November 30: Hello there, this is just a quick note to let you know that I won't be able to update the site for a while as I'm in the process of moving to a new home and we'll be busy in the next couple of weeks getting everything done in the house before my second baby sees the light in march. Hopefully I'll be able to give some updates before Christmas. I thank everyone who sent reports and great pics from the recent Duran shows and meetings, there's enough to make a huge update when I'll be back online. Meanwhile don't miss the Duran news: check out and of course the great unofficial Duranboard. Thanks to all and see you soon! ;)

November 25: I just translated from portouguese to english a very interesting interview to John Taylor by Braulio Lorentz from Jornal do Brasil. The interview has been also published by and on november 15 with the headline: "se não tocarmos Rio todos vão se revoltar". Our favourite bassist speaks from Los Angeles just few days before the band left to South America. Maybe John's thoughts and feelings about the direction the band has taken with the recent album start to emerge trough his irony? Have a good read and make your conclusion.

above pics taken by Camila, MariaJose and Barbarella in Santiago and Buenos Aires last week, thanks a lot girls!

"OK, era uma m..."

[Duran Duran comes to Brazil to promote their 12th album...]

"each album we release comes with the affirmation: 'it's the best album we have ever done'. We have to believe that. Perhaps, we will later assume: ' OK, it was a s… ' ", John laughs.

[editor note: m...= merda = shit]

The band sold more than 70 million records in 30 years of career and hasn't always kept a friendly relationship with the press. "reviews don't interest me. If the record is already made and launched, why I should read about it and what could change anyway? During the tour you have to believe in the record", he explains.

[after your collaboration with Ronson and the great megamix -wich included tracks from Prince and Blur- that you played in Paris...] Is there a chance to work with the godfather of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen?

"We would like to work with Ronson. Many people don't know, but he's a good musician, not only a first class producer" , he melts both aspects. "It would be good to make something new. That partnership was a one shot. I don't know if [the DD&Ronson show] will be released on cd, dvd or if we'll make others shows. It could be so".

The linking with the new generation of pop doesn't stop there. To the name of Ronson he adds another English sensation: Arctic Monkeys, a band of guys in their 20s. The Hit single I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor is an explicit citation of Rio. In TeddyPicker there's another Duran Duran citation from the lyrics of Save the Prayer. "I_BetYouLookGood... was the best music of 2006/2007. It's fantastic. They are the best of the latest 10 years", Taylor says. "I met the drummer and we commented together those citations".

John says he's a fan of the American band of psychedelic pop MGMT and AnimalCollective. But the biggest search for John are bassist player cds. " My favourite are Paul McCartney and George Murray [David Bowie]. The performance in Station to Station is great".

John, one of the founding members of the band, also explains why he ended up leaving the band in 1997, to only come back in 2001: "I had enough, I was "full". I needed to leave. Everything seemed a sacrifice. I went to a second marriage, needed to take care of my daughter".

How was the return to the band? "

I did a show with the Simon in New York. I was amused. We talked and had a lunch on the return trip. I didn't feel like I had abandoned the band. It was just like the beginnings".

Download here a scan of the article [in portoguese] from the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo from november 21 [thanks to Eliane Moreira]. Special thanks also to Paulo Labao for the above pic of the guys with Narjara Turetta.

November 24: More on the São Paulo shows from my correspondent Paulo from Brazil who just sent me these pics and the following email:

Dear Salvo, Good Day, I am following your website daily, which by far is the best and it is always updated. Reason of this message is to report on the shows in Sao Paulo that I attended with my wife Susan. Man, the guys are the same, no change, the energy and the passion for the stage is exactly the same. I have been waiting for this moment for 20 years and tears came to my eyes when I saw the guys there, in front of me. My wife and I bought the VIP tickets because no way of losing any shot of the show, it had to be in the front of the stage, looking eye to eye. The house was crowded with more than 4.000 thousand people screaming their names and singing the songs by heart, even the new ones from the Red Carpet Massacre. The show was perfect, the sound and quality of it was amazing. Simon Le Bon and co were brilliant and always smiling in reaction to the crowd, completely gone nuts by watching the guys live. There is no way to describe the vibe in there. Sao Paulo recently had many shows from other excellent artists such REM, Cindy Lauper, Maroon 5, but no doubt Duran Duran up to now was the best. Only the people who attend these shows can describe the feeling. I am looking forward to hearing the same reaction from Rio de Janeiro tonight and shall let you know soon. All the best, Paulo Labao [yes my surname is Labao, not LeBon]

