January 24: Here I'm! I missed my site so much! Happy to be back online with some updates and some exclusives. My move to the new home [where we did some structural changes and works seemed a never ending story] was longer and tiring than what I expected. But thanks God we did it! So here I'm back to duranasty.com, with some updates, starting from a web-exclusive interview to Nick Rhodes and some other news and unseen pics and stuff. Hope you enjoy the return of this site as much as I do after more than one month off! Thanks to everyone who sent emails, news, pics and reviews! You are the best and this site wouldn't be the same without your support and help! Wishing you a great 2009! Salvo, the webmaster.

January 24: Christian D'Antonio, my long time friend and best man at my wedding [!], Duran Duran fan since the early years, author of the great Duran Duran italian biography Glam Pop Party, who works as journalist for some prestigious italian niche magazines and free press has been lucky enough to get an interview with Nick Rhodes [trough the record company] about the release of Rio Classic Album dvd. Duran Duran have released only two interviews in support of Rio Classic album in Italy, both upon request of Edel Records. One of them has been granted to Rockstar magazine the other, to Christian, has been published on the free press Metro magazine [an edited version and in italian of course]. For the pleasure of you all here is the unedited and clean interview where Nick confirms that an orchestral record is currently under consideration, that they would really love to start working on the project Duranthology and he also jokes [does he?!] about the possibilty to write a Duran book with his side of the story as he's quite sure he can remember what really happened... Check out this duranasty.com exclusive and enjoy it 'cos the interview is also filled with some unseen pics and cool graphics. Have a good read!

January 24: Yes, it exsists! and I finally got mine! It's the 3 track audio sampler from Rio Classic Album dvd [for promotional use only]. The sampler includes the 3 tracks recorded live in Boston in 2007: Rio 5'60", Save a Prayer 5'27" and Hungry Like The Wolf 3'50". Here is a positive Rio-dvd review from the very popular Veja magazine from Brazil [thanks to Eliane Moreira for the scan]

January 24: In a recent interview to New York's WPLJ 95.5 John said that the band will reconvene in London this month to start working together on some new stuff. Here is exactly what our Taylor says :

Q: What are your plans for the new year?

John: We’re gonna write new songs, that’s our meat and potatoes we have to do that. We’re regrouping in London at the end of january. We are gonna do an orchestral project, like Metallica did I think and we’re gonna do a few shows in the summer, so that’ll be interesting.

Simon and John have been also working with Matthew Hager [a prolific music producer, songwriter, mixer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles] on some music while the duo were in LA last month [Nick's was stuck in Panama with his his ear infection and Roger in Texas]. Matthew has produced many tracks of John Taylor solo album [on Avex Records] and also mixed Duran Duran's Cry Baby Cry and helped engineer Falling Down. Matthew was kind enough to answer my recent email and confirmed the rumors, he also added that they have been working on new material

Hi Salvo.

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I am really not at liberty to say what we are working on past what Simon was quoted as saying on Indie 103.1 on Jones' Jukebox which is that he and John came to me to work on some NEW material. I hope that was helpful. Love your site and keep up the great work! Best, Matthew

pic: Matthew Hager, Mindi Abair and John after a long day in the studio in 1999.

January 24: Simon said [on this envymags.com interview]: "I think every concert and its audiences is different. I think the US, for us, is really up there. It’s one of the greatest audiences, the most appreciative for us, and so is Europe. South America is really up there. The further south, the wilder the audiences become. By the time you get down to Argentina, they’re like football crowds; they’ve got banners, and they’re singing along, and they know every part of the song. They’re just incredible audiences..."

That's why, even after 2 months, I want to celebrate the latin America tour and make a tribute to the loyalty of all the fans in those countries who have sent me hundreds of photographs of the guys in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and so on... That tour has been memorable for both, the band and the fans. It was the first extensive tour in Latin America for Duran Duran and it was great, the fans were so enthusiastic and crazy, they welcomed the band everywhere they went with an exagerate demonstration of love. So here is an extensive, oversized [so you can get into the scene], visual report about this memorable chapter in the recent Duran Duran history. [On page 8 you can also read a flash report written by my brazilian friend Amanda and her husband "sing blue silver" Marcelo], chek it out!

