November 30: Duran Duran Night [from Sky magazine] ||| So, Andy's left the band. What happened? Simon: Me, Nick, Rog, Timberland and Justin Timberlake were in the studio in New York and Andy was missing. We thought he'd just missed the plane to begin with, which he has done before. But it turned out it was more serious than that and we ended up terminating the partnership as a five-piece band. | Nick: It had been on the cards for a while. I don't think Andy was really enjoying it. Roger: He was really struggling being away from his family for so long. You do have to give up a lot of time with your kids. John: Ultimately, he had a different vision, a different idea of where we were going and how we should get there. ||| Are you still on speaking terms with him? Nick: Not really, no. He does his thing and we do ours. Never say never, though. It hasn't been very long since he left. It's like a relationship break-up...Roger: It's like a divorce. It's hard at first but after a while you can get over your differences. Nick: I wouldn't like to think we'd never speak to Andy again. We've shared too much together. I hope we're all a little bigger and braver than that. ||| How do you react if people say you're too old to be doing your thing now? Nick: Err, nobody really says that to us actually! I think the Rolling Stones are carving out the path... Roger: And U2. They're older than us. They started before we did! Simon: And there are no songs that we're sick of singing. Although, we're going to give Rio a bit of a rest this time. John: But even the die-hard fans don't chant anymore. That would be really sad! Can you imagine (chants, "Simon, Simon..."!) ||| Do you look back on your fashion faux pas and go "What was I thinking!" Nick, didn't you once wear a flight suit? Nick: I won't accept that they are fashion faux pas - it was everyone else that got it wrong! And I never had a flight suit! Roger: You did have a pale blue, leather military suit. Nick: It was a suit, not a JUMPsuit. Nothing with a zip! Jumpsuits are not us! Roger: I had a quiff and a ponytail at the same time. Nick: When was that, Roger? It can't have been when I was in the band - I wouldn't have allowed it! Roger: Around the Wild Boys period, I grew my hair into a mullet at the back and started putting it into a ponytail. Mel Gibson had it like that in the film The Bounty and I liked the look. Nick: Well, if I'd have noticed, I've had got the scissors! There was a lot of hair in the Wild Boys video. But big hair was great back then. Olivia Newton-John had it for goodness sake! John: I can't believe how many haircuts I had! Looking at them all, I'd have thought, "This guy has just got no sense of identity!" ||| What do you wish you'd known in your twenties that you know now? Simon: That flat-fronted trousers suit me much better than pleats! No, seriously, the basic thing is that there's only you and your very close family who are looking after your interests. And you have to stand up for yourself. Nick: And money is actually very important! In the '80s, we tried to do everything we possibly could because we were so young and eager to work. We really overstretched ourselves, and that's really what caused the first split-up of the band - we were just exhausted. ||| What's the secret of a happy family life? Simon: Myself and my wife Yasmin come from very strong families and there's definitely a sense of living certain aspects of your life in private. Don't wash your dirty linen in public. It's an old-fashioned phrase for an old-fashioned concept, but it's still relevant now. If we have trouble, we deal with it - but we don't tell everyone about it. We're very lucky - the real reason we're still together and why we haven't screwed up in public is that we were very lucky to find each other. Not everyone finds the love of their life, but I've found the right woman. ||| Are you a strict dad? Roger: I try to be strict, but I find it hard to keep track of them! My daughter is 16 and I do try and keep track, but it's really hard. But I'm not at the door with a shotgun when she brings a boy home! Nick: My daughter is 21 now, she's in college. I'm protective of her but she's old enough now to make sensible decisions herself. You have to let kids find some stuff out for themselves. You can't stop them doing everything. I just try to be measured. Simon: I don't worry about my daughters. They have a safety net in Yasmin and I - we're here for them, whatever. What has having kids taught you? Nick: Patience... Roger: Having kids teaches you the true meaning of responsibility. You can be as irresponsible as you like - you can do anything, go anywhere and it doesn't matter as long as you can get up and do your job. But when you have kids, responsibility is thrust on you for life. John: And I can cook. Well, I can do anything basic. I've never used an oven. My daughter loves my spaghetti, that's her favourite, favourite dish of mine. She tries to get me to make it at every possible opportunity! Don't miss Duran Duran Night, Sat 22 Nov, 10pm / VH1