November 24: Kylie Minogue teams up with Duran Duran [?] from Pop princess Kylie Minogue wants to team up with '80s heart throbs Duran Duran for a new single.Minogue has reportedly held secret talks with the British band's singer Simon Le Bon and keyboard player Nick Rhodes in South America. The trio lunched together recently at a restaurant in Chile, where both Minogue and Duran Duran were on tour, to discuss new ideas for her next album, the News of the World reported. "Kylie's been thinking about reinventing her sound and has always loved Duran Duran so thought: 'Why the hell not?','' the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

[editor note - the question is: it's all speculation or there's some truth behind this article?]

*Updated on november 25: same article on*

November 23: Duran Duran have just concluded two successfull shows in São Paulo [november 21 and 22]. The band played in Brazil after 20 years from their first show there [in 1988]. Reporters refers that they played to a crowd of 4.000 the first night and maybe more the second. All pics in this news are taken in Brazil [thanks to Eliane, Claudia, Marina], below the guys [Roger with his wife Gisela] outiside their São Paulo hotel meeting the fans. Some online articles and pictures galleries can be found here here and here. Check them out. Next stop Rio de Janeiro!

November 23: On november 18 Duran Duran headlined a great show with Maroon 5 at the Plaza Figali in Panama. Two generations have met on the same stage for the pleasure of a huge crowd, unfortunately the two bands didn't play any song together but they enjoyed to party all night long at the Red Carpet Party organized at the disco Headkandi [pics below].

Some quality pics of the show from photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5 and some great pics of the party can be found here. If you want to download scans of the three newspaper pictured above just go here: Mi Diario, La Prensa November 19, La Prensa November 20.

November 20: These exclusive pictures of Simon and Nick were taken at the famous Mercado Central in Santiago - Chile by my friend Karine Retamal Petersen [pictured below with the 2 Duran Duran guys]. Simon and Nick had fun walking trough the beauties of the city with Dave Casillas and Gavin Elder [the guy who is responsable for most of the on the road video footage].

More from Latina America

You can get an exclusive scan from Diario La República from november 2, 2008 here. You can find some more pics of the guys Live in Concert in Santiago here [by superstarkman] and here [by Coti], pics from the Bogotà show can be found here [by betoduranfoto]. On the right the lucky Karine with the Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes.

November 20: Here is the band in Panama on november 18, more pics have been posted on the Latin Duran Duran message board. An article from can be found here. I got this email/news while I was writing this from my very good friend and correspondent Amanda in Brazil so I pass it along:

Hello there, I have a bad news for the brazilian fans: the Porto Alegre show has been cancelled due to the bad ticket sales. The good thing is that on friday I'm going to see the 1st Sao Paulo concert and it's going to be amazing, I'm sure! I'll do my best to take great pictures and report news for

November 20: I translated [for my pleasure] from spanish to english three interesting questions from this interview to Nick Rhodes from, thought it's worth sharing it with you. Nick mentions Warren Cuccurullo, how much he likes the current Duran Duran lineup, how lucky they feel to have met Dom and also speaks out about his wishes to release a new album soon.

Nick, in thirty years of Duran Duran as band, you have had around ten different lineup… How do you feel with the current band, and how you maintain the style of the group?
NR: ok, this lineup is almost the original one except for Andy [Taylor] who went away so we had to replace him urgently. The important thing to us has been to retain always the essence of Duran Duran: a glad and exciting band. I believe the hardest period to me was by the end of the 90's when John [Taylor] went away for some time, but now we are very happy. We find Dom Brown [Guitars] in London and it was a Ron Wood style thing, we rehearsed one night and the next day he knew all the repertoire. He is a great guitarist, as much rythmical as in lead guitar, he is very versatile and we are very happy to have him on board.

Some people are wondering why Warren Cuccurullo did not return to guitars.
NR: With Warren it's all super fine. He is in another "moment" but I love him. Whenever I am in Los Angeles we met and spend time together, we are very good friends, it's only this: we are in different moments.

