Above some more pics from the set of Falling Down at the Linda Vista Community Hospital. www.lindavistahospital.com

The lead singer Simon LeBon and co-founder/bassist John Taylor of Duran Duran appeared at the Charlotte Convention Center for an hour session entitled "Wake Up With Duran Duran" Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007. They were in front of dozens of radio executives and lucky Duran Duran fanclub winners. Simon says :“When I hear about government control of radio, I think about dictatorships,” said Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. read full article and see more video and pics here

Frontman Simon Le Bon recounted a time when Timbaland presented the band with a nearly completed track he had written.

"(Timbaland) had recorded an entire track -- he had rhythm, he had bass, he had total instrumentations, he even had a guide vocal on it. He said, 'All you gotta do Simon is write the words.' And we just said, 'We don't do that." click here to read it all.

check out a funny video interview here

Full page Q&A on the october issue of Spin mag, click here for a full scan (thanks to tgliberty)

nice interview and cool picture on the current Nylon magazine [Usa]

full scans here:Nylon page1 Nylon page2

thanks to Graecia on the unofficial duranduranmessageboard we have a quick transcription of the highlights of the interview:

here the dates of the upcaming residence New York shows at the Shubert Theater:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 novemver 2007

7 november 2007 off

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 november 2007

Check out some funny pics and story about Simon on the video shoot for the group's new single Falling Down at the DailyMail.online . "The video's doctors and nurses theme fitted in perfectly with flirtatious le Bon's naughty persona. Dressed in a white doctor's coat, he hovered around the skimpily-dressed models, who were dressed as somewhat sexy patients although what there were supposed to be suffering from was unclear as they looked the very picture of rude health".

from NME:

Inspired by a photo shoot for Italian Vogue that depicted models in rehab, the band decided to use the timely theme for their video. Working with director Anthony Mandler (50 Cent, The Killers, Beyonce), they shot both an X-rated version featuring topless models, and a less racy version, as they did for their 1981 hit single 'Girls On Film'. The band spent the entire day shooting at an old hospital in downtown LA. Original band members Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor dressed sharply in white suits, portraying doctors. Several glamourous, scantily clad models portrayed girls in treatment. "The concept of models in rehab has so much to do with what the song's about," frontman Le Bon told NME.COM. "It's very sad but there's a kind of beauty in it as well. The song is about arrogance and pride, as well as personal breakdowns and the hope for redemption and the resilience of the human spirit," he said. Le Bon said that the theme of the song subconsciously came from a severe motorcycle accident he was involved in back in 1992. "I was thrown to the ground at 90 miles an hour and I had enough time to think, 'If I survive this accident, I'll never race again,'" Le Bon recalled. "I realised that's what I was referring to in the song. It was very personal and very easy to write. It's not about motorcycle racing. But I remember thinking, 'Please let me survive, I don't want to die.' And here we are making the video for it. This whole building and the way the girls are dressed really suits the song. It does have a glimpse of redemption."

Above pictures of the Duran guys yesterday [september 16] at their first big public event to promote their upcoming album and single: the Emmy Awards After show. They played a classic hits show plus the new single Falling Down for the audience at the walt Disney Concert Hall. here is the setlist:Hungry like the wolf, A view to a kill, Come Undone, The Reflex, Save a prayer, Falling Down, Notorious, Girls on film, Wild Boys. Roger said [from Ddm]: "We surprised the crowd by performing “Falling Down” for the first time ever, and it went over really well. It sounded amazing and we were so pleased".

check out what Simon has to say on this month Rolling Stone magazine!

Duran are planning to do a two week (yes two!) residence at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in NYC starting 5 November. It seems they want to focus each show on a different album! Ticket and info on duranduran.com and duranduranmusic.com.

At the Lounge Guitar Center studio [of Star98.7 radio from LA] will take place a listening party with the band before the album hits the stores. http://valentine.star987.com/main.html

While in New York City to attend meetings, Simon and Nick paid a visit to the Long Island Radio Group and Sirius Satellite Radio and various fashion week events


news updated on sept. 17 to add this nice pic by Maro from villagevoice.com

The band will play at the Emmy after show at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on september 16.

check out this nice clip from ET here

Check out a great behind the scenes with Simon, Nick, Roger and John in the studio with Timberlake and Timbaland here and listen to a preview of Night Runner and the new single Falling Down [out on september 25] on the duranduran.com jukebox

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