July 6: It's time for a long vacation friends! I'll be off with my wife and the kids to some beautiful beaches for a while. I hope you won't miss the site too much. Anyone who wants to submit news, pics, reviews or scans about the upcoming shows just send them to the usual email salvo@duranasty.com, I'll make sure to post the best stuff when duranasty.com will come back at the end of agoust. To everyone attending the Duran shows: have a blast!

Have a great summertime everyone and keep on loving Duran Duran!

July 5:Thanks to Maz we can now read the Hotline interview to Simon Le Bon 'cos she was kind enough to send us the text from the interview. Read it all here

July 5: Andy Taylor has just released a new solo album, The Underdog Has Landed and he'll be launching it in Ibiza a the Rock Nights event next july 11th, here some information taken from diariodeibiza.es [article translated from the spanish version] | Andy Taylor, ex-member of the mythical group Duran Duran has chosen Ibiza to present the next solo work, ´The Underdog Has Landed´. The musician will offer a concert on the 11th of July at the Somni area, in Figueretes, Ibiza, within the popular show Rock Nights, organized by Marks Torres and Diego Calvo. Both confess to be moved to be able to count on Andy Taylor for the next show [the subject chosen this year is ´Welcome To Another Planet´]. Conscious that people doesn't buy records anymore, Andy Taylor has announced that from tomorrow everyone interested will be able to download for free tracks from the new record on the page andy-taylor-music.com. Next Saturday's show will be free, you just have to send an email to confirm the attendance to guestlist@rocknightsclub.com. Besides Andy Taylor, the Rock Nights event will start with a visual science-fiction montage as well as some galactic girls walking on the dancefloor, and the music will go on after Andy Taylor with djs Colins Peters, Lost Angeles and Abel Pons. The organizers of Rock Nights confess that they are glad that the ex Duran Duran has chosen Ibiza, and Rock Nights, to present ´The Underdog Has Landed´. “he could have done it in any other place instead he's doing it here” they comment.

From the press release: "The Underdog Has Landed” | A revolutionary new work by Mr. Andy Taylor, who embarks on this final mission - after a long and mythical interstellar journey with Duran Duran from the Planet Earth. This sonic data - is freely available to all mankind & for those that maybe aligned in another space or time…

July 4: More press from the Uk: two different articles in the same newspaper, the Daily Record from july 3, once again by Rick Fulton | Simon aims for Amy duet | Duran Duran legend Simon Le Bon wants to duet with Amy Winehouse, but won’t ask her pal Mark Ronson. “That would be a bit embarrassing,” he says. “I’m Simon f****** Le Bon from Duran Duran, I don’t need to be asking about any other artists do I?” he adds, deadpan, before giggling. He’s not being an Eighties diva. In honesty, Simon is a big fan of Amy and it would make perfect sense now award-winning that Brit producer Mark is recording Duran Duran’s 13th studio album and planning to make it their best since 1982’s Rio. AWinehouse collaboration would be certainly a coup. Simon, 50, said: “I’d love to do a duet. I don’t know if that’s up her street. Don’t know if she has even heard of the band. I haven’t met her but I’m a very, very big fan.” [...]

About the lyrics on 13th: All the music has been done to and now it’s up to Simon to write the lyrics. He said: “The musical influences range from Blondie to Grace Jones to the Buzzcocks to David Bowie. There isn’t an album of ours that hasn’t got a little bit of Bowie. One track could be Blondie – the melody is so out in your face and gets into every single corner.” And his lyrics? He promises: “It won’t be doom and gloom.There’s also a bit of hope in a Duran Duran song.”

Read and download a scan of this article here

The second article "Ronson's a wild Boy" reports that Mark Ronson will join Duran Duran on stage at their massive Edinburgh Castle gig later this month. An insider said: "Scots fans are really going to be in for a treat. "I think there's a strong possibility there will be new stuff from the album."

This news doesn't find any confirmation in Roger and John's interviews in fact they both said that won´t be playing any of the songs they are recording with Mark Ronson at the moment. Here is Roger's radio interview. To listen what John has to say about the new music just login into duranmusic.com and listen to the latest Katy Cafè. There you'll find also some pics of the band in London rehearsing for the upcoming tour [as you can see there's a string section but it's only for the Uk dates]. The photos below were taken by Nick Rhodes during rehearsals, we guess before he broke his foot [the bad news has been reported by John in this interview]

Read and download a scan of this article here

Last but not least... Hotline magazine features a great Duran Duran article [with Simon on cover]. The magazine is not available to buy in the shops, it's an exclusive to passengers on Virgin trains. Simon talks candidly about the live Uk dates they are playing this month and about being in the studio recording new material with Mark Ronson.

July 1: From Daily Record a very nice two page spread with a new John Taylor Interview by Rick Fulton | Duran Duran insist they're happy to see Spandau Ballet rise from the ashes and reform - despite the two bands' fierce Eighties rivalry.But bass player John Taylor insisted: "I'm happy for them. The rivalry was just the fun of the time, like Blur and Oasis. Everyone likes a bit of rivalry. It was north versus south.We were from the Midlands and they were from London."

The news has been dominated by the death of another Eighties star, Michael Jackson, who was the biggest male act in the world while Duran Duran were the biggest band. Despite a conversation in 1983 between Jackson and Nick Rhodes about the two acts working together, nothing came of it. And John can't help feeling "we are all responsible" for Jacko's death. He feels there was too much intrusion in the star's private life - and he should know.

On "13th": The band are currently in the studio with Mark Ronson and John revealed: "Mark wants to make the best Duran Duran record since Rio. "We aren't there yet but it's exciting. It could be a masterpiece. "The album we are making now is the one our fans have all been waiting for. People are expecting a party record because that's what Mark makes. Perhaps we could call it Rio 2 Rio!"

On RCM: Rather than being aggrieved that the album flopped, John admits "we felt strangely vindicated." John says: "We had really been following our instincts but the record company panicked, thinking it was too real and saying we needed some party music." John admits losing Andy was "the biggest blow." He says: "I love Andy and his playing. But we would be in a waiting lounge or on the bus and saying 'Isn't it great not having him complaining about something'. "It had gotten like that. Nothing was right. There wasn't a week that didn't go by when he didn't want to fire somebody. "He didn't like travelling. It was a real grind for him. And with this economic downturn, even with us guys, it's get your head down and get on with your job. And be grateful you've got one." He added: "It took Andy leaving to galvanise the four of us. "We are maybe doomed to replay our past, but we might make more significant music in the future. "If we break up we won't manage that so our thing is to stay together at all costs.".

download a huge scan of the article here


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