April 30: Thanks to my friend and correspondent Dian [from Indonesia] new details surface on a never heard song from the lost Duran Duran album Reportage. Dian was part of the talent team and got a chance to escort the band when they were in Jakarta a couple of weeks ago, so he also had the chance to speak to the guys. Today I got this very precious info in the email he sent: "There is one song of ‘Reportage’ called ‘Judy, Where Are You’. Nick told me [in the airport lounge before their departure to Manila] that the song is about their friend in New Orleans who went missing after the Katrina. Nick said it’s a beautiful song and has got the kinks’ influence.


April 30: As many of you already know duranduran.com just announced the first italian show of the Red Carpet Massacre World Tour on July 15 in Mantova. The show is going to take place in a very special and artish locatian: Palazzo Te. Check it out www.centropalazzote.it

Palazzo del Te or Palazzo Te is a palace in the suburbs of Mantua, Italy. It is a fine example of the mannerist style of architecture, the acknowledged masterpiece of Giulio Romano. The official name, and by far the commonest name in Italian, is Palazzo Te, but this may be a relatively recent usage; Vasari calls it the "Palazzo del T" (pronounced as "Te"), and English-speaking writers, especially art historians, continue to call it the Palazzo del Te. In Italian this now suggests use for tea-drinking, which may account for the divergence in usage. Palazzo del Te is a simple square building, constructed 1524-1534 for Federico II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua. He decided in 1524 to build a pleasure palace, or Villa Suburbana. The site chosen was that of the family's stables at Isola del Te on the fringe of the marshes just outside Mantua's city walls. The architect commissioned was Giulio Romano, a pupil of Raphael. The shell of the palazzo was erected within 18 months. It is basically a square house built around a cloistered courtyard. A formal garden complemented the house. This was enclosed by colonnaded outbuildings terminated by a semi-circular colonnade known as the 'Esedra'.

This italian article about the Mantova event also mentions that the european tour during the summer will touch the following countries: Belgium [where the tour will kick off on june 18], Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Malta, England, Turkey and Albania.

European Tour [12 dates announced, more to come]

Brussels - June 18, 2008 - Cirque Royal

Amsterdam - June 19, 2008 - Heineken Music Hall

Hjorring - June 21, 2008 - Folkeparken, Palleskor Engvej

Copenhagen - June 22, 2008 - KB Hall

London - July 3, 2008 - The O2

Liverpool - July 5, 2008 - Liverpool Echo Arena

Nottingham - July 6, 2008 - Nottingham Arena

Birmingham - July 7, 2008 - National Indoor Arena

Lisbon - July 10, 2008 - Parque Tejo

Zurich - July 12, 2008 - Maag Music Hall

Vienna - July 13, 2008 - The Gasometer

Mantova - July 15th, 2008 - Esedra | Palazzo Tè

April 28: I just got, from my precious correspondent Marra, these great pics taken in Tokio on Friday 18 April. The pics, originally posted by Noriko, were taken at the Dom Perignon Party featuring Enotheque and they shows Simon Le Bon with Duran Duran's current sax player Simon Willescroft, Noriko and Nick Wood [cofunder of Syn entertainment [synentertainment.com] and cowriter with Simon Le Bon of Dreamboy and Nobody Knows]

April 28: Again from Noriko [thanks to Marra] some exclusive pictures from Duran Duran's party in Tokio held at Le Baron the Paris during the G-Star Raw Night that Roger deejayed. In the pics you can recognise Roger during the deejay set, the band, John, Dom and Gisella Bernales Taylor. They all look as they had a great time!

April 27: Great full page article in the Art&life section of the Vancouver Sun [Canada] from april 26. This time is Nick Rhodes speaking. The headline says "Still hungry like the wolf". Some quotes: "I haven't actually purposely watched MTV in more than a decade," said Nick Rhodes over the phone from Costa Rica earlier this week. "It's just not really of any interest to me. I don't think MTV has any relevance any more to music - except for the award show." ...For Rhodes, wearing make-up and changing his hair style and colour as often as he liked was one way to express himself. He still wears make-up - when the spirit moves him. "It depends what I feel like when I wake up in the morning. You often need it as the years advance - the poly-filler, just put a bit more in." Well, i uploaded a scan of the full article so you can read and download it here. Enjoy! Nick picture courtesy of RhondaMhc.

Happy Birthday to our favourite drummer!