Arcadia, Power Station, The Devils, Duran Duran's collaborations with other artists [in each project] and you producing also, with an important lapse of time, two very different band: Kajagoogoo and more recently The Dandy Warhols… well, how do you feel in this process of collaboration?
NR: Very well. When I did the Kajagoogoo I was going to produce two tracks, nothing else. I listened the demo of Too Shy and I thought there was something there and I could give the right atmosphere to the track with my contribution. I ended up producing the full record, I was 19 or 20 years old. I was very young. With The Dandy Warhols it was different. I was a fan of the band so when Courtney Taylor-Taylor [leader of the Dandys] approached me he told me that he wanted a retro but really modern sound. I felt that I could put that in Welcome to the Monkey House and it was a record that I enjoyed very much producing. I would like to make more things, to collaborate with other musicians but the latest years with Duran Duran have required much work and so much time. I always get requests, but I really cannot accept them, I can't get involved .

Do you think you'll release the next Duran Duran record in a short time just like this [RCM] or we have to wait a longer time?
NR: [laughter] I hope it will be soon finished, I am with you on that. We would like to release a record in six months or in three if possible.

November 14: from | John Taylor speaks out about his wishes for the next Duran Duran album. Here is an excerpt from the article: The bassist hints that the band will be working on the follow-up to last year's 'Red Carpet Massacre' album. "We've been talking to Mark Ronson," he says, "and I don't know if that's going to happen. For me I would like to do something very personal. "We did a gig with producer Mark Ronson in Paris," he recalls, "and we all ended up in the bar at the hotel. And verybody's sitting around the piano singing 'The Chauffeur.' Quite bizarre. Strangely enough, it was Mark who knew how to play it on the piano as opposed to any of us."

John also mentions Andy Taylor's book: he says he was chuffed to see it in print and picked up a copy: "I started looking through it, and I was like, 'Oh God, this is depressing.' So it's sitting on the top shelf out of reach of the children."

November 14: On november 12 Duran Duran played for the first time in Bogotá-Colombia at Coliseo El Campín. The show was a benefit concert in favour of the Foundation Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar. The guys did a press conference in Bogotà: you can watch a clip of it [with a very funny John Taylor] on the left of this box. Check out also another clip of the same press conference here. If you are curious to know what Nick Rhodes draws during the press conference just have a look at thepicture below! More pics from the press conference can be found here and pics of the show are right here

In one of the interviews in Bogotà Simon Le Bon said: “I really came in Colombia with an open mind, you can only know people when you visit their country. People here is very warm and amiable” [...] “we are going to help a great cause, we are going to help the childrens providing education and development.

A round of interviews have been done while the guys were in town, if you can read spanish have a look at these: here and here and here you can find interviews to Roger Taylor from and and and here is a video interview to from

Some more pics from Santiago can be find on, and

November 12: I just got some press articles published in South America. One of them [La Tercera] reveals that band, on november 10, had intentions to visit La Vina Concha y Toro located in the Pirque zone. Concha y Toro is a chilean company founded in 1883 wich produces and exports prestigious wines. Download these exclusive articles scans: La Razon from Argentina, La Tercera from Chile and La Prensa from Panama.

November 11: My correspondent Lucho from Lima [one of the three guys who run a Duran Duran webpage for all the peruian fans] attended the Duran Duran show on November 4 with his duranies friends and they had a great time at the show and meeting the guys at the hotel were the band were staying. They all got pictures and items signed by all the band members just like the front cover of the current issue of the peruian magazine Phantom [with Duran on cover]. Lucho was kind enough to share these pics and scans with all of us [download the scans here: cover and 2 pages ]

Below pics of Nick on the doorstep of the hotel, close to him [on your left] you can spot Wendy Leister, Duran Duran's manager and Nick's cousin. In the first pic Nick signs the mag to Lucho.

Some more news from Argentina: the story about Duran Duran having a dinner with Francis Ford Coppola [I reported yesterday about it] has been published in many argentinian newspapers and websites, I post just a couple of the many links I found on the web: and [with a nice press conference pic]

Simon mentioned in the interview I posted yesterday that he would love:

"to work with audio-visuals. It would be great to start putting music to films or performances. Continue investigating the combination of image and music, learn."

