December 23, 2010 | Day Two since the digital release of the new smashing Duran Duran album 'All You Need Is Now' and it's still on top of almost all iTunes charts. I like to think that this is not only a success for Duran Duran but it's also a success for us all, the fans who have made this possible. During the last days the fan community has been more united than ever and determinated to make this happen. Facebook, twitter all the Duran Duran fansites and message boards have done their best to help the Duran Duran team to spread the voice and make the album release on iTunes a success and the reason is simple, All You Need Is Now is just a fantastic album and Duran Duran just deserve all our support. I'm in love with the album, I'm proud of my favourite band but I'm also proud of you all, fans just like me. This time, more than ever, I had the feeling that the fans and the band were united, just like a big virtual family. It was great to be online on the 21 and see all this happening, minute by minute with John Taylor sending messages and charts updates via facebook and twitter like one of us. This is our moment duranies, this is our album, this is our year and the best is yet to come with the live shows next year.

Thank you Simon, John, Nick and Roger for making us sing, dance, shout, move, dream, laugh, cry, thanks for making all this possible but most of all thanks for the music.



December 16 | Updated on Dec 17 | Reuters | Members of iconic rock band Duran Duran talk about their 13th studio album "All You Need Is Now". New York City, December 13, 2010 Simon and Nick says: "I think we all wanted to get a little bit more experimental with this record. We wanted to reconnect with our fans, on the territory on which the band, and Mark Ronson who is the producer, felt we should own. And that was this kind of modern synth-dance-experimental pop music. Full coverage on the current Tv and Radio Promotion and quality video downloads. Check it out!


December 13 | On December 10 Simon and Nick appeared on the 8 p.m. show Authentic Sh*t, on eastvillage radio, hosted by Mark Ronson. The guys gave fans a special treat by unveiling the brand-new songs The Man Who Stole A Leopard and some other cool snippets from the upcoming album. The guys did a very informal and funny interview with Ronson at the station and they even answered fans questions sent via twitter. Over 700 people showed up on First Avenue to see the guys! In this post you'll find all about 'The Man Who Stole A Leopard', including the lyrics, info about the recent press and lots more!



December 9 | Retroduranasty: it's just coincidence? | On December 8 1980 A&R man Dave Ambrose from EMI signs Duran Duran; the band retains creative control over music, videos, album covers, etc. Duran Duran earns an advance of 42,000 pounds for album, tour, and video production, and a retainer of 50 pounds each per week. The same day they record "Anyone Out There", "Planet Earth", "Friends of Mine", and "Late Bar" at EMI's studios in London, with recordings released on Duran Duran, their first album. The same day, in the evening, they play at Marquee Club, London. It's the first headlining show after the record deal.

On December 8 2010 Duran Duran is still alive and kicking and they release worldwide the first single, off the new album, as a free download on iTunes. They say it's an early Christmas present to their loyal fan-base. Some fans have expressed their thoughts about the new Duran Duran sound through



December 7 | There's no official word on the actual reason behind the premature digital release of All You Need Is Now, in fact the first single will be released almost one week prior the scheduled day! Maybe just because there are leaked copies of the track circulating on the web so the sooner is available to buy the better. It migh be also because the South African tour has been cancelled and the band have now more time to do some promotion... In fact Simon and Nick will be flying to New York on Wednesday to do a full week of promotion... more?


December 3 | Duran Duran have regretfully had to pull out of their upcoming South African tour dates [which were slated to take place December 7 – 12] because the show promoter defaulted on the contract, leaving the band members with no other option but to cancel the shows...

No Gwen, No Kylie, No Rihanna, etc... Remember this post filled with hypothesis about the possible female vocal on 'Leopard', well, forget about it! From a reliable source I have been informed that isn't any of them... things are now getting even more interesting... I assume is gonna be a total surprise then!

Mediterranea and All You Need Is Now leak [a huge iTunes mistake?], a cool South African 1993 Flashback, an Exclusive Photo Report and lots more! To get the full news just click the link below!



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