October 28 | Duran Duran's profile on the official myspace and facebook pages has been updated. You can now find Tape Modern under Record Label in the he general information section. Tape Modern is a record label originally created by Nick Rhodes [and Stephen Duffy] purely for The Devils' project Dark Circles album in 2002, but later released Riviera F's single "International Lover" in 2004 which Rhodes produced.

Tape Modern is a Indie label, as stated on official Duran Duran myspace page. To anyone who is not familiar with the term, indie is short for "independent" and refers to artistic creations outside the commercial mainstream, without the support of a major record label, major movie studio, or other source of a large budget.

This news maybe doesn't mean anything, or maybe means something, who knows? I won't comment it, I leave all the comments to you guys 'cos anyone has got his own idea, I just pass along the news that is out there. I'll be happy with any decision the band will take! I just guess that if they'll release the album on their own that won't exclude some kind of mixed deal, halfway between self release and a distribution deal with some international Record Label [The Devils Dark Circle, for example, was released on Tape Modern/Universal].

In late May 2010 Simon was quoted as saying "We've got no record deal and we like it". “We’re free from our Sony deal and we’re planning to release our next album ourselves,”


October 25: Glad to announce that Mark Ronson received the Q Innovation in Sound at this year's Q Awards with Standard Vodka. Nick Rhodes handed the award to the artist/producer by labeling him "the only man with more tailors in his address book than me". Pretty lucky Simon Le Bon didn't hand this award to me, Ronson replied before thanking RZA, George Martin and Quincy Jones among others for their influence on him.

Congratulations Mark from duranasty.com!

Get a cool high resolution picture of Mark posing with the award and Nick Rhodes here


October 24 | Duran Duran have just completed a set of interviews with journalist Peter Martin | According to Samantha Cooper, the professional make up artist's responsible for doing Duran Duran's hair and make up for all kinds of filmed and photographed events for the past three years in England, ‘All You Need Is Now’ will be out to download at the end of the year and on cd next year. On her website's news page she says:

Simon Le Bon ‘All You Needs Is Now’ Filming
Thursday, October 21st, 2010
Today I was at Simon Le Bon’s house, we were filming his interview about the new Duran Duran album ‘ All You Need is Now’ discussing the inspiration behind each of the tracks… it will be out to download at the end of the year and on CD next year. I had a sneak preview and it sounds amazing with collaborations including Mark Ronson and Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters).

Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes ‘All You Need Is Now’
Friday, October 22nd, 2010
I was at the Duran Duran Studios this afternoon, filming Roger and Nick. They were interviewed individually, by journalist Peter Martin. It includes each personal account of the new album ‘All You Need Is Now’ what influenced the lyrics and how Mark Ronson worked with them and really helped reform them back as a band, great footage and very interesting.

The professional make up artist's also gives some interesting info on Duran Duran's Vh1 Classic’s Behind The Music: Remastered, the new season which kicks off on October 16 will feature Duran Duran on november 20, 2010. According to Samantha it will be filled with new interviews with the guys as the crew filmed John Taylor on july 5 in the studio, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor on july 6 and all four members of the band have been interviewed individually in a central London recording studio on september 2. She says: "it's all about the hits and life of Duran Duran." [above photo shoot for GQ 2007: hair and makeup styling by Samantha Cooper - Thanks to Denisse and Silvana for the the heads up]


October 17: So many little news coming from different sources, let's make the point to have the full picture of current Duran situation.

Release date | As we reported on October 8, All You Need Is Now will be out in January 2011. Roger Taylor, during the interview on 567 CapeTalk radio from South Africa [Download the full interview here] said: "the album is coming out very shortly after the South African dates, in january! John Taylor, during another radio interview to promote the South African shows says: "the album will be out later this year". This means just that there's a strong possibilty to hear at least a single in December.

Final Mixes | In this interview from entertainmentafrica.co.za Simon Le on says about the new album: “We’ve been working for two years on it with Mark Ronson, having a great time, and it’s pretty much finished now. I don’t think I’ve much recording to do. There’s a possibility that another song will get finished and stuck on the album but really we’ve got enough already and it’s actually in LA being mixed as we speak,”. Simon says about All You Need Is Now “I’d describe it as fresh – there’s some fantastic tunes with some poignant lyrics and great beats.”