Just got this email from LonelySatellites community administrator:

November 29, Great news!: Duran Duran will co-headline the V Music Festival with Smashing Pumpkins across Australia March-April 2008. Festival dates include Sydney (March 29th), Gold Coast (March 30), Melbourne (April 5th) and Perth (April 6th). For more information on the festival, you can visit and for more information on Duran Duran's plans while they're in town (solo gigs or maybe quick trip to NZ) keep popping into LonelySatellites

November 28: Check out november 28 issue of Gulf News, a newspaper from Dubai with a wonderfull full page on the guys and their new album defined in the article as their best since 1986's Notorious. To dowload a scan of the article or just read it click here

November 25: Some cool pics taken in Argentina on november 22 and 23 kindly posted by @driana on the DuranDuranboard. Pics are taken in various moments of their promo trip: arrivals at the airport, press conference and tv show perfomance. You can read a resumé of the press conference [in spanish] here. Simon said:"we want to celebrate our 30th anniversary [in 2009]... we want to concentrate on the future of the band more than in the past since it's already history... Roger said he was very excited to meet the football icon Maradona while John anticipated plans for their 2008 World Tour: they should play Australia, Japan, Usa, England and they'd like to came back in Argentina possibly in may 2008.

November 25: now available a scan of the BlackBook interview. Chick here to download it.

November 24: A 5 pages features on Duran Duran is in the current issue of italian Vanity Fair. Headline says not for the money just for sex. Scans here: page 1-2, page 3-4, page 5

Updated on November 27: Sony has just confirmed that Duran Duran's promo day in Milan has been postponed.

November 24: Simon and Co. will come to Italy for a full promo day on november 30. The confirmed interviews are: Radio Deejay [10 to 12 am], Mtv's Trl [at 3 pm local time], Radio Montecarlo [4 pm]. They will be also interviewed for the press. Keep on checking the site for updates on Durans italian promotion.

November 24: The website has now uploaded more from the Private Session: here you can see a live clip of Falling Down and here you watch Notorious. Check out also a nice picture gallery here

November 24: If you are a member of the OfficialfanComunity just log in to watch a new behind the scenes video with rehersals for the New York shows.

Above some behind the scenes pictures taken at Good Morning America show on november 16. Pics taken by neo1971[thanks Tonya for sharing them!]

November 21: Check out this cool video clip from the A&E session this sunday!

I just got a couple of emails from Giovanna Cantone, whom I had the extreme delight and pleasure to meet back in 2002, she would apreciate if we could help her spreading the word also trough our website about the wonderfull initiative to help her niece Felicia:

[For privacy reasons i edited the personal side of the email]

Ciao Salvo,
can you spread the word , for people to join A Ray Of Light For Felicia, by Joining Facebook, than tap into groups, they will see Felicia pic and the title, tap into join on the left.

I will be Actioning the Duran Duran VIP tiks and signed gold disc on that site.

I personaly can not answer everyones notes, would you be willing to run that side for me on your web and you can keep me posted and in the loop? eg bids coming for Vip tiks?

let me know your thoughts... and thank you for your support and kind words.

Grazie, Giovanna x

Glad to help! so if anyone wants to make any bids for the 4 VIP tiks for January UK concerts and/or signed gold disc just email me at, I'll forward your offer to Giovanna.

Giovanna is also organizing an event at Bush Hall, Shepards Bush-London, on the 9th of December so they need musicians [mainly acoustic] to perform at the benefit, and also DJ's to send in their tapes, so they can find someone to DJ the benefit.

here is the link to the Facebook Group A Ray Of Light For Felicia | Type: Organizations - Volunteer Organizations, Description: A benefit to raise money for my niece Felicia, Awareness to Ewings Sarcoma To raise money for cancer research.

You can have a look also at Felicia's sister Facebook profile ThinkingOfFelicia: My Sister's little nine year old girl Felicia is suffering her second attack of bone cancer, at the very least she will have her right leg amputated in the next couple of months. I want to use this group to spread a little love and positivity her way so she can beat this illness. feel free to upload any pics of cute dogs cats bunny rabbits etc to help put a smile on her face!