January 24: If you still need to read some reviews about the north american tour here there are some: prinside.com pressofatlanticcity.com canada.com columbusdispatch.com dispatch.com houstonpress.com blogto.com. Some pics can be found here. here . here . here here and here and you can watch over 260 photos taken by Donna Martines [a sample is in the visual below] who wants to share with you all her snapfish Duran Duran photo album. You can also dowload a scan of La Presse from Montreal 12 december 2008. [band pic below taken by Manjul]

If you have missed Simon on Jonesy go here, scroll to the bottom and you'll find it! A nice interview to John Taylor can be found on nj.com here is an extract:

[...] Q: So it's very different than touring when you were first starting out? The personal relationships have evolved? JT: They have evolved. When you're a brat, you want to differentiate yourself in every possible way. That was a mad time but it is very different now. Just the technology makes being on the road so much easier. The way you can stay in touch with people.

Q: BlackBerry? JT: It doesn't matter where you are. I was on a layover yesterday in the Panama City airport and I'm downloading the Kanye West album. That's amazing to me. All that fear that everybody had about downloading. I'm like are you f---ing kidding me? I'm a consumer. I'm a f---ing music consumer. Before I ever became a musician, I was a fan. I had to have somebody's new album, I did whatever it took.

[...] JT: I know how important music is. You want to get through a depression? Check your song list. It's the most mood altering substance known to man, music. You can be in such a funk and that song comes on the radio, you turn it up. Three minutes later, you're happy. We're lucky in that we've already made some songs that do that to some people. We've got some drugs on the market that are guaranteed to alleviate depression.

Duran Duran have also featured in recent Caras Magazine [from Brazil] and ToneAudio [from Usa], see thumbnails below.

January 24: Even a month later it's worth reporting about Roger Taylor and Justin Tranter deejaying at Webster Hall in New York. Webster Hall is a 40,000 square ft. landmark nightclub/entertainment venue located in the heart of the historic East Village. Roger and Justin deejayed allnight long together with NYC's hottest DJ's in one of the six separate lounges with the most advanced lighting system in North America, and the best stage in New York City. Roger is has been photographed with his deejay partner Justin and lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons [semipreciousweapons.com] and Fetty jewelry designer. Gisela, Roger's wife, has been spotted at the event [see pics of the night below].

pics above: Roger and Justin deejaying at Webster Hall. If you are interested in Roger's activities as deejay you have to read also this interview on blackbookmag.com

Below a couple of interesting questions [if you want to read it all follow the link]:

And have you planned on touring as a DJ?
Not yet—hopefully I’m going to be doing some of that next year. As the band thing is kind of quieting down a little bit, I’m going to try and get into DJing a bit more.

Why do you DJ? Is it just keeping your ear to the ground, or do you actually love it? It can’t be for the money.
Actually, I do love it. I got asked to DJ at the Met Bar in London a few years ago, and I just kind of turned up with a bag of CDs. I brought all my favorite records, and I had no idea how to DJ really; somebody kind of helped me to put the records on; there were gaps in between the records and stuff, but I just really loved the experience of making people dance and people being into the music that I wanted to play. So I did that a few times, and then I thought, you know, I’m really going to get hold of the technical side of it because I’d like to be a proper DJ. So I went about learning the beat matching and getting all the harmonics right between the records, but being a drummer, the beat matching came pretty quickly to me. I know a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to get the records beat matched across. And then I got pretty proficient at it, and it just kind of snowballed. So now if I get asked to do something, I do it, I say yeah, absolutely! Because it’s become a part of my life and I really love it. It’s similar to performing in a band, especially being a drummer—you’ve got the audience moving to your bass drum; as a DJ, you’ve got them moving to the music. I think it’s a great thing.

January 24: Simon takes part at the Acura Key West regatta. Italian businessman Vincenzo Onorato skippered Mascalzone Latino to the Farr 40 overall title at the Acura Key West regatta on Friday. Nanoq, with Danish Crown Prince Frederik at the helm, finished in ninth place. Frederick wasn't the only celebrity at the regatta. Simon LeBon, crewed aboard Rio, an IRC I boat owned by close British friend Charles Dunstone and named after the band's hit from the 1980s. Rio finished third in IRC 1.

