July 3: Hi all duranasty.com friends, in a few hours I'll be on a airplain directed to a beautiful place by the sea. This is going to be the last update for some time as summertime has arrived and I'm taking a long break from work and from the site aswell. It's been an incredible year since I revamped duranasty.com and gave it a more news-oriented cut with this particular graphic design. From the quantity of emails I got over the last year I know that all of you [and you are so many!] apreciate the site very much, I have saved every single email and every comment you posted about duranasty.com, all good comments: Thanks to all of you guys. This site wouldn't have been the same without your support, your news and photos submission. Your nice emails are what really pays me for all the hard work behind it and give me the joy to go on always trying to keep high the level. Well, as I already said summer has arrived and it's time to relax a bit, take care of my family giving them a well deserved vacation and also enjoy the extensive Duran Duran italian tour! So duranasty.com will be on vacation untill late agoust when it will come back with some more stories, exciting news and pictures. Special Thanks... without you this site wouldn't have been the same: my wife Claudia and my son Angelo for supporting me and my passion for the band, You know, I love you! Thanks also to the Duran Duran guys: every day you write a new chapter of "the life and times of duranasty", thanks for that! Thanks to Dom and Katy Krassner at duranduran.com, my best friend Christian, everyone at my favourite space on the web: the Duran_Duran_unofficial_Message_Board, and all my worldwide correspondents and contribuitors. See you soon, hope you all have a fantastic summer!

Before I leave, here is a little update on the Paris Smirnoff show written by davidc on the duranboard.

Just got back from what was problably the best time I have ever seen the band. Mark Ronson on at 8pm with full band - huge brass and string section plus guest vocalists from Tim Burgess from the Charlatans - Amazing Venue was a theater and probably stood 1000 people. As Mark Ronson played his final track "Stop Me" on walked Simon to huge applause and sang the whole song. The rest of the band walked on to massive applause and Mark Ronson went back to conduct the strings - what happenned over the next 2 hours literally blew everyones minds - the strings started up, the beats started up and somewhere in there "Is there something I should know" started up! They played [this is not the correct order]: "Is There something I should know", "Wild Boys", "Night Runner" mixing into "Notorious", I Don't Want Your Love, Bond medley into A View to A kill with full string and then full band version! The Valley, Tricked Out, Save A Prayer mixing into a superb Chauffeur, Red Carpet Massacre, Song 2 [Blur cover], Planet Earth mixing into Girls On Film [night version], Ordinary World, a really nice slow song [maybe a cover?! don't know] mixing into Rio. They were so tight and hearing the songs in a different light with different arrangements was just superb.Crowd were really into it though and the whole thing was filmed on multi cameras so we should all be able to enjoy soon!

you can see some pictures from the press conference here

and many great pictures from the Ronson Vs Duran show here

July 2: from Thaindian News [thanks to Kelgura for the link] - Washington, July 2, 23 years after releasing the title track to A View To A Kill, British rockers are teaming up with producer Mark Ronson to record a second James Bond theme. The band recently chose Ronson to remix a string of their hit singles. They will also be performing a one-off gig with him in Paris, France on Wednesday night. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes reveals that the band is keen on working with Ronson again, and that the perfect thing would be to come up with the new Bond theme for Quantum of Solace.“We’d love to collaborate with Mark on a single for the next Bond film. With him we may even surpass A View To A Kill.” Same story here, here, and here,


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