Official bulletin: A Ray Of Light For Felicia Cantone, November 16th, 2007
Felicia has a rare bone cancer called Ewings sarcoma of the bone. Felicia (which means happy in Italian) is undergoing chemo for the 2nd time we have been told their is no third time. At this stage the prognosis is unclear but not looking great, it has spread to both her lungs although only sandy specks, and theirs a hot spot on her spine. She has already had 12months of chemo in 2005, and her whole shinbone was replaced with titaniam, ( if the tumor was in a joint then an amputaion of the limb would have taken place. Felicia is a lively outgoing little 9yr old girl who is NOT GIVING UP ON HER FIGHT! Nor are her family. Please view her family’s myspace page and follow Felicia’s progress & see how you can help: A Ray of Light on myspace

November 21: wonderfull special on Durans at Check it out here to watch:
Behind The Scenes: Duran Duran On Broadway (3/5)
Interview: Getting back to their roots and what's next (1/5)
Interview: Red Carpet Massacre (2/5)
Interview: Sound and Collaborations (4/5)
Interview: Evolution of the Album (5/5)

November 20: Very good 4 pages article on the scottish Herald magazine from november 17 [supplement of the saturday's Herald Tribune]. Click on the pages thumbnails to downoload the article and have a good read!

November 19: The band played Falling Down and Hungry Like the Wolf at the 2007 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre live on November 18, 2007 in Los Angeles, California | from showbizspy.comTheir first was current single, ‘Falling Down,’ produced by Justin Timberlake. They then followed that up with classic hit ‘Hungry Like The Wolf,’ as the audience screamed in adulation. Lead singer, Simon Le Bon, 49, was in fine voice during both performances. He thanked the crowd, as they showed their appreciation with loud cheers when they finished their two-song set. He was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and a black jacket during the performance.

November 19: Hi Salvo, Thanks for writing - I'm glad you enjoyed hearing the shows in NY - they were fun to play and very well received. I just checked your site and it looks great. Here are my answers...

Duranasty: How was returning to Duran Duran after so many years, did you find things so changed or you found that band dynamics are still the same?

Stan: Aside from having done some work with John Taylor in the late '90's and sitting in with Duran Duran for one song in NY this summer, I hadn't played with them since the end of 1989. Even with that long break and even with Roger playing drums instead of Steve Ferrone or Sterling Campbell, the basic energy of the band is still the same. They approach each show like it is their first and spare nothing to do the best job they can. Their love of what they do has only increased.

Duranasty: What's your favourite Duran song to play live with your sax contribuition?

Stan: I always loved playing the sax intro to View to a Kill (it is not played the same now) and, while it is an Arcadia song, I always loved playing the solo on Election Day. Aside from solos, I always loved playing Notorious.

Duranasty: have you got any special memory of the Big Live thing tour back in 1988, any funny story to share with us about that tour or in general about your whole involment with Duran trough the years?

Stan: I have so many memories of my years recording and touring that it's hard to pick just one. I will say this: When we were rehearsing the Big Thing tour we spent many weeks at Stanbridge Farm, a studio set in the middle of the English countryside. Days were often divided between rehearsing, horseback riding and fine dining - always ending the evening with cognac and cheese. It was the life. Let me just add that all of the memories are very special and I look back warmly on the time spent touring and recording with the band.

Duranasy: What's your most important music influence and what's the person who in some way influenced your life.

Stan: Listening to John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Charlie Parker, Stravinsky, Beethoven and MANY others influenced my musical life. Spending a lot of time with SergeGainsbourg influenced my life to as great a degree as one could imagine.

Duranasty: Have you got any nice memories of your stay in Italy during the old tours and would you like to came back and play your solo stuff here?

Stan: Italy is one of my favorite countries in the world - my family and I, for the last three years, have been going to Forte Dei Marmi in the summer - and I love all parts of Italy, from the north to the south. One of my favorite memories is from the Strange Behaviour tour - I think it was in Bari or Milan that I was actually chased down the street by a group of screaming girls. Usually it was only the stars who got this treatment! It was very unexpected and I quite enjoyed it at the time!!!