[editor note: Coppola and Simon's desire to put music to films... well there are few elements here to let imagination fly!!]

After the Buenos Aires show the band went to the G.E.B.A Club to party. Here two pics.

November 10: Olé, Olé, Duran, Duran, it's Duran Duran fever in Argentina! The Buenos Aires concert was great with 20.000 people dancing, singing and clapping during the whole show, it was like huge party a reporter said. According to Gustavo [a fan who attended the show] Francis Ford Coppola was onstage to one side. He attended the whole show. The night before the show Simon went to see a football match [Boca Juniors agains Inter of Porto Alegre - Brasil]. That night the band also had dinner with Francis Ford Coppola, Vincent Galo and Gustavo Cerati [former lead singer of Soda Stereo [a huge pop band from Argentina].
Below a recent interview to Simon released the same day of the Buenos Aires show. Here is the original spanish version [interview by Facundo Garcia - translation thanks to jeditrainee]

Tonight Duran Duran will perform for the fourth time in Argentina. With the backing of three decades of touring, several videos that marked the history of MTV and more than seventy million albums sold, the British band will take its Red Carpet Massacre Tour to the Gymnastics and Fencing Club (Freire and Colonel Dorrego Avenue). "There will be crowds shouting wildly", prophesizes the composer and singer Simon Le Bon in a speech which, if extended, could have led to a self-help book of pop stars.

You have combined a certain sophistication with massive commercial success. How did you do it? You have to concentrate in one of the two things. You either live for the art or make commercial products. Two options that are often mutually exclusive. At some point, we decided we were going to put the art fisrt. That was our identity. If we didn’t respect it, we were going to turn into more of the same. We don’t stop having fun or working hard, but always knew that success would come as a result of that. Look, is not that we all get together one day in assembly to discuss the issue: it was a matter that we began to understand gradually.

What does it feel like waking up one day and read or hear that you are a legend? [Dryly] If I believed myself a legend I would be a total jerk. I don’t identify with any of that. I feel that I still have to fulfill a thousand goals. I am excited, for example, to work with audio-visuals. It would be great to start putting music to films or performances. Continue investigating the combination of image and music, learn. Perhaps one day you will see me sit down to compose live on stage, I don’t know. The truth is that I don’t have enough time to carry out all the things that I think of.

Much has happened since a girl named Fiona Kemp recommended Simon as a potential voice for a musical project that had just begun at the bar Rum Runner, back in 1980. Between that pretty-face that showed up to rehearsal with pink leopard pants and the man who today unstitches sunset reflections, there is a distance equivalent to that between anonymity and global celebrity that today carries between continents. But the link with the origins remains: "It is a pity that I never talked to Fiona again-says New Romantic Le Bon. I owe it to her that she felt that maybe I had a talent and I needed an opportunity to make it explode."

What internal impetus gives you strength to continue creating? Well, life changes. What you have to do is identify what are the important aspects of each phase. There are guys who swear that the key issue is financial. I have discovered that the focus is elsewhere. And you know what? While working on those things that move me inside, I notice that what I do has a better impact on other people. Even though my lifestyle and routines might not be familiar to them, I guess they feel the sincerity. And we come into contact.

A contact that in the case of the Latin American audience, does not need confirmation. Although they have had bizarre moments. "When you get such diverse audiences, you are glad to see there are fans who use your songs for unexpected purposes," Le Bon slips. And builds: "One of the strangest stories I heard about the music of Duran Duran is related to the U.S. invasion to the Isthmus of Panama in 1989. It turns out that the Marines had surrounded Manuel Antonio Noriega and, before the final attack, put on some speakers that played 'Hungry Like The Wolf'. Anyway, at least were quite explicit about their intentions."

Simon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Taylor took some time to celebrate the triumph of Obama at the start of the tour that will take them through the region. "With the election results begins the end of the current regime in the U.S.," said the frontman at a concert a few days ago in Lima. The leader of the quartet joked that they loved South America so much that it wouldn’t surprise him to see Roger Taylor-whose girlfriend is Peruvian-trading his drums for the quena [traditional flute of the Andes].