Unseen photo document: the above photo was taken in Saint Tropez, back in september 2008 when Simon joyned the Rio Team on board to sail the Côte d'Azur.

Sailing on a frozen lake: After a one day tutorial, Simon Le Bon, his brother Jonathan, and Presenters Ed Leigh and Graham Bell, alongside Chris Williams, will take part in a different kind of sailing in Sweden: Ice Sailing on a frozen lake! They will fly across the ice on catamarans at speeds of up to 100kph in an exhilarating - and potentially very dangerous competition! Air date: High Altitude, BBC2 22:00 8 March.

January 24: from duranasty.com archive - On july 30 2001 Missing Persons were using L.A. as the launching pad for its reunion tour, beginning with warm up gigs this month. "IN" magazine caught up with the band founding members, Dale Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo for an otrageus interview you won't be seeing on Behind the Music. Missing Persons at the time hoped for the same type of reaction that the like of the Go Go's, Blondie, and the Bangles had received from fans after launching their respective reunion tours. Warren's sexy spread in G magazine piqued the interest of many gay fans around the world, that's why a magazine like IN was so interested in Warren's extra curricular activities other than the new musical ideas the band had at the time. Here is an extract of the interview:

"Speaking of penises...Warren, how did you end up on the pages of a gay porn magazine? My partner of 12 years, Claudia, said the magazine contacted her because they really loved the Duran album Pop Trash, They feature like a footballer, or an actor or whoever - straight, gay, it desn't matter - on the cover, and they do a feature. They have never done an international person and [Claudia] said, "you have a great body, why don't you do it?" I said, " Fine. What do they want me in, a swimsuit?". She said "No, you gotta be naked, You can do it - it's natural. In Brazil, it's fine." Did they mention how "erect" they wanted you to pose? Well, in brazilian gay slang it's called "necca dora". So, I'm standing in there [at the photo shot] and the said "necca dora". I'm like, "Huh?". They said "now you make an erection." I'm like "Nah, c'mon, this is good enough." They said "Please, for the magazine". We'll leave the room. Do you want some oil or anything?" I was like " Why are you gonna leave the room? You are supposed to take the pictures. Just give me the oil. So I got it going"

Another exclusive document: Warren Cuccurullo in the 70's playing with Frank Zappa when the young guitarrist was part of his band.

[...] Speaking of prancing around in stiletto heels... Warren don't you have experience doin drag? Well, when I got in Frank Zappa's band we went to England to rehearse for a few weeks. When we got there soemeone tells me, "you have got to go to Kensignton Market." I go there and as I'm buying things from all these stalls, I start wearing them. I started out with these really long earrings, and then I went on to the full-lenght tiger coat, and then on those kind of blue iridescent pants. Then I saw some women's 50's [style] shoes - because I had my my toe nails painted I thought I may as well let my toes show. By the time I left and got back to Kensigton High Street, I looked like the drag queen from Hell with a punky kind of VO5 haircut. When I got to rehearsals at the RainbowTheatre, Frank just went " Oh my God!" Then, when we needed a stage name, Frank asked, "Is Warren Cuccurullo alright?" I said "Yeah, but I don't know. I was thinking of another name... "And I said, what about Sophia Warren" [sounds like Sofia Loren], and he was like "Alright! I love that!" So he called me that for a few nights.

How do you define your sexuality? Me? I'm pansexual. Look, I ain't HarveyFierstein, but I've fu-kin' been around, you know what I mean? Some of my dearest friends have been... Transvestites. What was the song we had?

I like boys? [laughs] Nah... [Dale says: No way Out?" she asks jokingly as Cuccurullo struggles for an answer to the question about his sexuality] I'll just say it, alright: [yells] I sucked cock! I sucked cock! What's the big deal? I wasn't even good! I just wasn't good at it.I'm better at jerkin' 'em. That's the first time I've ever said that on tape.

So, you 're not on hiatus from Duran Duran, you are out of the band now they have reunited with original guitarrist Andy Taylor? Was it an amicable split? Yeah, Duran Duran is over for me. It was totally a friendly partying. We worked out a deal beetween us, and I didn't get homicidal thought there was an O.J. moment there, but the glove didn't fit so I quit. Actually it worked out great. Dale says: it worked out great for me-I've been waiting to get Missing Persons back together for years!

