Oct. 31: some interesting quotes: "It's the zeitgiest," Taylor says. "Should we put a bet on how long it's gonna be before there's a sitcom that takes place in a rehab? I would bet you there's one in development right now, because that's where the next 'Friends' is gonna come from — it's gonna be based in a rehab. Celebrities go off to rehab, they check into Promises, and nobody knows what happens there. All we know is they come out and they're back!" "Of course, what happens in our video isn't really what goes on in rehab," adds the 12-years sober Taylor of the clip directed by Anthony Mandler (also the man behind the lens for the Killers' "All These Things That I've Done"). "I've got first-hand experiences. This is a parody." As for the band's tradition of showcasing scantily clad babes, they explain it this way: "We're true artists," Taylor defends with a laugh. "The entire story of art, from Picasso back, is about old dudes trying to get close to young chicks. What we do is nothing new." Wild boys never lose it. To read it all click here

Oct.31: Fantastic Nick interview on news.com.au. Below some intersting quotes. To read it all click here

"The worst parents of all are those that roll a joint in front of their children and then smoke it with them." "We wanted to record a record and play concerts. But today show business culture revolves around people who grew up simply wanting to be famous. "For whatever reason, no matter how trivial. "Naturally that is very unhealthy and one of the reasons why the VIPs are always falling to pieces. They don't have anything apart from their VIP existence, no substance."Rhodes says the title Red Carpet Massacre references the way the media "build someone up and then shoot them down"."Britney Spears is the perfect example," he says. "She can't escape the treadmill. "The teeny hysteria turned a lot of people off our band. But we always had more depth on our records, a dark side that a lot of people didn't see because they were blinded by our pastel coloured suits on the videos," Rhodes says, laughing."We always had style," counters Rhodes, who founded the band with his art school buddy John Taylor in 1978. "But we are not responsible for this crazy VIP culture, this obscenity.

Oct.31: the news of the banned video for falling Down has reached Italy trough the main press agency[Ansa] and today you could read it in many newspaper, fee press and online edition too. The funniest headline comes from Libero and it says "Duran Duran end up at Neuro"

Check out the great pics that Blossoming Fire has posted on Mark's board.If you go there there are many more! The Electro set included: Skin Trade, I Don't Want Your Love, All She Wants Is and Last Chance on the Stairway

Below a couple of quotes from the article. If you want to read it all click here

'We live and breathe pop culture,' says Rhodes, who photographed the new album's sleeve. 'When John and I used to buy records as kids, we always judged them by the cover; it's people who make an effort that matter. When we formed Duran Duran, we wanted to work with the greatest fashion photographers and designers. We never figured out how to use architects… although I was talking to Daniel Libeskind about doing something in Second Life.'

Duran Duran were conceived in an age of excess; can they ever have too much glamour? Rhodes smiles: 'I wonder that every day when I open my wardrobe.'

Set List - Chevrolet Theatre, CT First Red Cartpet Massacre Show!!: The Valley, Red Carpet Massacre, Nite-Runner, Falling Down, Box Full o’Honey, Skin Divers, Tempted, Tricked Out, Zoom In, She’s Too Much, Dirty Great Monster, Last Man Standing, Essential, Notorious, One of These Days, I Take the Dice, Ordinary World, Do You Believe in Shame?, Lay Lady Lay, A View to a Kill, The Reflex, Sunrise,encore: Girls on Film.

Watch clips of I Take the Dice, "Lay Lady Lay", "Do You Believe In Shame?" and "Sunrise" on YouTube. Many thanks and photo credits goes to Blossoming Fire on the Unofficial Duran board where you can also read a review by mystikwolf83.

Check out the Picture gallery with the great photos taken by Kerry in Wallingford. Gallery_Wallingford_28.10.07 thanks very much for sharing them with us Kerry!

Red Carpet Massacre on Tour november 2007 Usa

October 29, 2007: Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT
November 1, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 2, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 3, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 5, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 6, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 8, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 9, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 10, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 12, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York
November 13, 2007: Barrymore Theatre, New York

November 11: All DD Broadway shows canceled: Duran Duran forced to rescheduling their three remaining shows at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre New York (tonight: Saturday 10th, Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th) due to Local One Union Strike action. Band members working around the clock to find alternative venue to reschedule shows for early next week.

Updated november 11: Duran Duran Moves This Week's Broadway Shows [12/13 november] to the Roseland Ballroom.