Yes, I'd love to play my solo music in Italy.

Duranasty: Is there something you wish we asked and we haven’t? please, please, tell me know, is there something I should know?

I cannot think of anything to add at the time but, with more time, could probably write for days.

I hope this has been of some help. Hope to be at the Lyceum in Dec.

picture taken by teajay

Rock/jazz saxophonist Stan Harrison has spent years performing with some of the most respected artists and bands in the world, and appearing on albums by such artists as David Bowie, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Duran Duran, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, They Might Be Giants, Serge Gainsbourg, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes and many more.

'The Optimist"
The Optimist is a collection of eclectic tunes - some instrumental, some with vocals - that display a very full musical range. Stan Harrison’s New CD is an Upbeat Mix of Jazz, Classical, Pop and World Music. "I've always had a desire to write," he says. "I can imagine other people have the same impulse. It's hard to explain the urge to put something down on paper, to make something up. But the urge to be creative is fairly strong, so I've always felt connected to the thought of writing, and I've been writing for quite a long time. "It was music that was written very honestly," he adds. "That must seem like a cliché, but it's something that's very important to me, that it came directly from the heart. The intention was to convey some sense of honesty. I hope that it comes across that way."
The Optimist, can be purchased at and and on iTunes

Check out a 4 pages spread on Simon in the new issue of Blender magazine [Usa]. thanks to Blaze for posting the scans on the boards. To read the interview click on the links: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4

November 17: Just a little sample of the lot of press coverage Duran Duran are having here in Italy with the release of their new album Red Carpet Massacre. All positive reviews. Duran confirms with this album the huge success they always had in Italy. Falling Down is N°2 on the official Singles Chart [as previoisly announced on the Quick and Brief section] and is having a lot of airplay by the major radios. Radio Deejay recently assured that Duran will came soon to pay a visit to their studios as soon as the band cames for a promotional tour. Once more we can say that Italy just loves Duran Duran soo much!

November 17: Check out the band interviewed on Good Morning America on november 16 and a wonderfull live version of Skin Divers at the following links: GMA interview GMA Skin Divers

Simon LeBon, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor photographed reflected in a mirror and in a car parking venue in New York on Oct. 30, 2007. Photo credit Jim Cooper

November 16: Duran Duran Featured on XM Radio's Artist Confidential on november 15 at Right Track Studios in New York City.

November 16: Pics of Nick with Playmates Sandra Hubby and Stephanie Larimor taken at The Box in New York on november 13 at Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre Record Release party. The party was in theme and was called 'Rock the Rabbit'.

The band will appear on Playboy! In this decadent setting, the new-wave veterans announced that they were getting in bed with Playboy for its second annual Rock the Rabbit issue, which contains eight or nine pages of music news and reviews. Earlier this year, Playboy Enterprises launched Rock the Rabbit, a program that raises funds through T-shirt auctions and events (its charity partner for 2007 is HIV/AIDS-prevention nonprofit LIFEBeat; for 2008 it's Rock the Vote). The program, which combines rock, hip-hop, art and fashion, was rolled out in conjunction with the magazine's March issue. While the first Rock the Rabbit issue included artists such as the Flaming Lips, the Killers and Snow Patrol, Duran Duran have something special in common with the magazine: longevity. "Duran Duran was perfect for us," said Playboy editor Tim Mohr. "They are legendary and manage to evolve every single year. The new album ... is openly sexualized, and I love how modern it is. The band is constantly bringing its audience forward." Along with the other artists on the bill, Duran Duran will create a graphic to be featured on limited-edition Playboy T-shirts, which will be auctioned off, with a portion of the proceeds going to Rock the Vote. Frontman Simon LeBon was particularly excited about being shot by rock and roll photographer Mick Rock for the issue. "It's not often you get to work with a photographer who is more of a rock star than you are," LeBon said. Click here to read the full article

November 17: The november 15 issue of the australian Daily Telegraph has a full page article with a new colorfull picture of Duran Duran. If you want to read and download the article click here. Enjoy!