Read the full interview and downlaod scans of the article here: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4


January 24: On november 30 these exclusive snaps have been published by the Sunday Mercury. Brenda Tustin, Roger's baby-sitter show how close she was to the superstar during his Duran Duran heyday. Brenda revealed to the newspaper how Roger, now 48, was a sweet and quiet child. She said: “He was such a lovely toddler to look after. The last time I saw him was in 1982 when he came to visit his mum and that’s when I took these pictures.” Brenda lived a five-minute walk away from Roger’s parents and they struck up a friendship through his aunt. “I used to pass my children’s clothes onto his aunt for her kids, and through her I ended up meeting Roger’s parents,” she recalled. “He was only a toddler and when his mum started taking driving lessons I offered to baby-sit. “It was only for about an hour a week but he was very well behaved and was so quiet - sometimes you didn’t know you’d got him. He was a joy to look after.” Brenda’s photographs were taken at Roger’s parents’ home in Castle Bromwich shortly before they moved out of the area. Roger had been enjoying fame with Duran Duran and had attracted a worldwide fanbase. But Brenda had a private audience with the sexy drummer while she visited his parents. Sadly though, it was one of the last times that Brenda spent with Roger. “When his parents moved away we didn’t see them again,” she added. “But I’ve kept the photos as it’s a great memory.

download a scan of this article here > Sunday Mercury


January 24 : Amateur filmmakers Steve Sattler and Desmond Horsfield left America in March of 1981 after Sattler sensed a movement similar to the punk faction that stemmed from glam rock several years before. Working together at a local television news station in the Northeast, both cameramen held an interest in breakthrough bands and watched the rise of CBGB acts like the Ramones which were products of the influence of what was happening previously in Britain. They booked a flight to London and in only ten days, they walked and taxied the streets with no apparent itinerary, capturing the spirit of post-punk and new wave in the industrial studios, tiny dance bars and even abandoned squat houses- wherever the abrupt invitation would direct them.

By the spring of 1981 London had become the exploding energy center of a brand new approach to making and releasing pop music. In the aftermath of "punk", "new wave", and "synth", the artists were rejecting the control of the major record companies, starting their own labels, promoting and releasing the records themselves. The two filmmakers spent a whirlwind ten days shooting this amazing transformation, using a "Guerilla" style of film making. With artists like the original seven-piece "Thompson Twins" recording their early album "A Product Of", Epic Records' Tony Mansfield of "New Musik" on a promotional tour for "Straight Lines" and "The Papers" musically expressing their concerns about the policies of newly-elected President Ronald Reagan with "How Many More", they captured the essence of the London music scene in the early '80's.

Street interviews explain the fans' angle. "I don't want to get killed, don't want no war...and these bands are trying to stop it" or "I just want to dance, because you don't want to get your head blown off, don't want no trouble" and for the "New Romantic" kids on Kings Road, Chelsea, "I don't want to grow up...I just want to be Peter Pan".

This re-digitalized "lost" film has many extras, including an insightful and sometimes humorous commentary by the filmmakers about how the film came to be, as well as some never seen-before footage and some "surprises" like the chance encounter with Duran Duran.

Here is the email I got from the directors back in december where they explain me how Duran Duran ended up in the film. They also share memories about those five young boys, still unknown, named Duran Duran:

Hi Salvo, Thanks for your enquiry about Listen to London. The Duran footage is not actually part of the main Film. It was originally shot to be included in the documentary, but we were unable to make arrangements to film the band performing. We were on a very tight schedule and had decided only to use interviews with musicians if we could show them playing. We have added it as an historical item. A mention of it on your Duran site would be the exactly perfect place for it to be highlighted. It was shot while the guys were in London for a photo shoot, we believe just before they went to Japan and then the USA. We still remember what a great bunch of guys they were. They stopped everything just to talk to us. As my partner says in the DVD, they were real gentlemen. There is quite a bit of information on our web site about how the film was made and why we have re-released it. Also, there is a filmmakers commentary track, which gives some insight into the whole venture. In short, we made it for fun and have now re-released it for the same reason. It is a bit of a "time-capsule" and we thought people might like to revisit those energetic days. Regards, Desmond and Steve.

You can order your copy of Listen to London on the official website listentolondon.net - here you can read more on the history and the making of the movie.


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