There's a nice behind the scenes with the Red Carpet Massacre tour rehearsals on duranduran.com. check them out!

From the press release Roger Taylor noted about rehearsals:

“We rehearsed for the whole of October because we are adding so much in the way of new material to the set. Usually when we go out we only introduce three or four new songs into the show but this time we’re playing everything off the new record. Personally, I can’t wait to play these songs live.

Some stills from the Jonathan RossTv show have been posted on the duranduran unofficial board [thanks to justmaybe] and thanks to mazolauk for the youtube upload!


There's a one page article with a new Duran picture on page 282 of the november issue of Us Vogue [with Jennifer Connelly on the front cover] thanks to jaipie for the full scan that you can see here

History repeats itself, 26 years later [the Girls on Film video release] another Duran video is banned!

October 25 from Mirror.co.uk: Duran Duran have fallen foul of the TV censors with the risque, X-rated video for new single, Falling Down.
Intended to poke fun at the "celebrity culture of rehab", it features shocking and controversial scenes of semi-naked models in distress and suffering breakdowns. But the censors failed to get the joke and promptly banned it from our television screens. As a result, the 80s pop icons - who are performing on tomorrow night's Jonathan Ross show - have had to put out a toned-down version instead. Our insider reveals: "It's a shame because the film is stunning. It's very arty, dark and deals with the whole celebrity culture of rehab. "The band are really disappointed that the video won't be seen because they believed it to be one of their finest yet." Shot inside the Linda Vista mental hospital in downtown LA, one scene shows Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes - dressed as doctors in white coats - putting drugs into the mouths of patients. Another shows the lads watching as nude patients are bathed by stocking-clad nurses. As well as its saucy and voyeuristic content, it was feared this decidedly unsympathetic take on rehab would spark outrage among self-help groups. Falling Down, which was co-written and produced by Justin Timberlake, was inspired by the breakdowns of stars such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Our insider adds: "There has been so much coverage of young celebrities running off to rehab that the band wanted to poke fun at how ridiculous they are - but it's backfired on them. "The band had shot two versions of the video but the one they wanted to release was deemed too risque, so a more toned-down and censored video will be used instead." Duran Duran, whose early innovative music videos helped define the MTV generation, have never been afraid to push the envelope. This isn't the first time they have upset the censors, either. In 1981 their steamy video for the hit single Girls On Film was banned by the BBC and heavily edited by MTV. A band's spokesman confirms: "Unfortunately the first video has been banned, so the tamer one will be aired instead."

Italian music magazine Beat enquirers on Durans album sales and gives numbers and a statistic on the sales of the most popular DD albums. According to the article [above a scan of the tidbit] the actual Duran Duran album sales are as follows: 7th and Ragged Tiger 12 millions, Rio 10 millions, Notorious 5 millions, Big Thing 3 millions, Duran Duran the wedding album a little more than 6 millions, Thank You 2 millions, Pop Trash about 1 million, Astronaut 3 millions. This statistic brings Duran album sales to an an average of 6 millions during Duran's long career with up and downs but of course the above graphic doesn't include Duran Duran [the first album], Arena, the top selling Greatest/Decade, the single collections, the spin off projects, the 7" singles and other supports as 12", Videos and so on... so it seems that the 70 millions records sales/worldwide that Duran declares it's quite realistic, and we are all sure that the number of sales will grow up at least to 80 millions with Red Cartpet Massacre!

Oct. 16: from Yahoo Music.com: Duran Duran "Falling Down"
Some beauties just can't escape life in the fast lane. Watch Duran Duran nurse these glamour girls back to health. Falling Down video premiere

There's a scan from this month Rolling Stone magazine posted by Tin at DuranDuran's-unofficial-messageboard. Chick here to see a full scan of the article about Simon and its new Audi R8. Its rumored that he got the car from the company as present for a recent corporate gig Durans did for Audi [close up pic courtesy of dd.com]

Below the band on KTLA Morning News

Nick, Meredith and Yasmin have been spotted on oct 17 in London at Chanel in Brompton Road for the Vogue Covers Book Launch.

Check out over 200 photos of Durans and their fans rocking out at the listening party! They are posted at the Star 98.7 website gallery here

I just posted in the scans section of the site scans of Giant magazine and Details. Enjoy the read! Go to the scans section here

Prepare yourself to the Yahoo Music video premiere of Falling Down [tomorrow oct. 16] by watching this picture exclusive that www.duranduran.com is providing to their fans. here is a link to the beautifull pics on the official site... enjoy the view! falling down behind the scenes

Check out the colorfull tie that Nick was wearing recently at the Bal des Fleurs. More social life for Mr Rodhes: on the right he's pictured with Julian Lennon at recent event.

