What can anyone say about this record other than it is simply an amazing debut album. It is full of finely crafted music and each one of the original 9 songs still sound good today.

The b-sides add great value too giving some insight in to Duran's long forgotten songs. Add to that mix amazing demos which include for the first time a vocal version of Tel Aviv: a gem!

The b-sides Late bar, Khanada, Faster Than Light and Fame are very strong tracks and the 2nd disc of demos and 12 inch versions are essential for any Duran Duran fan.

This is something which has been discussed for 30 years so it is not to be missed. Add on to that the 12" night versions, including an unreleased version of Girls on Film [punkier/rockier] and your on to a 5 star winner.

As if that was not enough you also get a dvd containing some very rare stuff from all the promo videos to Old Grey Whistle Test session and some interesting videos made exclusively for Swap Shop. It's also nice to finally have "Careless Memories" and "Night Boat" on dvd, although the picture quality could have been a little better.

The box set packaging is great and this includes the poster and the glossy colour prints of the boys.

Of course, the sound quality has received some very bad reviews both from fans and music lovers. The biggest complain [beside the very bad "level-bouncing" error at the beginning of Girls on Film] is about the way the sound has been treated: too much treble, not enough bass, the music sounds too loud and distorted, someone said it's like listening to a really bad mp3... I'm not going to slam down the project that hard, yes, the sound could have been a lot better, but the prodouct has also some very good points as I said: the Air studios demos, the b-sides and the dvd's are excellent: Top Of The Pops, Old Grey Whistle Test: some great performances, the picture quality is average but doesn't really detract from great footage from a fresh, innovative band on the rise.

Verdict: Get the box today! It's a must.


below the goodies in the box: the poster and postcards

Below 2 music cd and the dvd

Below pictures of the remastered vinyl version of Duran Duran




After having recorded two superb albums Duran Duran and Rio, Duran Duran were well on their way to become the biggest stars in the first half of the Eighties. Containing two of the best singles of the decade, The Reflex and Union of the Snake, a stand-out album track, The Seventh Stranger, Seven and the Ragged Tiger is a mixed up affair.

It is still worth having it, as it documents a band at their commercial height, creating a hysteria virtually unseen since the Beatles. If you don't own any b-sides from this era, such as Secret Oktober, buy it! It's good to get the all the b-sides and live tracks in one place. The stand-alone hit single 'Is There Something I Should Know' should have been on the 'Seven' album, now it is, sort of.

Sadly, the remastering has not improved the sound of this record, just like the first album reissue, so you might find that your old vinyl sounds better than this.

Finally we have got "As The Lights Go Down", a great concert from a band in their heyday! It's the US version which was slightly different from the UK transmission but still far better than the mess that was "Arena". This dvd alone, with 'As The Lights Go Down', is a very good point to get this special edition. The three discs come in a sturdy clamshell box, along with a booklet, five postcard shots of the band and a poster.

Verdict: it's a nice addition to you collection [if you are a completist]

Hey, As The Lights Go Down on dvd is great!


below the goodies in the box: the poster and postcards of the fab five


Below 2 music cd and the dvd



Below pictures of the remastered vinyl version of Seven And The Ragged Tiger

Press reviews


Below an advert about the two Duran Duran reissues on the current issue of Record Collector magazine.


Below a review from the current issue of Record Collector magazine: 3 stars Duran Duran and 4 stars Seven and The Ragged Tiger



below a review from the prestigious Q magazine: 3 stars to Duran Duran and 2 stars to Seven and The Ragged Tiger



Must Have Reissue
March 29th, 2010
Duran Duran, Seven & the Ragged Tiger [EMI]

The Duran Duran reissues kicked off last year with Rio – the best album of their early career. Now we’re getting their third, less fondly remembered album, complete with a bonus CD and a DVD. The Bonus CD makes it interesting. The original album – including “The Reflex” and “Union of the Snake” – reminds us only that, in 1983, the band were more style than substance [some would argue all style and no substance]. But in the B-Sides and relative obscurities, we find them already starting to move towards he more mature style they would finally reaise 10 years later, on better songs such as “Come Undone” and “Ordinary World.” If your idea of a good reissue is one that throws entirely new light on an album you thought you knew, then this does the job admirably.

Courtesy, Sunday Times Culture


Seven and the Ragged Tiger Duran Duran is a testament to the group’s occasional pop brilliance. Rating: * * *

By Thomas H Green

From a distance of three decades, Duran Duran’s claim that their musical intention was to combine Roxy Music’s glamorous pop with Chic’s grooves stands up rather well. At the time, however, such level-headed assessment was spiked by their ubiquity as global teen pin-ups. Duran Duran, their 1981 debut, is all sci-fi synths and mannered aloofness, the sound of five aspirational Brummies still keen to retain some semblance of post-punk cool. Their third album, on the other hand, is opulently produced, their new romantic origins blooming into lush decadent pop. Both releases come as triple disc sets, including DVDs of videos and concert footage that are a testament to Duran Duran’s occasional pop brilliance. Download this: Girls On Film

Courtesy the Telegraph


Many thanks to Mario Kolega for the Q and Record Collector scans

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