November 16: Above pictures of the guys at 2007 National Down Syndrome Society's Annual Gala and Auction. The pics were taken on 14 Nov 2007.

click here to get a clean and medium resolution version of this picture, enjoy it!

Nov. 14: Check out an exclusive interview to Simon and John on the tv show Today from australian channel 9, you can watch the clip here. Tv host Richard talks to iconic group about their new album and about possible australian shows: Simon says that there are some offers in the works and something might happen in March/April.

Very nice interview also on Star Daily. You can watch the clip below on a YouTube upload. Enjoy!


There's a 4 page article in the new december issue of Tatler magazine. Nick interviews each of the other guys individually. It's a really funny and revealing interview. Thanks to LadyPenelope for posting the scans that you can also see here page 1 page 2 page 3 page4

Harper's Bazaar Uk, December 2007, Duran Rock the Party Nov. 11: To celebrate the release of Duran Duran's new album Red Carpet Massacre, film director Mike Figgis photographs the wild boys as they turn up the volume with glammed-up girls on film. Includes: full page black/white photo of Simon Le Bon with microphone [introductory photo] full page close-up black/white photo of Nick Rhodes, full page black/white photo of John Taylor [with two ladies] [further double-page small photo feature [contains lots of small photos]

Check out some backstage photos taken by donnabella on november 9 after the show. click here

Above a preview of the deluxe edition package for Red Carpet Massacre [pics by prototype]

November 10: Check out some pics of Roger and John taken during the interview on ktu radio from Ny. Click here to see pics and some other extras.

November 9: Yesterday a group of 60 Duran Duran fans were delighted listening to a preview of the new Duran Duran album at the Hollywood Discoteque in Milan. The evening party organized and coordinted by the press department of italian SonyBmg [with the help of RioCarnival fanzine] started with a screening of the Red Carpet Massacre EPK [a behind the scenes about the making of the album]. 35 fans were lucky enough to win 25 copies of the promo cd single of Falling Down and 10 deluxe editions of RCM. Promotional pics were given to all the fans and at the end of the listening party they all drank a toast to Duran's forthcoming success! would likes to thanks SonyBmg for the great evening they organized [among other fans long time friends from and also and]

November 8: from So if you're up to the challenge and if you have a Mac with GarageBand installed just mix your very own version of Duran Duran's song, "Nite Runner".The winning track will be featured on the official Duran Duran website and the winner plus a guest will win tickets to see Duran Duran live on their upcoming U.S. tour, plus the winner and guest will get to meet the band! Click here to see a video of Simon talking about this contest.

November 7: Nice article on Simon says “Duran Duran’s ethic is to always do something new, and on this album we pushed through to new countries. But really, there’s nothing better than going to a party and hearing your song playing. It’s the best thing.” Read it here

November 7: Check out this cool backstage video from's section "We give them a camera, they show us their lives". It's a behind the scenes on the Broadway shows with some nice shooting of the guys in the Barrymoore theatre's dressing rooms. Watch it here

November 7: Read a nice Broadway review on Clicking here to get to the page where you can also read what some american Duran fans answers to the question "Who else would you like to see Duran collaborate with?". Here is an extract from the review: celebrating the release of Red Carpet Massacre, their first album since 2004's Astronaut, the group answered questions about the album, on which they collaborated with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. "[Working with them] was a real gift," noted bassist John Taylor. "[Timbaland] is all things to all people." Despite the band's rocky past, Le Bon was extremely excited about the new production. "It's funky, edgy, very modern," he explained. "We took a lot of risks with it. You know, Duran Duran is an experimental group. We've never made the same album twice."

November 6: Since has got a step into present of Durans and one into the long history of Duran's duranasty we like to bring falshbacks from time to time. So, here you have one more! From the Capitol records archives collection of Bruce Wendell [senior vice president of promotions], these two photos taken by a private photographer under contract to capitol records back in 1981. Once displayed on the 8th floor of the Capitol Records Company, those pics shows the young Duran guys [during their first trip to Usa] with Bruce Wendel.