Thanks to tgliberty for the Marie Claire scans. Full images available here and here

thanks to figital @ duranduranmessageboard we have a preview of some promotional stuff [below] issued by the australian sony-bmg.

Nick answers to Craig [a fan] on a recent askkaty about a possible Tv Mania release and here is the most interesting tidibit of the answer: "...I have been discussing the grand overdue release with Warren and having consulted our astrologists, psychics and landscape gardeners, it seems as though this year things may allign. The album will be released exactly as it was left 11 years ago..." NR - source duranduran.com

Check out here a scan kindly provided by lonelychild60 of "YeahBaby" BMI Baby Inflight magazine. It seems that the guys want to reach every target with Red Carpet Massacre! Enjoy the read!

That's what Nick said on duranduran.com last postcard from Venice Beach. He talks about a nice day spent in company of the old mate Warren Cuccurullo in Venice Beach/La [they had some shopping and lot of fun as they used to have in the old good days]. To read it all and see more snaps go here. We reoprt the most interesting tidbit... Nick says: "In the 15th years we worked together, we created so much music together, you have heard the Duran Duran tracks, but we some other things in between. It seems as though we have kept TV Mania prisoner for far too long, it's due for parole, I'll keep you posted." It seems that the project Bored With Prozac and The Internet will see the light one day or another, at least Nick's words are encouraging! They started to work on this side project in summer 1992 and they added final touches to it in 1996. Highlight from the album the track Camoufllage wich i heard back in the days at Privacy Studios in the original instrumental version. That track with Warren on lead vocal was also available to download for a short time at www.warrencuccurullo.com. Many thanks and credits go to duranduran.com for the recent picture of the duo. Good to see those two guys back together!

Check out this cool Tv Mania video made by agterhuis back in the days.

Very funny interview by Alka Vuica for east european Tv cable nova. the Show is called Red Carpet... just like Durans next album. The interview was done in a London bathroom as you can see from the stills. Simon talks openly and friendly with Vuica about his family's summer holydays they spent in Croatia together with his best friend Vuk Vidor. He also talks about Wild Tigris the boat they used to sail during the summer. Well, enjoy the interview here

Above right a preview of the definitive cover for the book "Woul Someone Please Explain?" by Katy Krassner who runs the official Duranduran website. "Woul Someone Please Explain?" is the best of Duran Duran's Ask Katy [the section of the official site mantained by Katy where she answers the questions of the fans] and it has been defined a delightful bite of pop culture. The book gives you some insight in to the personalities of Roger, John, Nick and Simon. This book will be available for purchase on www.duranduran.com in late 2007. For more infos check out katy's myspace page here

Some more updates on magazines out now... above a collage of articles and pics from the following mags [from left to right] tatler october 2007, this week Hello with the very first interview that Amber Le Bon has ever done [about her debut in a recent fashion show in Glasgow as reported also here], harpers bazar septber 2007.

courtesy of Entertainment Weekly magazine

While the band collaborates with the hitmaker of sexyback and they pose for stylish mags like GQ and Details some naive pics of the early years cames to mind and since i like retro [to use a word that john likes!] and this site is all about this [having a step into the current news and a step into the "life and times of the long story of Duransty"] i decided to let these pics emerge. In late 1981, when Girls on Film was just released and the guys did their fisrt promo tour in Usa they would have done anything to promote their music, even posing for a soft erotic magazine called Oui with some not so dressed models... it wasn't a hard work for them actually and even if they were so young they didn't seem too embarassed. It seems they really enjoyed the photo session. So, from the deep archives of Duranasty enjoy this this blast from the past here.

Nick Rhodes and girlfriend Meredith Ostrom have been spotted by paparazzi at Hilary Swank Hosts VIP Dinner in London on september 27.

International Release Date - updated October 11th, 2007

The release date for RED CARPET MASSACRE has been changed by Sony in some territories. Please refer to this list. We will update it as necessary if necessary.

