, complete with rose champagne and live flamingos. Eight years later, the marriage ended in divorce and a High Court custody battle over their daughter, Tatjana. Now a chef, Julie Anne is taking advantage of Duran Duran’s recent return to the limelight by writing a memoir combining tales of her life with Rhodes with favourite recipes. ‘I’m in the early days of negotiations, so there is not much else to say yet other than it is a lifestyle book,’ Julie tells me. In a blog written on the 25th anniversary of her wedding, she remembers ‘a brilliant hen night in which my 80-year-old spinster Auntie Vera gave me edible panties’. She continues: ‘At the Savoy, police barricades tenuously held back 400 screaming fans. Inside, the flamingos Nick had insisted on [he also wanted black panthers, but we managed to talk him out of that detail] kept pecking at the diamond bracelet he’d given me as a wedding present.’

On agoust 18, date of Nick and Julie's wedding anniversary, she writes on her blog:

"the marriage eventually ended on a sour note, but we do enjoy a civil friendship today. I have no idea what the correct protocol is [...] but happy anniversary anyway Nick. It does make me happy to remember the good times we had together."

Read Julie's wedding memories here and check out the wonderful Norman Parkinson photographs she posted on the blog.

September 15: According to a recent interview to Giorgio Moroder, published in Italy by the local newspaper Alto Adige and also by the prestigious website, the three-time Oscar winning Italian record producer, songwriter and performer, said no to Duran Duran in their early days. Moroder's work with synthesizers during the 1970s and 1980s had a significant influence on new wave, house, techno and electronic music in general. Particularly well known for his work with Donna Summer [including "I Feel Love", one of the covers that Duran Duran used to play in their early gigs] and scores for American Gigolo [Blondie's hit Call Me was the basis for the sound track] Midnight Express, Flashdance, The Never Ending Story and many more.

From the interview | Here is the translation of the very interesting tidbit about Duran Duran.

Interviewer: Besides the film with Michael Jackson [the never made remake of George Pal's Seven Faces of Doctor Lao], do you have regrets for any artistic enterprises you had to refuse?

Giorgio Moroder: There are at least two that comes to mind: the renounce to the musical comedy "Fame" [I frankly did not understand the "script" neither the potentialities]; then the renounce to produce Duran Duran before they became Duran Duran. They proposed me some demos that I would have had produced but I decided that it wasn't worth it...

Dreams to work with Moroder never stoped over the years: in 2005 The Sun reported about Nick's desire to work with the italian producer on Duran Duran's -then- next album... [Thanks to duranmanga for this info]

September 12: Revealing interview with Simon Le Bon published in The Guide [Evening News] on the eve of Duran Duran's Edinburgh summer show. The man recalls the early days as actor, his first trip to Edinburgh and [for the first time!] his funny role in the rubbish show “Dragoman”.

From the article: "Perched atop a ladder, fixing large white letters to the front of the Nicolson Street church, a young Birmingham University drama student helped transform what is now the Southside Community Education Centre into the Nicolson Street Theatre. That was in 1980. [...] Simon says: “Do you know the church on Nicolson Street?” he asks excitedly. “And do you remember it used to have white letters on it wich said ”THE NICOLSON STREET THEATRE”? Well I stuck those white letters on. I cut them out of paper and stuck them on with glue. They were up there for at least a couple of years because we came back two years later with another show and they were still there.

”Recalling that first visit to the Capital, the singer continues, “I was at university doing drama at the time. I had just joined the band - we’d played a couple of shows but I wasn’t yet sure if I wanted to leave university. ”The show was called Dragoman. It was rubbish, but it was fun. I played a ringmaster who half way through changed out of his ringmaster outfit and put on a dress, hence the title. It was actually a tight little woolly cardy and short skirt and fishnet tights and I loved it, “ he laughs."

Read it all, I uploaded scans of the full interview and cover. Enjoy!

Sepetember 12: Most famed for her supermodel status, Yasmin Le Bon has now turned her hand to designing - rather than modelling clothes - by creating a line of classic, chic and easy - to - wear pieces for high street store, Wallis. Yasmin talks to t5m about her designer debut with Wallis: YLB. Supporting the show at the premiere party were her husband, Simon Le Bon and their model daughter, Amber who took to the catwalk in her mother’s designs. Simon tells t5m that Yasmin always ‘throws herself into a project’, an sentiment echoed by Wallis owner, Sir Philip Green.Yasmin Le Bon’s YLB Collection is available online from the 12th September and is in stores from the 15th September.

official YLB site

Sepetember 11: Emi Catalogue was kind enough to send us this press release, check it out! The release dates are: September 21st for world, October 6th for the USA.

Live At Hammersmith 82 CD/DVD
Rio Limited Edition 2CD
Rio Limited Edition Vinyl

Rio Limited edition [2 cd and vinyl] The classic 1982 album from Duran Duran gets some well deserved special limited edition treatment. 'Rio' was Duran Duran's second album. A fusion of style and substance ensures that even two decades after its release it remains as listenable and danceable as ever. Through the sheer quality of its singles - Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer - 'Rio' saw the band break the U.S., with the album spending a staggering 129 weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart. The 'Rio' 2 CD Collector's Edition is made up of the UK release of the album, the original U.S. album remixes, demos, b-sides, remixes and other surprises.

Live at Hammers 82 [cd/dvd]: mith This is a much anticipated release among followers of the band. Previously unreleased, it will come as a DVD and CD pack, allowing fans to both enjoy the visual spectacle of the concert and CD audio too. Filmed and recorded in the latter part of 1982 as Duranmania was sweeping the UK, the performance at London's Hammersmith Odeon includes 'Rio', 'Hungry like the Wolf', 'Girls on Film', fan favourite 'Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)' and more. The release also includes 'Rio' era videos and two previously unreleased 'Top of the Pops' performances. The concert is also available as an audio only digital download.