November 6: Check out this Bbc interview about the Broadway shows and some cool behind the scenes with Duran at the recording and rehearsals studis [thanks to Maz for the original file]

November 6: Read a very interesting interview by here. Here some good quotes. Sw: Our sound designers, from Ben Burtt to Matthew Wood, captured sounds often by going outside and recording things they thought would be interesting to use later. What is your own process for collecting sounds to use in Duran Duran's songs? Nick: We try anything. Processing sound and putting it through different effects and filtering it and trying out everything you possibly can in the studio is half the battle. We use everything from completely synthesized sounds to totally natural sounds. You just try to make them more unique. I think there really is something about a lot of records that are out there now where you do hear the same sounds because they've all used the same boxes to make them. But we have strived to have mostly our own unique sounds right from the very beginning. Most of them were handmade in the same way that they were for your Star Wars movies. Sw: Growing up with that sort of view in the '70s has always been very much part of our whole perspective. Certainly our first couple of albums had several songs that were leaning much more towards sci-fi than perhaps reality. We've always tried to keep one foot in that world. To me it's the world of imagination and I don't think one should ever try to limit the sphere and spectrum of the imagination. So it's very much part of Duran Duran. Nick: Visually we always looked to sci-fi and '60s and '70s movies, and things that have a certain futuristic style. I'm a huge fan of director Stanley Kubrick's movies, particularly 2001 which is still one of the most stylized movies ever made. I also was a big fan of THX 1138, which I saw very early on and even then I realized how incredibly cool it was for a low budget movie; and how cleverly it had been done to look like it certainly cost a lot more. It was such a great idea. I've always admired people who have unique ideas and aren't afraid to put them out there and do something new.

November 5: Our Friend Sekret from Montreal wants to share with us the pics he took backstage in New York on Saturday november 3! thanks a lot Sekret!

November 3: Adriana wants to share with the great pictures she took at the Barrymore theatre on November 1. So take a look at the Gallery here. Many thanks and credits goes to Adriana!

November 4: Dani just posted some great photos from the november 3 concert on DuranDuran_MessageBoard. check it out!! [below some pics taken by Dani]

November 3, 2007 from the New York Times: "Duran Duran Continues Its Revival With a Debut on a Broadway Stage". Click here to read a great article about Duran's debut in Broadway and the new album. Here a couple of interesting quotes: as for “Reportage,” “it’s in the deep freeze,” Roger Taylor said. “Next to the turkey,” Mr. Le Bon added. But he said he expected it to be released someday. “We’re not so prolific that we can afford to keep a whole album sitting in the fridge.” Roger Taylor mused: “Staying in the game when you’re a sort of artist, or whatever it is we are, it’s like holding on to something but without being, like, a Peter Pan about it. You could meet a lot of musicians that came out at the same time as we did from England that are still locked into this idea that was created in 1982, and they still wear the same clothes and they have the same hairstyle and their dialogue is pretty much the same. And we flow, we really do. We’re not quite in 2007, but we’re not in 1982 either.”John Taylor added: “Maybe 2005,” and they all laughed.

November 3, 2007: Durans are interviewed in a London studio and they talk about their long careear with the Times online. To read the full interview click here Some funny quotes from the article: * Le Bon and Rhodes had limped on with a series of session players/hired hands, notably Warren Cuccurullo, the lively American guitarist who went on to be a porn star and famously marketed a model cast from his genitalia, the “Rock Rod”. “What surprised me,” reflects Le Bon with a smirk, “is that he thought everybody else would be as interested in his penis as he was. It’s not a dildo that he sells, it’s a facsimile of his own erect penis made either in high quality plastic or chocolate.” * I ask the keepers of the Duran flame if they’re on speaking terms with Andy Taylor now. Uh, through various other parties!”says Rhodes. Andy is writing a book about his times in Duran Duran, apparently to be called Wild Boy. Presumably he’ll have promised his publisher that he’ll lift the lid on all sorts of high-Eighties salaciousness. What are their thoughts on Andy’s book? “Yeah… um, I’m quite interested,” says Le Bon. “I’ll read it probably! Am I concerned? No.” “Say what the hell he likes. An interesting title I think,” Rhodes muses. “He’s taken a long time thinking about that one.” * “The key to survival is being open to the script being written for you,” says John Taylor. “And knowing that, at the end of the day, the thing that is ours is this entity, this brand, that we created and we still own that nobody can take away from us. There’s not many companies that are like that. Generally people sell the brand on. But we still own it.” * “Funnily enough,” remarks Nick Rhodes, “I saw [U2 guitarist] Edge the other night. And he said, ‘How’s your record going?’ And I said, ‘Oh, it’s great – we made a real heavy record, then we scrapped it and thought, “Nah, it’s far too heavy for us, we need to make something a little more frivolous.”’ And Edge said, ‘Yeah, but frivolous is so hard, isn’t it?’ And I said, ‘Not for us, ha ha!’” “Yeah, yeah,” nods Simon Le Bon vigorously. “Really.”