Austria 2 Nov: Digital Single // 16 Nov: Album release date, Belgium 29 Oct: Digital Single // 19 Nov: Album release date, Denmark 28 Sept: Digital Single // 19 Nov: Album release date, Finland 21 Nov: Album release date, France 12 Nov: Digital Single // 19 Nov: Album release date, Germany 16 Nov: Digital Single //16 Nov: Physical Single // 16 Nov: Album release date, Italy 28 Sept: Digital Single // Nov 5: Physical Single // 16 Nov: Album release date, Holland 29 Oct: Digital Single // 16 Nov: Album release date, Norway 19 Oct: Digital Single // 19 Nov: Album release date, Portugal 29 Oct: Digital Single // 19 Nov: Album release date, Poland 19 Nov: Album release date, Spain 20 Nov: Album release date, Sweden 22 Oct: Digital Single // 21 Nov: Album release date, Switzerland 26 Oct none 16 Nov UK 4 Nov: Digital Single // 5 Nov: Physical single // 19 Nov: Album release date, Canada 25 Sep: Digital Single // 20 Nov: Album release date, South Africa 19 Nov : Album release date, Australia 16 Oct: Digital Single (iTunes only) // 17 Nov : Album release date, Mexico 19 Nov: Album release date, Brazil 20 Nov: Album release date, Chile 19 Nov: Album release date, Central America 20-Nov: Album release date, Japan 14 Nov: Album release date, Hong Kong 19 Nov: Album release date, Malaysia 20 Nov: Album release date, Philippines 19 Nov: Album release date, Korea 19 Nov: Album release date, Taiwan 23 Nov: Album release date, Thailand 20 Nov: Album release date.

source duranduran.com

picture special update: on the set of the GQ photo session


from Details: It is, in almost every way, the polar opposite of Reportage, the grim, grasping-for-something album the band was hoping to release before Timbaland came to the rescue. To hear Rhodes describe it, the album sounds like a cry for help, if not a suicide note. “It was a very angry record for Duran Duran, quite political,” he says. “We’ve always reflected what’s around us; it’s just that we always tried to pick the more uplifting subjects. But there was so much doom and gloom and horror that it had got pretty deep under our skin.”

from Details: The band has turned to other means of looking good with age: virtual reality. Avatars, you see, never age, and this band in need of a second life has recently caught on to Second Life. “We’re opening our own little universe,” Rhodes says. “The plan eventually is to do a concert, but in the meantime we’ve created a Duran Duran theme park, a store, a sushi bar, an underwater disco . . .” They even have a song on the new album, called “Zoom In,” that reveals the kind of enthusiasm for Second Life that they once devoted to making videos. But if it feels like a stretch, or at the very least a challenge, for these middle-aged pop stars to keep up with the MySpace generation, it is. “It certainly gets harder the older you get,” Rhodes says. “You’ve used a lot of your original ideas. You try to look at things with a different angle, but there are kids younger than you who already have a different angle, and they’re hungry.”

Duran Duran talk exclusively to GQ.com about the making of their new album, Red Carpet Massacre. Read Nick Rhodes on the band's quest for perfect pop in the November issue of GQ, out now and watch the cool video on GQtv here

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor are still going on with their busy schedule of different radio interviews in the Us to promote Durans upcoming album and single. Picture above: the guys at the Radio Kiss108 studios in Boston.

Here's an extract of the Details interview. To read it all go here

Since their birth in Birmingham, England, in the late seventies, Duran Duran have had several lineups. First there were five. Then three. Then two. Then some new guys. Then the original five. And now they’re down to four again, and those four are wondering what happened to guitarist Andy Taylor. One minute, the band says, they were expecting him at their recording sessions in New York; the next, well, they were still expecting him . . .
“We thought he was going to turn up,” Le Bon says. “We even had a driver waiting at the airport. Andy’s mobile was switched off and he didn’t respond to any e-mails—they all bounced back. After two days it became apparent he wasn’t coming.”
“We realized there were probably some slightly deeper problems going on there,” ... Predictably, the separation has gotten litigious. And there does seem to be an undercurrent of resentment that Andy Taylor’s absence has made Duran less than whole at the pivotal moment of their comeback. “If I was him I think I’d avoid hearing the album,” Le Bon says. “By now I think I would have got an inkling that there was something quite special going on. It’s really sad. Some guys in the band are a bit angry. I’m sad. I’m worried about him, more than anything.”... “Hey, we can still do it,” he says. “And you know what? We haven’t got fat. And you know what? We’ve got hair, and we can still put clothes on, and we can still do photo sessions, and, okay, we don’t look like we did 25 years ago, but we don’t look that bad.”

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