September 11: Just published the new issue of James magazine from Netherland [issue 5 - winter 2010 fashion guide]. The glossy magazine features a 10 pages photo spread on Simon Le Bon modelling a winter 2010 collection of smart casual clothes by Doce&Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Kenzo, Hermès, Boss and many more. Pics by Stephanie Pistel [pictured with Simon on the left during the photo shoot]. You can order a copy of the magazine right here. If you are fine with quality scans I uploaded big ones to make good prints. Enjoy!

September 10: Simon le Bon and his family have been seen on vacation in Ibiza in agoust. Thanks to RoseArcana for sending these wonderfull pictures [quite exclusive I guess]. Above Saffron with Simon and Yasmin Le Bon, below the Le Bon family with friends in Ibiza agoust 2009]. Enjoy! Just in case you missed it, more on Simon's vacation in Ibiza has been posted on agoust 28 here by the Mail online.

September 10: I uploaded here scans of the 8 pages article from the september issue of Vogue Usa featuring pics of John and Gela in their beautiful countryside home near Bradford on Avon Wiltshire - England. The South Wraxall Manor is a wonderful and historic house with 9 bedrooms and seven bathrooms owned by the aristocratic Long Family who lived there for more than five centuries. The Taylors fell in love with the house in 2005 and purchased it. They are now ready to show it to the world trough the pages of Vogue! [thanks to M. for the scans]

If you are interested in the history of the South Wraxall Manor I did a little research, here is what I found:

The first known member of the Long family to own land in South Wraxall was Robert Long, a lawyer who was on the Commission of the Peace in 1426 and represented Old Sarum in Parliament in 1414, and Wiltshire between 1421 and 1442. He had a house there in 1429 and a few years later he exchanged lands in Wraxall with the Abbess of Shaftesbury. He died in 1447. His great-great grandson Sir Robert Long altered the doorway to the Long chapel in 1566, having his initials and badges carved into the stone above it. Over the generations, the Long family acquired more and more land, until eventually they owned all the property within South Wraxall that had once belonged to the Priory of Monkton Farleigh. The manor was passed down through the Longs of Wraxall until it reached Walter Long who died unmarried in 1807, and his unmarried sister Katherine continued to live in it till her death aged 97, in 1814. By his will it then passed to his cousins, Richard Godolphin Long of Rood Ashton, and his brother John. It was over 150 years before another member of the Long family lived at the Manor for any length of time. The house was first of all let from 1820-1826 to a Dr Knight who kept a school there for about forty boys. He disfigured the house by plastering over the carved ceilings and painting the oak paneled wainscots, but this was later reinstated in its original style by the 1st Viscount Long. Lord Long's initials WHL can be seen on many properties in the village but he never lived there. Throughout the rest of the 19th century the Manor was lived in by caretakers. The manor was retained by the family and rented after the rest of the South Wraxall estate [including the majority of property in the village] was sold on 20 May 1919. In 1935 after the death of the tenant, the house was taken over by the 2nd Viscount Long who did further restoration work. By then the principal residence of the family at Rood Ashton had been sold. During World War II the Manor housed refugees from Kent, and in the 1950s it was occupied by the 2nd Viscount’s sister-in-law Anne, who was married to Lord Rothermere. [Anne later divorced Rothermere, to marry Ian Fleming]. The last member of the Long family to live at the Manor was Sara, the only daughter of the 2nd Viscount Long, and wife of Conservative MP, Charles Morrison. The Manor was finally sold in 1966, together with 830 acres, after five hundred years of family ownership. John Taylor [bass player with the band Duran Duran] and his wife Gela Nash [founder of Juicy Couture] purchased the house in 2005 and live there when Taylor's band is working in England.

John and Gela with their horses Sid and Etiquette

September 9: After a two months absence is back online! During this summer I spent some quality time with my kids and wife. It was a long vacation but I'm happy to be back home. I know from the quantity of emails I got over the summer that many of you missed the site, well... here we are to start again! I have a lot of tidbits, news and stuff to post. I'll do it in the next couple of weeks but first of all The Music. I wanna start giving an update on the album. In a recent interview at the Danny Baker show [bbc radio] John Taylor answered some questions about the new album. John said:

"Ronson is a fan of the first couple of records. At one point Mark said to me [before we were going back in the studio] "What was the amp you were using on Rio"? I really couldn't remember... he said "How you feel about bringing it in" [...] I said why not, yes, absolutely! The last record with Timbaland was very very high tech computer sample driven so it was so nice to go back in the studio with Mark who is very very old school [he's trying to get a classic sound from us]. We've cut the rhythm section in two tapes... I never thought I'd hear that again! so it's been a great experience so far. Interviewer: When the first fruits of those session will see the light, there's a single coming out soon? It would be really nice, that's what we are trying to do right now, we want to finish 3/4 songs so we got something that we can get out before Christmas... the album will be spring but yeah, you never know, we are like in lyric writing hell right at the moment".

On a positive note we can confirm that Simon is currently writing some lyrics and he's specifically working on a song called Red Horse Town.

Sepetember 9: As we reported on june 28 a new version of Beds are Burning with Simon Le Bon and other stars on vocals marks the launch of former UN secretary general Kofi Annan's Campaign for Climate Justice to raise awareness of the disproportionate affect of global warming on the world's poorest communities. The campaign's aim is to galvanise the global public to put pressure on world leaders to take stringent climate change measures at the critical United Nations summit in Copenhagen in December to secure a new treaty to replace the Kyoto protocol. According to, the song & the video will be free downloads on the 28th of september. A teaser with Simon Le Bon singing Beds are Burning and saying "the time has come" can be seen/downloaded here.


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