2001/2008 have been incredible years for Duran Duran, some great music and some of the greatest memories and emotions... possibly even better than the early years. Seven years after your return to Duran Duran we still thanks God for having you back in the band [well, we actually should thanks John for that phone call he did!]. You are always the same down to earth guy we used to know, with a nice smile and unique drumming style.
You are turning 48 but you are still fresh as the young boy in that black and white picture. Keep on doing great things with your band mates and stay cool with you unique style.The next 48 years will be even better!

Salvo and all the friends at www.duranasty.com

April 26: Roger Taylor took part as guest Deejay at the Raw Nights at Le Baron de Paris club in Tokio on April 15 [As reported on april 9]. Among other guests were also Simon Le Bon and Noriko. Roger Taylor's DJ set was a success! Thanks to Marra and Catherine for sending the pics [originally uploaded on Noriko's Blog - Noriko is one of the main artists produced by Simon Le Bon and Nick Wood's SYN production]

April 25: Five days before Duran Duran's concert in Seattle, the local press is already talking about the guys coming in town. There's an article on the Seattle Times [ download a scan here ] and on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer [download a scan here ], both from april 25. There's also anice featured [including a front cover] on The List from the canadian newspaper The Province from april 24 [thumbnails on the left, bigger scans available soon]. The article's headline says "A place in history? Yes, but not yet"

*Updated on April 27* One more online article from Seattle is here: An ordinary world? Not for Duran Duran: "We always like to try something new - that has been very much a part of Duran Duran ethos from the beginning," said Rhodes, who admitted that their vast catalog includes some bombs. "We've definitely committed commercial suicide, because that's the sort of record we wanted to make. Trying to do things to cater to your audience - it makes me shudder at the thought. That's like a sausage factory, not that interesting"

Simon explodes, John can't stop laughing, Nick keeps on filming...

April 23: Check out this new clip from the Costa Rica press conference uploaded on Nacion.com. The band is defined polemic by the website... they were actually asked some very ridicolous questions from an not very professional journalist and Simon reaction was... well, let's just say *hilariously explosive*! Watch the video, you judge!

April 23: Wonderfull Duran Duran/Simon Le Bon picture on the front cover on the Fama Plus section from the El Salvador newspaper La Prensa Grafica. The magazine [out yesterday, april 22] has a very nice article about Duran Duran's participation to the Festival Imperial in Costa Rica. I just uploaded scans of the cover here and the article is right here. [perduran y perduran / they last and last]. Enjoy! One more online article in spanish about the memorable Costa Rica show is here.


On the left: Hungry like The Wolf live in Costa Rica from La Nacion website. *Update*: check out also the amazing pure Duran Duran energy on the Playing the F**king Bass John bit in this lovely Youtube upload by marberko

*Update*: Just receveid [below] the first newspaper article about the Festival Imperial in Costa Rica: La Prensa Libre from today 22 April 2008. It's from Guatemala!

April 22: Duran Duran's show in Costa Rica began at 11pm local time, in a fresh and bright night, with Sunrise. About 45.000 people attended the two days festival and Duran played at La Guacima for 22.000 people! According to prototype at the duranduran unofficial messageboard Simon introduced Ordinary World praising the costarricans for not having army and he waved the national Costa Rica flag. The crowd went absolutely crazy for the guys, everybody knew the lyrics to the songs and the band was amazed with people's reaction [What Happens Tomorrow was number one for four weeks in Costa Rica!]. Check out the above video of Hungry like The Wolf live in Costa Rica from La Nacion website.

*Update*: click here to get to La Nacion's picture gallery of the Festival Imperial with many professional pics of the guys on stage. Enjoy the view!

April 21: Press, press, press! I just got some more exclusive scans from international press! The Times Colonist [Canada] from april 19 has an half page article titled "Once-scorned ‘pretty boys’ are cool at last" wich retakes the Reuters exclusive from Tokio: "pop legends Duran Duran, who shot to fame for a string of smash hits and dodgy suits in the 1980s, are finally, officially cool. Once panned for being pretty boys who used enough hairspray to blow a hole in the ozone layer, the British band..." you can read the rest of it and download a scan of it here. I asked to my friend Mario from durancroatia to translate the article from Blic that we receveid from Serbia. He emailed back with a quick transaction of the basic facts in the article, here you go: British musicians angry at press: ''We are not leftowers from the 80's'' ''It is good to see that we have been on the music scene for 30 years now, and that we came up with a new album''. The article refers to the concert Duran Duran just played in Tokio and says the tickets were sold within minutes after they went on sale. It also refers to Duran Duran's influence on bands like Artic Monkey and The Killers. The rest is a transcript from Reuters interview with Nick and Roger. Dowload the article here. Last but not least, a wonderfull article titled Reflex-ions [with many live pics] from The Philippine Daily Inquirer from april 19. Download it here. And on the eve of the Costa Rica concert we also got a newspaper article from La Prensa Grafica [El Salvador] from april 19. Check it out here

Check out these 2 videos from Korea uploaded on Pandora Tv: Hungry Like The Wolf live and Duran arriving at the Seoul airport.