In the new blog posted on the official site Roger Taylor reveals the name of the mixing engineer chosen to mix All You Need Is Now, it's Mark Stent: "I'm starting to hear final mixes coming back for our new album at the hands of the one and only Mark "Spike" Stent. I think I can finally use the word "awesome" in its true context.

Mark 'Spike' Stent is a British record producer, and audio engineer who has worked with Björk, Keane, Depeche Mode, Muse, Erasure, Massive Attack, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Manson, Pet Shop Boys, No Doubt/Gwen Stefani, Oasis, the Spice Girls, Take That, Stereophonics, Linkin Park, Craig David, U2, Britney Spears, Goldfrapp and Maroon, among others. Primarily a mixing engineer, Stent is one of the most sought after in the business.

Stent used to work out of Olympic Studios, his custom built studio in Barnes, South London, but has since moved to LA, where many of his clients are. [The studio was built as part of a joint venture between himself and EMI - EMI paid for the building, and Stent equipped it.

If you want to know more about Mark Stent mixing techniques check out these article soundonsound.com

‘Being Followed’

The album sound | More and more about 'All You Need Is Now' | Gerard Franklin, Duran Duran's PR, posted some cool comments via Twitter about the new Duran album. He says: "Just listening to the first cut of the new Duran Duran album, it's not out until January. Like Mr Kipling cakes, its exceedingly good!" [...] He even reveals another new song title: "Being Followed" sounds like a monster hit!!" and continues saying "gotta say Anna M vocals on new Duran tune "Safe" whoop even Madonna's ass! She sounds amazing" [...] "It is a monster of a tune, some amazing guitar riffs and very classic early DD but very contemporary, oh yeah it's super duper". honestcreative asks: "How's the DD record shaping up? Does it have that classic sound?? Gerard answers:

"it's classic Duran Duran with a twist, contemporary but has the great guitar licks, loops and beats you expect"

Cool live show pics and backstage pics of Mark Ronson and John Taylor taken at Lovebox 2009

Mark Ronson is also listening the final mixes of 'All you Need Is Now' | He says that via Twitter : "all i can say is that i'm starting to get Spike Stent's final mixes of Duran Duran's upcoming album in my inbox.

I'm more excited about Duran Duran's new album than mine, admits Mark Ronson | Mark told Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper from october 9: “The Duran Duran album is out at the end of this year and it is just great. That is the thing, other than my own album, which has taken up most of the past year. As flattered as I was to be asked to work with them, I had no interest in making a mediocre record, so we worked through every single bit, from lyrics to hi-hats, to really make an incredible album. This is a really great record. It’s in the same league as their first two, with great songs. “They sound hungry and it is exciting for me to take my first favorite band and make a song with them, that I can now hear and say honestly it’s one of my favorites they have done.” The title track from Ronson’s Record Collection features Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon on vocals and will be released as a single next spring.

Record Label [?] | Nothing new about a contract with a record label yet... below some relatively old quotes by Simon and John about the subject.

In late May 2010 beehivecity.com published an article where Simon was quoted as saying "We've got no record deal and we like it". “We’re free from our Sony deal and we’re planning to release our next album ourselves,”

Back in june 2010 John said: "I'd like to be reunited with our catalogue, I know the catalogue is with EMI, I think that's the best way for us, we are gonna try to make that happen".

In july 2009 the band had a meeting with the Apple-Itunes representatives. John said: "We went up to Apple, we met quite a few people there, we talked to Robert at Itunes about how we could expand, we talked about packaging. I find that downloading experience a bit of a let-down, I'm looking to an answer and get a little bit more out of it and he [Robert] is of that mind also. So we got to see a little bit what they were doing with a view to a new project, we talked about an Anthology project and how we could release it, maybe not all in one go, or just releasing it. I suppose asks questions of how the prodouct show be presented, you know I'm used to very much like a recording with a beginning and an end and maybe with the online services is not like that. We even talked about releasing an album that maybe hadn't a fluid running order... that maybe everybody that downloaded the album ain't got it in different order..."

"I like the idea of selling my music directly to people out there" said John Taylor last year

Who knows if they still feel the same way?