November 2, 2007 New York City: Duran Duran's grand opening. the band celebrates "Red Carpet Massacre" On Broadway with all the media and an After Party sponsored by Citi took place at the Gramercy Park Hotel rooftop. Pictures from the photocall/concert and after party are up on all the main picture agencies websites [getty, wire and so on] check them out!

November 2: Juicy Opening: Duran Duran is about to get Juicy. The iconic rock band has teamed up with Juicy Couture (band member John Taylor is married to Juicy co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor) to design a full wardrobe for their Broadway concert debut in New York. The band will perform from tonight until Nov. 12 at the famed Ethel Barrymore Theater to support their new album, "Red Carpet Massacre." They plan to play the entire new album each night, a first for the band. They will also play some of their classic hits. "When putting together the Broadway show of 'Red Carpet Massacre' it was only natural that we would turn to Juicy Couture," Taylor said. "Due to more than just osmosis; Simon [Le Bon], Nick [Rhodes] and myself have all had a hand in making design suggestions for clothes they would like to wear and seeing their ideas realized. In attacking the costuming of the show we have had a hands-on approach, which is the way we like to work (like the good little renaissance boys we are). 'Red Carpet Massacre' requires Maoist utility wear, punk-savant/bohemian and louche satins... all in one evening." For opening night, Ashley Olsen, Donald Trump, Padma Lakshmi, Moby and Natasha Bedingfield are expected to attend. [main live picture by ivyagogo November 1, 2007: Barrymore Theatre] source

November 1: watch a nice clip from the interview on Sky Showbiz here [the above screencaps are taken from the interview]

November 1: Beat magazine [november issue] has Duran Duran on the front cover, if we aren't wrong it should be the first cover that Duran Duran gain with the new album release! Scans will be available soon on the site. If you want to get a copy just email the magazine, or call +390245495751. Check out the site

November 1, 2007: what a great review! check it out here

Nov 1, 2007: [from] Duran Duran launches new rock era on Broadway: NY- "We've always viewed Duran Duran as an art school project," keyboardist Nick Rhodes says. "So each time we want to do something new, we look at a blank canvas and say, 'What do we do this time?' " The answer to that question, posed during the making of Duran Duran's 12th studio album, "Red Carpet Massacre," turned out to be Broadway. "Without a sponsor, I'm not sure we would have been able to do this," says band manager Wendy Laister of Magus Entertainment. "Because of the economics of doing something on Broadway, without them it just wouldn't have been possible -- or at least not with the ticket prices the way they are." to read the full article go here

Nov 1, 2007: Howard welcomed Duran Duran into the studio and thanked them for returning after nearly 27 years. Howard asked the band if they wanted to sell their new record through an exclusive retailer, like the Spice Girls, Smashing Pumpkins, and Radiohead have done, but the band felt they stood to make more money from touring. Howard asked John Taylor if his wife really created Juicy Couture, and John admitted she was the clothing line's co-founder. Howard read one of Simon Le Bon's quotes about Princess Diana stalking the band, but Simon claimed he had been exaggerating. The band then performed “Girls on Film” for the gang, and Howard asked them about the women in their lives; Simon's wife; the band's back-up singer, Anne Ross; and Nick Rhodes' ex-wife. Simon then told Howard that he's changed his opinion of Bruce Springsteen, saying he now thought it was “undignified” to talk trash about other acts.

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