*Funny Simon Le Bon moment*

April 21: Shhh! Don't tell anyone! Ouch moment for Simon during the VFestival in Australia... I just got these pics [taken by Mystify] trough email and I couldn't resist to share a laugh with you behind Simon's shoulders... It wouldn't be a proper Duran Duran tour without Simon forgetting the lyrics and of course falling down on stage...

Simon, we just love you the way you are ;)

because I'm falling down
with people standing round
but before I hit the ground
is there time could I find
someone out there to help me?

April 21: Simon and Yasmin Le Bon lead the guests as Tim Jefferies marries | From Hello magazine website: The crème de la crème of Britain's social scene gathered together on Saturday [april 19] to celebrate the wedding of art dealer Tim Jefferies and his gorgeous fiancée, Swedish model Malin Johansson. With dashing gallery owner Tim having a reputation as one of the most immaculately dressed and well-groomed men on the social scene, the standard was already set high for the society wedding of the year. And the couple's 300 beautiful guests didn't let them down. Leading the way was former supermodel Yasmin Le Bon and her handsome husband Simon. Looking elegant in a patterned strapless dress with a wrap to protect from the weather, the 43-year-old mum-of-three was every bit as stunning as the days when she graced the covers of Vogue and Elle... Read all about the wedding here With their own marriage celebrating 23 years this December, Yasmin and Simon Le Bon no doubt have lots of good advice to give their newlywed friends.

Updated on April 18 | 11,00 am: Wild boys Duran Duran ‘cool’ at last: Pop legends Duran Duran, who shot to fame for a string of smash hits and dodgy suits in the 1980s, are officially cool at last. Once panned for being pretty boys who used enough hairspray to blow a hole in the ozone layer, the British band have become... I just uploaded a scan of this Reuters article from The Times from Malta out today [18 April 2008] so you can now read the full article here

April 18: New video inteview to Nick and Roger from Reuters here. Backstage in Tokyo, the boys take time out to discuss their new album, 'Red Carpet Massacre' , and the pressures of fame. Check it out!

April 18: Hey, this is a great welcome! Check out these great pics of Duran Duran arriving at Seoul airport on april 16! For sure the guys seems amazed... judjing from the media attention and the quantity of fans waiting for them at the airpot the pics could have been taken in the 80's but they are actually taken 2 days ago! Huge thanks to our very best friend Catherine for the pics! Check out also a video of the guys at the airport here

April 18: Above left a new picture of the band, on the right many full pages articles from the local Hong Kong newspaper... for sure Duran Duran is a very big thing in Asia!

April 18: Our indonesian correspondent Dian Forbitas sent us a scan of the the Indonesian national newspaper Kompas. Dian has also provided a quick translation of the article: "The article is in Indonesian, basically they were saying: the band reunited with all 5 original members not long ago but Andy has left again - this is duran duran’s 2nd concert in Jakarta - the new album has contemporary flavour especially with the involvement of Timbaland - most of the audiences are in their 30s and that the tickets are quite pricey (US$75 is the cheapest, and $200 for the VVIP) - Nick said “everyone would love to hear songs from their era, but we should open minded with new things. Hence we balance things by playing new songs too. - In the opening of one of the song Simon said” this is the band designed to make people party!” The rest they were just giving the band’s history a brief glance. Dian also sent us the exclusive pictures below taken at the press conference.

Below some pics of the concert... Dian says about the show: "audiences clapped and enjoyed the new songs but they went absolutely wild during the old numbers"