Do you think the initial glam of the group will be diminishing, as did the cans of hair spray that you emptied twenty years ago? You maintain the intensities. The rest of the world is another thing. I think it is stupid to want to recover the glam of the eighties. Looking from the present, I have the impression that we have gone forward in a few respects. With regard to the innocence, for instance. We were a generation of young people completely unrealistic: we will not recover that naivety, for the elementary reason that we saw too many f-up events, period. So I guess we’ll agree that rather than being "the super glamorous" or "the cool ones" the important thing is to build a good life, in the broad sense.

Zero-nostalgia, then. Only the necessary. It is true that in the eighties we took other liberties by assault. I mean, you saw the kids that would fix themselves up and put on the latest fashions not because TV said so, but because they wanted to be unlike anyone else in the universe. Look at the difference: today the media gives you a giant catalog for picking hair, clothes, face, and so on. In return, they incite you to not start your own search.

online reviews and pics

You can find some more reviews and pics of the Buenos Aires show at the following links:,, [here you can also watch a video], [nice pics here], and On the left one more video from Lima, it's an interview to Simon and John. Check it out!

November 10: Nick Rhodes discusses the release of the Rio Classic album with and reminisces the shooting of the Rio video album. the article has been published on yesterday by The Observer.

Nick says: We were on holiday in Antigua, staying next to each other, like the Monkees. We were rung up and told, 'Stay there, we're bringing a film crew.' I only like boats when they're tied up, and you can have a cocktail without spilling it. We were initially going to shoot the video for 'Rio' indoors and we'd had Antony Price make these beautiful suits for us. I remember thinking: 'Oh my God, that sea water, it's going to ruin all this silk.' With a sail boat, you're off into the distance and it takes a while to turn round. I was glad to get off. Simon Le Bon loved it, climbing as far as he possibly could along the prow. He always had an action man side.

John Taylor threw Andy Taylor off the side - a bit of a premonition, that, because Andy would leave the band in 1985 - and there was a real moment of horror later when the director Russell Mulcahy was filming with Reema, the girl in the video, and a gust of wind shattered a giant mirror next to her. She only had a couple of scratches. We were just a bunch of guys from post-industrial Birmingham. Of course we noticed the recession. You couldn't ignore the political climate at the time. When we played the Birmingham Odeon in either 1981 or '82 there were riots on New Street. But I was 19 when the Rio album came out. You're trying to make something good for yourself. Of course you're aware of other things, but the party was definitely more on everybody's mind.

[Screencaps from the Rio Classic Album]

November 8: According to this Simon Le Bon interview published yesterday on the argentinian Pagina12 website and to the DyN News and Press Agency [ published the news "Músicos de Duran Duran lanzan disco sinfónico en 2009" on november 6 at 4:53 pm] Duran Duran are planning to release a symphonic record with the Orlando Philarmonic Orchestra. [this might be a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of band? just wondering - Simon might refer to a completely new recording since there's no news of a pro-recording of that Orlando 2005 show]

In the interview, by Gustavo Bove, Simon says :

After a lifetime on the road, how do you see the future of Duran Duran? What is your greatest wish for the band? I want to do something different. I would not make a new album after the tour, would do something new, something theatrical or with visual effects. I even got the idea of playing with a big orchestra and build something completely epic with our work. We want to deal with the music of Duran Duran from a completely different place.

In the same argentinian interview Mr Le Bon says:

What was the worst moment the band lived? For me, the worst moment of the band was in'97, when [John Taylor] left the group and only stayed Nick [Rhodes], Warren [Cuccurullo] and me. I didn't really enjoyed our working relationship with them two, at the time. And he did not agree with Nick on the direction we should take artistically and as a band. That was the main reason why in 2001, we agreed with Nick, grabbed the phone and decided to reform the original linup

With hand on heart, what was the best album you did? not the last one, it doesn't count... [laughs] The latest record is pretty good, eh! ...But I will fulfill your slogan. I would say it's between Rio and The Wedding Album, although the first album is also very good. It is so difficult to choose one...

Argentina and Peru

November 8: On the left a clip from the Buenos Aires press conference held yesterday. On there's a gallery of nice pics taken during the press conference. On you can find some more pics from the press conference in Lima. A couple of videos of the guys in Peru have been posted on the official sites: video of the band and John

Duran Duran Live in Lima pics here

November 6: Congratulations to Mr Barack Obama, new President of the United States of America!