October 14 | I just got my copies of the reissues, both versions, box-set and vinyl. They are great! To celebrate the release of Notorious collector's edition, just like we did for the other Duran and Arcadia reissues earlier this year, here is duranasty.com's special page about Notorious. The Duran guys explain in their own words the process and the meaning behind the songs of their 1986 masterpiece.

Nick: “We believed in Duran Duran and we had pride in that name but I think Andy would have been quite happy to see us just split up.”

Simon: "You can't make someone do what they don't want to do. It wasn't us kicking Andy and Roger out; we'd have loved to have had them around still. They just didn't want to know. [Nick and I] just felt that Duran Duran was not dead, and we weren't going to let it die."

John: "Nick came to me and said, `We're going to do another Duran Duran album,' and I was kind of getting into a more of a funky [sound]. I'd enjoyed with a horn section [on the Power Station album] and the band didn't exist as it had before; we had to find a new sound."

When I originally bought this album, back in 1986 I was only 14 years old, I loved it at the time but maybe I couldn't understand the whole project and the band's intent in its entirety as I was too young and I had no experienced life. For sure today, after 24 years since its first release, I look to the whole Notorious period, the music and [especially] the lyrics, from a different perspective, and I see now those two years of works [recording, promoting, touring] as a well designed painting, a black and white painting. This, more than any other Duran Duran album, seems a piece of art since its conception. I'm glad to present you duranasty's Notorious. Check it out, to get to the page click on the red Notorious logo on the left!


*Update* Even more from Paris! | October 4 | wwd.com | Duran Duran rocked a crowd of hundreds who gathered Sunday night at the Fendi O’ extravaganza to fete Fan di Fendi, the new women’s fragrance. The Eighties super group played hits such as “Notorious,” “Girls on Film” and “Rio” to adoring fans, who included the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, who said he’d been following the band “since the beginning.” Alber Elbaz is a big admirer, too. “I love them,” he gushed.

From style.com | It may be almost 30 years since Simon LeBon, John Taylor, and co. were cavorting on yachts in those landmark music videos, but the crowd at last night's Fendi O' party—Karl Lagerfeld, Lou Doillon, Alexandra Richards, and Stephen Dorff among them—hardly noticed. They were too busy bopping and singing along to Duran Duran's 1980's hits. "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" were both on the playlist, but it was "White Lines" that really got people into a froth. LeBon used the opportunity to introduce "Boys Keep Swinging," a Bowie cover off their intriguing, upcoming Mark Ronson-produced album. "This is our first time doing it in front of anyone," he said, "so please forgive any screw-ups." By the time they got to their "Girls on Film" encore, it was so hot that the walls of the venue, Paris' VIP Room, were sweating. Silvia Venturini Fendi pointed out what a fantastic accompaniment the tune made to the video for the brand's new fragrance Fan di Fendi. Starring Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and Karmen Pedaru, the clip was playing behind the band. "It took me back to another time," Fendi said of the show. "But then my 14-year-old danced the entire night. Good music is forever."

Above picture of Nick: While in Paris Mr Rhodes also attended the dinner organized by Katie Grand [editor in chief] to celebrate the success of 'Love' magazine.

Download bigger versions of these new cool pics and enjoy! Duran Lagerfeld Wood, Duran and Delfina Delettrez Nick at 'Love' dinner

Fendi O' for Duran Duran during Paris Fashion Week, October 3

October 4 | Fendi O', the ephemeral private club of Roman fashion house Fendi, has celebrated Paris fashion week with a private event at the VIP Room Theater on Sunday 3rd October 2010. The highlight of the evening has been a live performance by the multi-award winning British supergroup Duran Duran. The band has performed a string of their classic hits as well as a previously unreleased song that is featured on Manimal Records' David Bowie tribute album. Alongside work on this track, the band have been putting the final touches on "All You Need Is Now", their thirteenth studio album, produced by Grammy award winning Mark Ronson. This new album is slated for release early next year. This event continues to reinforce Fendi as a creative powerhouse, and its mission to support talent without boundaries, reminding us all that "The unwavering support of creativity provides fuel for the future."

Just in case the video disappears from youtube I have made a downlodable version of it! Click here [right click, save target as]

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