April 18: On Virgin.com there are two articles on Duran Duran and both have John speaking: "have got too old to party, it seems John Taylor claims life backstage on the Duran Duran tours has got really boring. John said: "We are so boring. You wouldn't believe it if you were on the road with us. We can't make our wives and children join us on tour. It's just vehicle, to airport to airplane to hotel. But you have to do it, the travelling. "Nobody parties any longer, we don't have the energy. The show is the party now. Back in the beginning it would be 'Let's get off stage so we can go back and have a party, in your room preferably', but now the party is all on stage." He adds: "I miss my family. But it's easier than it used to be. With email and texting and mobile phones we have a lot more contact." Duran Duran are bringing their tour to Britain this summer, starting with London's O2 Arena on July 3, and John is very excited. He said: "It's great to be coming home. I wouldn't mind coming home tomorrow. It's very important to us. It feels like checking in with mum and dad. "Going to Asia and America and everywhere else is great but it's not the same as playing in Britain. They don't take no s**t. This is really where it's at for us. It's very exciting." source
The other article is about the scrapped Duran Duran album and John comments on Andy Taylor's departure from the band, here’s an excerpt of the interview [to read it all go here ]: "The week we spent in the studio with him was actually the week we fell out with Andy. And then we found we'd got this new sound so we scrapped everything and went with this new techno sound. We were really pleased with it. Making that decision was really exciting." He added: "Simon, Nick, Roger and I are similar in many ways and Andy had different ideas about things. I feel good to just get on with it. Not that I don't miss him because I do. I love him and he's a fantastic guitar player, but we were pulling in different directions."


April 12: Check out this great youtube upload from Hong Kong Tv about Duran Duran arriving at HK airport on april 11 and receveing a very warm welcome from the press and local fans. Thanks to Marra for passing the links on. Here you can also watch Come Undone and here Hungry Like The Wolf both live in a Manila on April 10th!On the right, a local newspaper from Hong Kong dated april 12th 2800 with pictures of the band arriving at HK airport.

*Updated on april 13* new video from Hong Kong, check it out!


April 12: Hours before their concert at the Big Dome last Thursday, Duran Duran faces the press and gamely answered questions. The Manila Times interviewed them. Here’s an excerpt of the press interview up on their site.
||| Why did you have to temporarily dissolve the group and create Arcadia and Power Station back in the 80s? Do you have regrets doing that? John: "No regrets. It was a great experience working, in my case, with someone like Robert Palmer (vocalist of Power Station). It was a creative world of slowing down the craziness that’s going on with Duran Duran at that time. We chose to take a break from each other and we did it in the creative way." |||
Would you consider "Ordinary World" as your best song? What’s your idea of good song-writing? Simon: It was one of the most successful songwriting ventures we had but we won’t say it is the best. We judge our records on how it affects and connects to people. On that level "Ordinary World" was very successful. We’re kind of positive people who think we’ll have more success." ||| What can you say about Filipinos as well as the 80s? Nick: You’re gracious people who love music and the food here is good. As for the 80s thing, you can’t think of Duran Duran without thinking of the 80s. I think it that way. ||| Any piece of advice for bands out there? Roger: Mick Jagger once told me, the key is to keep the band together and stay together.||| For the sake of fans who want to see you complete, do you see Andy Taylor jumping into the band again? Should we expect more albums from you guys? Nick: You’ll definitely expect more albums from us, though we’re not sure about Andy getting on board again. We never say never. How do you keep the band growing? Simon: If we’re going to make a record, we’d rather do it different from the previous ones. It keeps us very sharp musically. It means our friendship is based on progression, not on just trying to make money. When we get on stage, we do songs that should excite us and hopefully, the audience too. source

April 12: There's a good interview to Nick and John and review about the Jakarta concert on The Jakarta Post: "We know that it doesn't matter if our record goes to number one all over the world -- though all of that would be nice. We just like what we do. We give a good show to people live. It is all that we all hope to do," John Taylor said. Read it all here.

April 9: Check out this new australian interview [backstage at V Festival]. John and Nick discuss technology, new english bands and more... check it out!

***Updated April 8*** from Teletext.co.uk: Skin Divers, the second single from their Red Carpet Massacre album, is out on June 2. It's backed by remixes from Mark Ronson and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders. source

April 8: fresh news from Billboard.com: Duran Duran is eyeing collaborations with two of the hottest young names in British music, the Arctic Monkeys and Mark Ronson. As details roll out for the European leg of the band's Red Carpet Massacre tour, word is out that Duran Duran will join forces with Amy Winehouse producer Ronson this summer on a music project. Although details are vague, a spokesperson for Duran Duran says both parties are "definitely discussing working on some material together" and a "possible live collaboration." Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders has contributed a remix of "Skin Divers" the second track lifted from "Red Carpet Massacre." Helders and Monkeys frontman Alex Turner are rumored to have supplied sampled vocals to the reworked track. Although a street date has yet to be scheduled, the band's spokesman suggests the single and remix might get a special download-only release, perhaps via the iTunes Music Store. The Arctic Monkeys have enshrined the '80s teenybopper favorites on each of their two albums by referencing Duran Duran lyrics. "I think we're going to try doing that on every second song on every album," Turner told Billboard last year. At the time, however, he admitted, "The only songs of theirs I know are the ones I've referenced so far. Maybe I had a premonition of Simon LeBon entering a dream or something. I don't know much about them. It's weird where that came from." source