From | Duran Duran dedicates song to Obama: despite a delay at the beginning of their concert, world-renowned English pop rock band Duran Duran was received with applause, warmth and enthusiasm by approximately 5,000 fans at the Estadio Monumental last night. The band came to Peru to kick off their Red Carpet Massacre Latin American tour, which will have the quartet traveling around Latin America until December. For almost two hours, fans were delighted by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor with songs such as "Rio", "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Notorious", "Save a Prayer", "A view to a kill", "Reflex", "Come Undone", "Wild Boys" and "Girls on Film". Speaking some Spanish while on stage, the band quickly won the crowd over, which affirmed they still loved the group.

Playing classics as well as new songs from their last album, Red Carpet Massacre, the group even dedicated a song to then President elect Barack Obama.

The group has been in Peru since Saturday and gone sightseeing through Lima. While they said they would have liked to have visited Machu Picchu, band members said it would not be possible on this trip. Living in Peru had a chance to meet with band members and give them a gift to help them remember their trip to the Andean country. Affirming they love Peru, it's people, culture, food and pisco sour, each band member happily received an edition of "101 Reasons to be Proud of Peru".

November 6: There's a two pages article on the current issue of Flash magazine from Portugal. The retrospective article celebrates Simon's 50th birthday and the long life of the band. Download scans of the article here: page 1 page 2 [thanks to Penelope]

November 4: Fifty years ago, in the Aug. 4, 1958, issue, Billboard launched a revolutionary chart called the Hot 100. After nearly two decades of tracking songs distinctively by sales or plays [on jukeboxes and at radio], the Hot 100 was the first list to measure popularity by incorporating both radio play and sales. Scoring the chart's inaugural No. 1 was Ricky Nelson with "Poor Little Fool." is celebrating this milestone in a big way. We have posted all kinds of Hot 100-based charts leading up to the newly-unveiled special All-Time Hot 100 chart and the commemorative Hot 100 Anniversary issue of Billboard Magazine.

The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists

The definitive list of the Hot 100's top 100 artists, based on all charting titles from August 1958 through July 2008 sees Duran Duran at a respectable # 52

Duran Duran feature in another part of the Billboard anniversary chart: Artists with the most Hot 100 No. 1 hits of the 1980s with 2 weeks at the top for The Reflex [1984] and 2 for A View To A Kill [1985]. For those of you wondering Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and Madonna have all topped the list with 7 number ones in that decade. All the time winner is The Beatles [20] followed by Mariah Carey [18] Michael Jackson [13] and Madonna [12].Here is the full list

How were Billboard's 50th Anniversary Hot 100 song and artist charts determined? Read it right here. Pre-order The Billboard Magazine Hot 100 Anniversary Issue here

November 4: Some nice pics of Nick out and about in Lima have been posted on if you are a member just login into the site and enjoy! According to Simon the Lima show is gonna be the best show of the year as he declared in the following interviews: - - [different article]

November 4: On the left a picture of the article published on november 2, 2008 by the Scotland on Sunday - Spectrum magazine. Andy says: "I wish I'd never done cocaine," [...] "I was in a great mood that night but cocaine certainly didn't figure in my plans. They say the first time you do cocaine it is so intense that you'll never experience the same thing again, and it's true. You just go bang, and you're immediately overcome with a tidal wave of euphoria and a feeling of overwhelming confidence." Read the online version here

November 3: Duran Duran arrived in Lima - Peru - on november 1. The band will start their south American tour right there on November 4th. The four guys met the media at the press conference [held in in a local hotel] sponsored by Sony Ericsson then Nick and John also did an interview with radio Oxígeno. Here is link to the radio's website [article on the band in Lima] and here you have a full gallery of pictures [taken during the press conference and radio interview]. While the band were in town Nick didn't miss the chance to have a tour of the city [pics are up on]. In the picture on the left John and Simon wears the typical peruian colourfull hat.

Here two videos, one from the press conference taken from and the other is an exclusive interview to Roger and Gisela from Domingo al Dia tv show, Check them out!


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