April 7: There's a great article on The Southland Times from april 5th and one more on the Entertainment Guide magazine [known as EG] from april 4th. Both mags are from Australia... "from Andy Warhol to the Dandy Warhols, Timbaland and Timberlake, Princess Diana to NASA astronauts, Duran Duran fans are a mixed bunch. Women were spellbound by their glamorous looks and pop hooks, and young men sexually came of age watching their videoclip to Girls on Film"... I just uploaded scans so you can read it all here: EntertainmentGuide and TheSouthlandTimes. I also uploaded a 2 page article about the V Festival from The Age magazine. The article has a picture of Simon live and mentions Duran Duran's performance. page one is here and page two here [the background pics of the above visual are taken from the new Duran Duran glossy tour program, if you want to download it in bigger size as desktop theme just click here]

April 5: Check out a new interview to Nick Rhodes from The Nelson Mail here. Nick says, "I'm also sensible enough to realise that... if a song doesn't work it's way into people lives then it honestly doesn't matter how good it is, it's never going to be the same thing as a song that was a huge international hit that touched a nerve at that time."

April 5: The australian tour is about to end and Duran Duran got a lot of positive press and a great reaction from the audience. Here is another positive review of the Melbourne show: "Duran Duran reclaim the red carpet", The screaming girls may now be over-excited women but, in 2008, Duran Duran are still selling out tours. And these days they’re getting the kind of attention they wanted all along - musical. Duran’s Palais show last night kicked off with three songs... read and downolad here the full Melbourne review by Cameron Adams from the Herald Sun of April 4th.

April 4: As written on the headline, Simon got his question answered by Madonna on the current Q magazine with the usual "Cash for Questions" article. Here is the questions:

Why did you call yourself Esther?
Simon Le Bon

Why did I call myself Esther? [Clarifying] Why did I take on that as a spiritual name? Um, well... tell him to read The Book Of Esther [in the Old Testament]. And then he'll know. Esther means "concealed". What do I think of the name "Simon Le Bon" Er, well, Simon comes from the name Shimon. Shimon was one of the sons of Jacob. So he's got a Biblical name, too [laughs]

Nick and John also mentioned Madonna's recent collaboration with Timbaland in a recent interview from the Herald Sun [if you want to read this wonderfull interview go here ]

You worked with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake on Red Carpet Massacre. What do you think of their collaboration with Madonna, 4 Minutes? NR: It's OK. Surprisingly, it doesn't sound very much like a Madonna record to me. It sounds like Justin and Timbaland featuring Madonna. I love the sound those guys make. JT: For the most part she picks producers you don't know. If you knew Mirwais you might listen to Music and go, "That doesn't sound like Madonna, it sounds like Mirwais.'' NR: This one has two other voices on it that feature very heavily. You don't notice her that much. JT: They're very in demand. They're a factory. NR: It's nice to know Madonna has copied what we've done!

April 4: While the band were in New Zealand and Australia they receveid a warm welcome from the local press, I just waited few days to make a new update 'cos I wanted to upload all the newspapers out around the time the guys visited those fantastic places. So here you have some very cool articles on the guys, including the a front cover from the gossip pages of the Sunday New Zealand wich shows pics of Simon partying all night long with local friends... won't tell you anything, have fun reading them. There's also an article about the upcoming show in Manila. Enjoy these!

Above stills from a behind the scenes video from the V festival uploaded on news.com.au, it includes a nice interview to our founding members... check out the video here.

Another very cool video with John and Roger interviewed by Sally Browne from the courrier mail's website is here [below some stills]

Some more online articles worth reading: here [Duran star finds new fan in Pakuranga chiropractor], here [Still Hungry], here with a video interview to Roger and John [screencap on the right]. Check out also some nice photos taken by Janine on her Flickr page here.

pic on the left: Just hours before their concert John and Roger Taylor talk to Sam and Greg Kelton about life in the band now and back in the days.

The V festival: despite the muddy conditions, ticket sales to the boutique concert exceeded last year's figures, due in no small part to an eclectic line-up, including headliners Duran Duran and The Smashing Pumpkins, as well as modern rockers Modest Mouse and The Presets. The Bulletin's Play magazine editor Suzanne Siminot said last night Duran Duran's set had been a winner. "It was like being on cloud nine for fans," she said."They played their hits and newer material, while lead singer Simon Le Bon's voice is still strong. "The band was looking good too, they are no dinosaurs." Below enjoy some pics from the shows.


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